2015 ROUND UP.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's NY eve and it's time for the year round up. People usually post resolutions but I haven't done it for quite a few years cause I never stick to them anyways. 2015 has been nothing short of emotions and milestones. It isn't the best/worst sailing year but it is definitely one of the most memorable years I had in the recent years.

My 2015 in chronological order..


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Reported for work just after few hours after I have touched down from Korea. I usually take another day's leave after I travel but since it is just half a day and it is technically a "no work" day, I might as well make it to work and have some fun with the colleagues.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Okay, and so I just ended my wedding reception yesterday few hours ago. For those who are smart enough, you would have guessed that this is a pre-scheduled blog entry. Yes you are right, this post was written more than 6 months ahead, on Vesak Day holiday. I have been dying to share with all of you the full set of my wedding photos since the day I got them through Bluebay's FTP but I guess I should probably wait till the entire event is over before showing them all to you.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Finally met up again with the two wonder-friends whom I met through Oppa. We all have crazy schedules so it was not easy for us to settle for a date where all 3 of us is available but anyway, yes, they were Oppa's coursemates back during his polytechnic days but we have somehow became friends and is still counting..


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

HELLO EVERYONE, it has been a long time since my last blog entry ! To be honest, life has been rather "busy" for my liking and I have kind of delegated blogging to the back burner. I keep telling myself I want to blog but I never seem to gather enough energy to actually sit down, log into my blog and start writing. But I have been updating my Dayre more consistently so you can still catch snippets of my life over there. I am also going to make an effort to blog once every week so please come to this space regularly !

Procrastination aside, yours truly turns 18 27 today !! Honestly I wasn't expecting anything at all since Oppa is away in the US. Neither was I expecting anything from the co-workers cause I am relatively new in the company but both Oppa and my team still managed to surprise me on this special day.

Oppa sent me a birthday bouquet, delivered right to my table, together with an additional birthday gift which he got WY to pass to me. WY was supposed to pass the gift together with the bouquet but apparently the delivery guy called my number instead so I received the flowers, read the card, and found out about the gift before she passed it to me haha. If you have been following me on Dayre, you would have already known that Oppa had already given me a Macbook for my birthday, so this additional gift really caught me off guard.


Monday, September 28, 2015

If you are like me travelling to a snowing country to experience real winter for the first time, I totally understand how you feel. It will be about 3 to 7 degrees when I am in Korea so God bless me please. People are all telling me that winter in Korea is BITTER COLD. I have been to Taiwan during their colder seasons but of course it is nothing compared to what I will be facing in two months time and I hope whatever that I will be able to withstand the chills come December.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

In case you haven't realise, Oppa and I are officially married !! Today is day two of post ROM and I hope Oppa is not gonna be too sad to hear this but honestly, things are still pretty much the same. We still have to report for work the following day and life still goes on. Nothing has changed other than our marital status and my "surname". On a side note, I am still keeping my surname though. I do know of some friends who changed their surnames once they are married but Zhong-Tin Huishan sounds weird so I am keeping my surname. 

Anyways, we were kind of lucky to have an unexpected long weekend cause polling day was Sep 11 so instead of having a 4 day long weekend (we took day offs on the 14 and 15 Sep for our ROM) we had like an additional day off, all thanks to polling day ! Back to my ROM, we decided to just hold the ceremony at the registry itself so that it won't be too rush on the matrimony day in December.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Have you ever been hired for your dream job and then quickly realised that you are completely under qualified ? What if you learned that this particular job took all of your time and efforts, but instead of getting paid for your work you spent money to make the work happen ? What if despite all that you knew that this job was a work of love and that it would help to make your dreams come true ?? That is exactly how I would explain my wedding planning journey thus far; my part-time job that utilizes all my time, money and brain juice. 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Singaporean companies have trouble retaining their employees. Sounds harsh, but it’s true. Job hopping is a practice here, and famously unhappy employees are quick to jump ship the moment something better comes along. This has left many employers wringing their hands in despair.

While so many employers are clueless about why their workers start running for the exit seconds after they sign the employment contract, if you’ve ever been a worker here the reasons are obvious. Here are some of the biggest reasons employees “throw letter”.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Whether you call it the Sunday scaries or the Sunday sads, it I s always a little tough to transit back to the workweek after a couple of days off. Thankfully there are a few easy things we can do to make the arrival of Monday a little smoother.

Below is some stuffs I came across online and is trying to do every Sunday night to reset and make sure I am prepped for the week ahead.


Friday, August 7, 2015

I know I am not a pro when it comes to photo editing but I recently got hooked to VSCOcam and it has become one of my top favourite apps for photo editing on my phone. It is free on the App Store and Google Play with in-app purchases. Here are some tricks for all of your VSCOcam fanatics :)


Sunday, August 2, 2015

As the heading of this post says, this entry will be about my trip to Universal Studios (Singapore) at Sentosa yesterday. Our entry plus fast pass was FOC cause the bestfriend managed to get us free tickets while Yip's sister signed our fast pass for us. Perks of having a friend who's sister works in a themepark (:


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Writing this while waiting for my turn at the doctor. Life, what is life ? For me, I like my life hectic. I like to keep myself busy with things, be it things I hate or things I enjoy doing. I have always been thankful that I have the chance to hold a job that I do enjoy at times, pays me on time and pays me enough to feed myself and my family. But now that I am turning 27 in a few months' time, it set me thinking if this is what I want for the rest of my life ? 

Do I see myself holding a 8 to 5 job ? 

Will I be happy ? 

Is this what I have been dreaming for ? 

There have been no regrets but I haven't been ticking things off my bucket list, doing things I truly wish to do, going to the places I want to see, and being around the people I wish to be with. 

I would like to share my blessings here for the wonderful opportunities life has presented me thus far, and those that I have created for myself. I am also trying my very best to keep my blog updated regularly, while juggling between all the other things I have on my plate.

Behind it all, I am lying if I say I am not struggling to keep everything in check, to be in the pink of health, to be on par with work schedules and deadlines, especially with the upcoming wedding and Korea trip. I am still in the midst of finalising all the wedding details and I’m glad I’ve not reached wits end with ideas and inspirations and I am praying that all will fall into place.


Monday, July 27, 2015

Overnight Oats in a Jar

Overnight Oats, especially Oats in a Jar is getting kind of popular on Pinterest and Instagram these days. Apparently this kind of cold yogurt and oatmeal mixture has been around for quite awhile. Before I dish out this insanely easy time saving recipe, I’m going to get right to it and tell you how I feel about breakfast.

I could eat breakfast all day, everyday, and by breakfast, I meant none of that cereal and milk or toast with jam business. I’m talking about waffles, eggs benedict, sausages, or even char tao kueh, wanton noodles and chicken horfun. That is just how I roll.

But sadly, I can’t make these types of epic meals every morning as I have to get up early for work. But, breakfast as you know is essential to providing our bodies with the energy we need to get through our busy days. This is where the overnight oatmeal idea comes in handy. Not only is it easy to prepare but also healthy !


Saturday, July 25, 2015

When we talk about travelling, it's no doubt that most of us will agree that it's an eye opener and the greatest textbook one will ever encounter. Be it a memorable happy one or bumpy eventful one, it's always a take away lesson. You'll get to see a different side of the world, learn a new culture, enjoy various cuisines and meet new people along the way. 

Now that the MERS has more or less died down, JS and I will be going ahead with our Korea trip in December ! December might not be the best seasons to visit Korea since it’s winter but I really want to play with some snow so I guess December is the best time our schedule can afford. Plus, we had gotten our tickets last year so it's too late to change anyway. 

We plan to experience the Korean culture, chill at cute cafes, hunt for KPOP stars, do some sightseeing, some shopping, and most importantly eat tonnes of yummy street food and drink soju !! We are still planning for our itinerary and it would be great if we can have some suggestions. It's gonna be quite a Seoul only kinda trip and we don't plan to head to Jeju or Busan in this trip since it is only like a six day trip but we are still very much open to suggestions !

Thank you !


Friday, July 3, 2015

Guess the damage. (1) 3 months dosage Glow supplement (2) Benzac Gel (3) Collagen Moisturiser (4) Whitening Toner (5) Acne Serum (6) Tetraclear Laser (7) Pimple Jab


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello everyone ! For those who are not aware, I will be having my solemnisation on an earlier date at the Registry of Marriage itself so that I could save myself the trouble of looking for a Justice of Peace. Before you start calling me lazy, do note that I had been hunting for one since last year and I never had the luck. All of those which I had emailed to either said they will not be in Singapore, or they already committed to other couples. So yea, to save trouble, ROM@ROM it shall be !! And that being said, the most important item of the event (other than the oppa and myself) is none other than... ...


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pretty church setting. It really warms my heart that this couple is finally tying the knot. Alyssia and ChengHong are like the sweetest couple I have ever met. They started dating from back in secondary school days and they had been with each other for the longest time. Have a blissful marriage and do make many little Aly and CH okay !!


Saturday, June 6, 2015

I was just randomly surfing around when I came across this. Thought it is quite useful. So for all the fellow BTBS out there..

If You're Planning Your Wedding

Call your parents before pressing “post" or “tweet" to announce your engagement. Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first. A Facebook status or tweet might be the most efficient way to get the news out, but it's not the most personal. You know which friends and family members would appreciate to hear the news directly from you. Plus, it's likely that older family members (like your grandparents) don't have Facebook or Twitter accounts and could miss the message altogether.

Change your relationship status in minutes or months -- it's up to you. There's no wrong or right time -- some couples even do it at the altar ! Once you tie the knot, it's up to you and your new spouse to decide when to change your relationship status or last name on your social media sites. For some couples, this can be a very important moment; for others, it's no big deal. So if and when you're ready to make the change, go for it.

Post pics of your engagement ring. (Everyone can't wait to see!) But keep the nitty-gritty details like cost and carat to yourself. After you post your “engaged" status, your friends and family will be dying to find out what the ring looks like, so indulge them with a photo (you may want to prep with a manicure first). It's not bragging to share a pic with the exciting news. Leave out the other details, because how much it cost isn't anyone else's business -- the point is that it symbolizes the commitment you're making. Everyone's going to be checking out your hand for the first few months anyway, so make it easy for friends and family to admire from afar.

Designate a “tweeter of honor." Enjoy your day and stay off your phone while still keeping everyone updated. Your wedding day will fly by, and if you're on your phone or tablet the whole time, you'll miss out on what's important. Focus on the guests who have come to celebrate with you, instead of everyone in your social media circles. Strike a balance and designate a "tweeter of honor" -- it could be another bridesmaid who isn't your maid of honor (she'll have plenty of responsibilities already) -- to keep your social networks updated throughout the day so you won't have to. Another option is to schedule tweets beforehand, so they're ready to go without the hassle.

Send out traditional paper invites for the main event. But email invites are totally okay for pre- and postwedding parties. Paper invites are the way to go for the actual wedding day. In today's technology-based world, where your guests receive hundreds of emails a day, a physical invite has become so much more special. That doesn't mean you have to go over-the-top with an invite that sings and shoots confetti. Simple card stock and laser printing will do the trick. A paperless invite for the rehearsal dinner or morning-after brunch is a great option (especially if you want to cut down on stationery costs). Just because the invites are electronic doesn't mean they won't have style or be personal to you. There are plenty of sites that let you customize e-invites so they look beautiful and unique.

Keep your public posts positive. Confront issues directly and privately via phone or in person. We know wedding planning can be stressful at times. But before you post that status venting about all the guests who RSVP'd for too many people or complain about your future mother-in-lawzilla, pause for a second and think. Posting something negative about your wedding (even if you don't call out a person specifically) will only lead to hurt feelings. Instead, politely address each situation directly as it comes your way. That means picking up the phone and explaining to your guest that you don't have enough room for all the extras, and asking your fiancé to have a conversation with his mom. Trust us, the other route will only create animosity around your wedding.

Spread the word about your hashtag. Tie it into your invitations and wedding website in a creative way. We've gotten to the point where almost everyone (except maybe some older relatives) are familiar with the hashtag and know how to use it, so you shouldn't feel weird about putting it out there. Think of ways you can tie it into your paper elements in a pretty or witty way, like asking guests to share photos of themselves wearing custom temporary tattoos you send along with the save-the-dates. Letting your guests know ahead of time is crucial to having a successful feed of photos.

If You're Going to a Wedding

Wait to publicly post your congratulations. If the couple hasn't made the announcement, then you shouldn't spill the big news for them. It's exciting when you're the first to find out your best friend or sister is getting married, but hold off on the public congrats until they're ready to share the news themselves. They might be waiting for an important reason (like they haven't even told their parents yet), and there could be hard feelings involved if others find out they weren't in the know first.

Private message any wedding planning questions. It can be awkward for the couple's other Facebook friends who weren't invited. If you want to discuss wedding plans with the bride or groom, it's polite to do it in a private way. The couple may have hundreds of Facebook friends who aren't on the invite list, and it's not fair if each and every detail comes up on their news feed. Brides especially love to share wedding planning details, and she'll appreciate a friendly ear to listen if you call to find out how it's going. This is a busy time for the couple too, so don't be offended if they don't keep you up to date on every single detail.

Share pics of the bride and groom. But respect their request if they ask you not to post photos before they do. It's great that you want to show what an amazing wedding the couple threw, and Instagram the cake and the flowers. But some couples may want to wait to share photographic details of the wedding until they have photos from their professional photographer, so you should respect their choice. If you're worried about whether you're in the clear with posting photos, then wait until a close friend or family member of the couple does so first. Then you'll know it's okay to post away.

Leave the phone in your purse or pocket. Posting occasionally is okay, but the couple invited you to celebrate their day, not sit there on your phone. The couple spent a lot of time planning an event that you would enjoy, so don't spend the entire time on your phone posting about the wedding -- go have some fun! It's okay to share the love a few times, but you shouldn't opt out of hitting the dance floor in favor of tweeting a play-by-play. Plus, having a phone or tablet out all the time can get in the way of photos, and no one wants to look back on their wedding day to see a guest more engaged with a device than their reception.

Follow directions for the RSVP. The couple's inboxes are already full of wedding-related details; a text, email or private message is likely to get lost in the mix. Most paper invitations will include an RSVP card with an addressed envelope to send it back in, and couples will look for and expect responses by mail (before the deadline). If you lose the card, then it's okay to call and find out how the couple would prefer you to RSVP once you know whether you'll be attending.

Stay clear of the professional wedding photographer. Take as many photos as you please, but don't let snapping pics get in the way. Be mindful of the photographer and videographer the couple has hired to take photos of their wedding, especially during the ceremony. A good rule of thumb is to stay seated during the ceremony (and no leaning into the aisle or raising your phone way over your head either). Standing up or moving around can be distracting to the officiant, get in the way of the pros and ruin the view for other guests. Our advice? If you must have that amazing shot of the bride's entrance, get to the ceremony early and sit in an aisle seat to get great photos without having to pull acrobatic stunts.

Actually use that wedding hashtag. The couple created a wedding hashtag for good reason. If the couple has a hashtag, use it as much as possible on every photo and tweet. They're excited to have all of their photos in one place. Make as much effort as possible to use it and encourage others to as well. A tip: If you forget to use their hashtag when you first post the photo, just go back later and add their wedding hashtag in a comment.

source : http://www.theknot.com


Monday, May 18, 2015

One of the off duty Saturdays when Oppa could still make out some time off his SEAGames 2015.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's post will be all about finding the perfect venue for your wedding reception. Researching on wedding venues can be quite a pain in the ass. Your options are virtually endless – especially when you have no idea where to start from. With all the amazing banquet halls, country clubs, and reception halls, you start to find yourself never been so loss in your dreams of a perfect wedding.

What should you do ?


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Since I have posted some of my wedding photos on Dayre, I thought why not post them up here as well. I have been receiving emails asking me to post my wedding photos online but I have been contemplating cause there is also this group of people calling me SHOW OFF! and all, so I don't know if I should really be posting them. But then again, this is my blog so I have every rights to post whatever I want so yeah, here you go. Anyways, I only have 55 photos, and I guess I have revealed enough haha. The rest, I guess I will only be posting them after my reception.


Friday, May 1, 2015

This post has been sitting in the draft folder for the longest time. I have been wanting to finish it up but never really got down to doing it. So anyways, for those who are still unaware or is new to my blog, JS and I balloted for a flat back in May 2012. It was our first time and we were dead lucky to have gotten a unit at first try. We heard of many couples who attempted way too many times yet was not able to get anything at all. I have done up two posts previously related to my BTO process and I will be linking it up at the end of this post as usual.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Thank you the Universe for your unbounded blessings, numerous opportunities and limitless possibilities. We are truly blessed and we wanted to share, inspire and bless others too. We are now going directly to our goals and we will do it with a higher purpose !

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 十份放天灯, 九份老街

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I am aiming to clear my Taiwan trip entries by this week. So do stay tuned as I will be probably be posting more than one entry a day (: Day four of Taiwan was photoshoot day and it will be in a separate individual post. Do check out the hashtags #JSxHSwedding for posts strictly related to my entire wedding process. I have actually talked abit about my wedding shoot (HERE) so I may not be doing another post on it. I will see how things goes (:

On the day after our wedding shoot, we visited Shi Fen 十份 and Jiu Fen 九份. Don't be deceived by the name as the difference is only one 份 but the distance between the two of them is faaaaaarrrrrrr. It is at least three mountains away. Shi Fen is one of the more touristy places where you should go to if you are visiting Taiwan. But do take note you cannot get to these two places via the MRT. You gotta take the train and I personally feel that it is a wee bit time consuming as the journey in between stations is really long so do dedicate more travelling time if you are heading there. Anyways, Shi Fen Old Street 十分老街 is a place where you can release colourful paper sky lantern, on which you write your wishes on and then send it off into the skies for good luck.

This part of the country is pretty different from the urban Taipei main city. Shi Fen is quite a bit of distance away from Taipei main city, it took us approximately 2 hours to travel to Shi Fen from our hotel in Shuang Lian.

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 西门町, 五分埔, 饒河夜市

Sunday, March 15, 2015

When one is in Taiwan, you must never miss their night markets. Taiwanese never fails with their food. Or maybe I am one of the lucky ones who never encountered bad food in Taiwan before. Anyways, today I will documenting mainly on 西门町, 五分埔 and 饒河夜市. When we travel in the past, we tend to wake up early in the morning so we could fully utilise the entire day but this time round, as we were really burnt from work prior to the trip, we only wake up for breakfast and then goes back to our room and sleep in till the afternoon before heading out. Shops in Taiwan do not open so earlier either so there isn't much time wastage hah.

TAIWAN FEB'15 : 台灣我來了

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello everybody ! I am finally over and done (okay maybe not) hyping over my wedding photos so I will be blogging about my Taiwan trip actual. I will not be blogging it on a what-we-did-the-entire-day basis, but rather like daily/trip highlights. Cause this time round, we did not plan any itinerary prior to the trip. We just decided to play by the weather and ear since we have been there before and covered most of the tourist attractions back then.

Our flight was scheduled at 00:55hrs on the third day of CNY and the day of departure was quite a rush for me. I had CNY visiting and dinner all the way till 10pm and JS came to fetch me from AMK back home for a short shower and we headed for the airport thereafter.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

I want to blog as frequently as possible but with a full-time eight to five and the upcoming wedding, there isn't seem to have enough time for me to blog anymore ! Like there is a whole bunch of stuffs I wanted to do / visit this week so I could blog about them but I didn't even do them and the week is like gone already.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I just got back to Singapore from my pre-wedding trip and I thought why not do a sneak peek for all of you out there ? I am sure you guys have seen some of my photos on my Instagram. It was definitely a tiring, but fun process doing stupid poses and glaming up. I guess that is what wedding shoots are all about. I swear I have never looked so neat before and I felt like I am a fallen angel or what not. If only I can look like that every other day.


Monday, February 9, 2015

1. You wake up with the sun
One of the best things ever is to actually see the day begin. Watch as the sun gradually rises over buildings, bridges, bodies of water, and just soak it in. It gives you a sense of connection to this world with live in, and an appreciation for the little things we may overlook from time to time.

2. The world is quieter and more peaceful 
It’s a crazy-busy-always-on-the-go type of place here, and the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. But, before all of that, there’s a silence in the city that only happens while many others are still asleep in bed. It’s a different world – a different experience – and it’s worth spending a few minutes of your time to acknowledge it. You’ll discover something new about your city that not everyone does.

3. Coffee in the morning is comforting
From someone who can literally drink coffee all day, every day – I need you to understand that the morning coffee when you’re relaxed, and stress-free, and spending some private moments wandering the limits of your mind and seeing the sun rise is truly as good as it gets. There’s no rush to put in your order; there’s no hassle to transport it out into the world; there’s no rush to get caffeine induced into your mind – it’s just that perfectly poured cup of coffee in your hands to hug and drink at your leisure.

4. There are more seats on the train
This is a no-brainer really. It’s before rush hour, so there are less people commuting. Instead of feeling packed like anchovies on the subway, why not catch an earlier train and sit your bottom down for a few minutes of relaxation before the day really starts? I’ve done it – it’s special.

5. You can focus a bit easier, before the day’s crazy starts 
There’s a sense of clarity in these morning moments. You can think about things that you want and care to think about; you can focus easier, and without distraction. There’s nothing in the way of your brainwaves…and there’s something beautifully motivating about that.

6. The day appears to have more hours for you to be productive
There are only twenty-four hours in a day, we know this. It’s science. However (and this part, I can’t explain to you), when you wake up earlier, the day feels longer – you sense that you have more time. You can spend that time in the morning doing what you want, however you want, and free up time later for whatever it is that’s extremely-pressing-but-you’re-totally-swamped.

7. Once you get to work, your brain is already turned on
For me, there’s nothing worse than walking to work feeling like you’re entering a warzone. Getting whiplash from work emails, requests, clients, colleagues is painful. Truly. Okay, so you can’t always control this. BUT ! If you can get your brain started a bit earlier, you’re mentally ready to take on what the day brings. It seems less like an attack, and more manageable when you’ve had time to gradually stimulate your mind.

8. You can kick-start your metabolism with a great workout
Endorphins, man. They really are amazing. It’s been said that a morning workout has excellent benefits for your overall health. Typically, by getting your heart rate up and a good sweat in, you wake up your metabolism, too, and burn more calories throughout the day. Again, science.

9. Two words: double breakfast
Does this need an explanation? Probably not. But I’ll walk you through it anyway. Breakfast food is GREAT. Eggs? Oatmeal? Yogurt and granola? Cereal? Fruit? Bagels? One of each, thank you very much. I could eat it for every meal. And, because you’re now a morning person who kick-starts their metabolism, fueling and refueling is required. Pick your breakfast twice, my friend, because this is now heaven.

10. You can approach the day with a positive, can do attitude
We’re all a little bit crabby when we first wake up – sleeping is wonderful, I completely get that. However, that doesn’t change regardless of what time you wake yourself up. I’ve found that my days start off on the right foot when I’ve had time to prepare for the day ahead. Stress happens, yes, but if I can make sure I’m ready to rock and roll before diving head-first into the day…I’m more optimistic on the day’s events. If you can get yourself up and running earlier than usual, it’s sort of like stretching – you ease into it all. And you’d be surprised how well-equipped you are to bob and weave.

11. You’re ready and willing to have a great night’s sleep
If you’ve taken full advantage of all the day has to offer, it’s a long one. Filled with overstimulation, excitement, discovery, and opportunity. And it’s exhausting (in a great way)! So, by the time you hit the pillow, you’ll most likely hit it hard – your brain won’t be spinning around a mile a minute with thoughts…it will be ready to rest. And you’ll sleep better, more soundly, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

via thought catalog - http://thoughtcatalog.com/jessica-coleman/2014/01/11-reasons-being-a-morning-person-is-the-key-to-life/

Till then, xoxo


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Now that 2015 is finally here, weekends are usually spent researching / working on all the wedding details. Last Sunday oppa and I were seen wandering along Katong, Beach Road, and PS, running errands and all. We are finalising on the details and we are looking to have our AD VG settled before we head off to Taiwan.

On a side note, if there's any BTB amongst you readers, I would really like to know how you guys are doing for the planning of your wedding. Do you research together or one party just decide on something and that's it ? I am very particular about every detail but I can't freaking make up my mind !! I tend to overthink and at the end of the day, nothing gets done ):


Sunday, January 25, 2015

If you are a fan of Marvel's superheroes, or your boyfriend is one, then you probably will love today's entry. This crazily themed cafe has been sitting around our backyard for quite awhile, yet we did not notice it until a friend of ours introduced it to us. And in celebration of my bff's new found love, I threw a double-brunch-date at Hungry Heroes.

Housed in a nostalgic conservational shophouse in Little India, Hungry Heroes is a Restaurant & Bar specialising in hearty and robust meats. The interior design follows a playful eclectic style featuring original superhero memoribilia collected over the last two decades and quirky decorative pop art retailed by new lifestyle space agency.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just got home from dinner with Glad, Yucui and Yuqin. We've been delaying Yq's birthday dinner since last December and we finally met up for some good hth talk. So much had happened to the four of us individually since we last met in November and I am glad we had this get-together. I have always love catching up over dinner cause I always learn something new.

Today, I learnt that flights are always overbooked. No wonder airlines sometimes offer free upgrades. I guess I should try to check in at a later time so I can try to cheat my way to business class. Always reach like 2 hours ahead, no wonder no free upgrade haha. But it will be funny if I end up missing my flight though.

It was my first visit to Spathe Public House at Mohamed Sultan Road. I officially declare it as one of my to-go places cause the waffles are really nice and it is located just 10 minutes walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

We ordered Garlic Fries, Buffalo Wings, Haddock Chowder, Kurobuta Pork Chop, Simmered Pork Belly, and Red Velvet Waffles with Cream and Ice Cream. The waffles are really da'bomb please. Its crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. I would definitely come back for the waffles again. I thought the prices at Spathe Public House were pretty reasonable for the standard of food – we spent about $120 for 4 pax. Here's the address if you are keen to go and do make a reservation just in case !

Spathe Public House

8 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-01 Singapore 238958
Tel : +65 6735 1035 

Till then, xoxo


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Since my proposal back in December 2013, I have been receiving emails and questions as to how many carats my ring is, how much does it cost, what brand is it from ? I even have someone mocking at me when I replied that we got my ring from a private local retailer JannPaul instead of the usual branded boutiques.

Frankly speaking, I see no shame or wrong in getting a ring from a private local retailer. So what if you are having SooKee or LeeHwa ? Is the brand or size of the ring something you take into account of how blissful your marriage will be ? What really matters is how you perceive the value of the ring and the man who got you that ring. Even if it's just a coca cola tab, with the right man, your marriage will be equally blissful.

Who doesn't love a solitaire in that beautiful blue Tiffany box ? Or that blood red Cartier box ? But keep in mind one thing; It's not about the solitaire, the cut, the clarity or the brand. It's about the man putting the ring on your finger. At night when the ring is off, it's just you and him. Make sure he's the one for what's within him and not for the size of that stone.

Till then, xoxo


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Which is 2010, and which is 2015 ?

Till then, xoxo


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

我的真心,希望你也能感受 。

Till then, xoxo


Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello my dear friends !! Guess I am a few days late in wishing anyone who is reading this a Happy Happy New Year ! With work piling up, I can't even remember when was the last time I did a detailed post on my daily happenings. Weekends are never like how they used to be, just chilling with your loved ones and taking nice pictures of wherever you're going / eating. My weekends are solely just resting in bed or running errands, or at my most happening times - catching a movie in bed.