Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you for your patience for past 3 days ! I know some of you aren't really interested in what I did in HongKong but I had kind of made a promise to myself that I will pen down my trip for memory sake so ya, here is Day 4 for those who are interested.

Outfit of the day. Kinda mismatched but I brought too little clothes for the typhoon so just gotta bear with the fashion disaster. Beaded collar balloon blouson from City Plaza. Polka dot high waist shorts from Bugis Street. Fitflops from Quiksilver.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome to Day 3 of our holiday ! We woke up to signal No.8 and our driver told us that we got to wait till 12 noon for the next weather forecast to be released before he could send us down to the Ocean Park. Since we were already awake, we decided to brave the typhoon/thunderstorm for breakfast at Yee Shun Dairy Co but the shutters were down when we reached so we went across the road for good old Singapore style breakfast - Toast Box.

Outfit of the day. Leopard romper from Smexy-Lexi. Fitflops from Quiksilver. Cardigan from FEP.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Are you ready for Day 2 of Hong Kong ? Like any other days, the day started with breakfast at Australia Dairy Co which is just a stone throw away from our hotel. The menu consisted of only 3 different sets which were served at different timings of the day. B and I ordered a breakfast set each, and I ordered an additional steamed egg curd to sum up my breakfast. The breakfast set comes with their famous macaroni with ham, scrambled eggs, toast, and a cuppa hot milk tea or coffee. Everything for only a mere HKD26.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello everyone !!

As promised, here's my HongKong post ! Very hardworking right ? Returned on the 27th and today I'm blogging already. It was a disastrous trip (like literally) but despite all odds, we managed to cover everything we wanted. My only regret is that we couldn't catch the fireworks at Disneyland cause Typhoon No.8 was raised, with No.10 approaching and Disneyland was made to close early at 430pm.

Regrets aside, here's Day 1 for you.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue : part 2

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy midweek everybody !

Outfit of the day. Spag top from Cotton On. Laced Mini from MissFayne. Ribbon pumps from random push cart at Anchor Point. Cardigan from FEP.

For those of you who have been following me through these years, you would know that hair fall is one issue that I have been troubled with for a long long time. Remember the Dove Hair Fall Rescue entry I did sometime back in June ? I just came back from Unilever, where I picked up a full range of anti-hairfall products from Dove. Yes yes ! Someone just got sponsored ! I’m not kidding ! I was ecstatic when Priscila from Unilever contacted me. It felt like my prayers are finally answered and someone is here to take good care of my fizzy, damaged and thinning hair.

See how bad my condition is ? All I did was to run my fingers through my hair ONCE and this is what I get, le sigh. Now back to the products.

Clockwise direction, I have with me Dove Hair Fall Rescue System leave-on intensive hair tonic, shampoo, conditioner, daily treatment conditioner, serum and treatment mask. I really can't wait to start using them later and I promise a thorough review when I return from the bustling city of HongKong (:

And since we were in the area, Momsie and I decided to have our lunch at Vivocity. We walked abit and settled for Earle Swensen's.

We ordered a set lunch each and the set came with salad bar buffet. Food wise, I think my favourite has got to be their salad. I love their massive spread, sauces and condiments. There's this NewYork Waldorf Salad and it's tasteful to the max. Their mains range from slightly below average to average, not too impressive, but fairly edible.

Dessert was at Honeymoon desserts because we were craving for mangoes. We ordered mango sago and durian glutinous ball with coconut flakes. I personally feel that the glutinous ball is so-so only, but the mango sago is rather fragrant and flavorful with a thick texture which I believe comes from the coconut milk.

Earle Swensen's
1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-117 VivoCity
Tel: +65 6272 3306
Daily : 10.30am – 10.30pm

Honeymoon Dessert
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-93 VivoCity
Tel: +65 63768027
Daily : 10:00am - 10:00pm

Event : Colgate slim soft event

Monday, July 16, 2012

Guess who made her virgin appearance on a celebrity blog ?


Remember the Colgate Slim Soft event that I tweeted about a couple of weeks back ? Here's a detailed on what the whole event is all about.

I was invited by Nuffnang to attend the Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush event last weekend. Thank you Nuffnang for the invite and thank you universe for giving this to me. I'm really really thankful cause this is the first time i was ever invited to a public event apart from the army functions that B's been inviting me to. Anyway, i'm allowed to bring 1 friend and i took Marilyn along with me.

The event was held at Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar and i fell in love with the place the moment i stepped in. The whole bistro was done in a way where there's lots and lots of glass panels, making the whole place look really elegant. I knew i had to return another day cause the whole ambiance is way too captivating.

Every invited guests was given red/white gerberas and a dental care goodie bag. Who doesn't love freebies right ?!?! There was also yummy cupcakes and finger food !!

The event started off with the Colgate staff addressing us, a mini ice breaker game where i get to speak to Beatrice, Brad and Melissa up close, followed by a mini "fashion show" showcasing the Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush by our fellow invited bloggers. There is also a Colgate version of trivial pursuit, which I personally find it rather informative. Wanna guess what's the world’s first ever toothbrush made of ? H.O.R.S.E H.A.I.R ! After which, it was a series of phototaking, mingling, and the event came to an end.

Outfit of the day. In Mesh Tier-ed Chiffon Frock from MissFayne and Suede Wedge from Mondo.

If you haven't noticed, everyone at the event was dressed in either red or white. Yes, we were asked to dress in coordinated Colgate’s colors which is red and white and I picked a piece from MissFayne's self manufactured collection and paired it with a pair of black wedges.

Wanna know more about the
Colgate Slim Soft Toothbrush, check out the new Colgate toothbrush HERE.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
10 Winstedt Road Blk E #01-17
Tel: +65 6225 6690
Tue to Fri: 8.30am – 12am
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am – 12am
(Closed on Mon)


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Going green

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been wanting to eat clean and since i wanna try to shed some weight before i head to hongkong, this is the best time to practice clean eating a.k.a #projecteatclean. I have like exactly 12 days to cleanse and detox before i influx my body with all the toxins again.

I did some research and found that here in Singapore, Fortune Centre (located at Middle Road) actually has the highest concentration of vegetarian eateries within a single building. After much reading and comparing, i decided to sample the highly raved New Green Pasture Cafe mainly because it is an organic vegan eatery. Organic + Vegan = Must Try.

The first thing i noticed about New Green Pasture Cafe is its atmosphere. The overall layout is unpretentious, cozy and homely. I took a peek at their menu and i was presented with an extensive range of cuisine. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai - you name it, they have it. But do note that they do not serve everything on the menu. They put up what they are serving for the day on the walls and you'll just choose from there instead of picking it off the menu.

Price wise, i think its fairly reasonable. Everything i ordered and will be reviewing today cost less than S$10. I wouldn't say that their price is cheap cause i've found a few other vegan eateries that serves organic vegan food as well but for an even lower price but i do feel that the kind of quality and taste that New Green Pasture brings is enough to offset the price difference. Dish portions were also adequately sized. I had my lunch at 1pm and its already 5pm now and i am still pretty full from lunch.

In my honest opinion, everything we tried today are above average, if not, excellent. We ordered (1) Soba Salad (2) Brown Rice with Herbal Soup (3)Sri Lankan Roll

Soba Salad S$8.50

Don't qualm at the look of this cold dish with a bunch of grass mixed together. Served with generous amount of greens, the Soba Salad consists of shredded red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, seaweed, watercress, pomelo, orange zest and crunchy brown rice crackers topped with molasses. I asked for lesser molasses cause i didn't want my Soba Salad to turn out too sweet. I think i tasted mint too but i'm not too sure. The whole dish has this sweet and citrus-y taste to it making it a very refreshing item to consume in hot countries like Singapore.

Initially i wanted to order the Korean Bibimbap but Sophie (the owner) advised that it will be too overwhelming for Momsie and myself and suggested that we order the Soba Salad instead. And sure enough, it's really awesome and i'll definitely order it again on my next visit. Just look at how clean my bowl is !!

Brown Rice with Herbal Soup, S$9.00

Momsie ordered this and i didn't get to try it cause i was too engrossed with my Soba Salad and by the time i was done with it, i was too full for anything else. However, judging from the fact that she keep praising their mock ribs, i think i kinda missed a good deal but it's okay, i'll probably try this out on my next visit and do a review on it.

Last but not least, the Sri Lankan Roll, S$7.00

When i took my first bite into the Sri Lankan Roll, i was appalled. Enclosed within the thin and crispy tortilla wrap is a combination of juicy mushrooms, tofu and fresh crunchy greens soaked in rich and creamy curry sauce. Topped with a dollop of sweet vegan mayonnaise, i proclaim the Sri Lankan Roll the best vegan roll i've ever had. Not exaggerating, but it's really really awesome and it doesn't even taste like vegetable curry. On a side note, if you're one who dislike the heavy curry taste, then i would advise you not to take this dish ^^

All in all, food were delicious and extremely healthy in my opinion. One just gotta check this place out if you haven’t already.

New Green Pasture Cafe
Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road #04-22
Tel: +65 6336 8755
Sun to Tue: 11am – 8pm
(Closed on Mon)

My last and final social night

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Normally, I don't blog about B's army events such as Social nights cause there will be one, say once every 4 months ? But since this is the final one for the both of us (yes, he's not gonna continue his bond once it ends) I think I should at least say something about it so you guys can know what social night is all about.

I vaguely remember our first social night together was for his own social night. He was still an officer cadet then. Being someone who is not quite cut for such events where you need to plaster on a smile and socialize, the whole night was really really awkward. I practically knew no one there except for B and my poly classmate who happens to be a OCT too but he was from a different platoon and he had his group of fellow friends with him so I didn't quite wanna mingle with them (haha anti-social much)

Our second social night together was a really special one. This time, its for his cadets and he was attending the event as an instructor and not a cadet. In short, its less rigid in a sense cause he's no longer a cadet. We even had quite abit of fun with his major's kid.

Our second social night, April 2011

And the cycle repeats for the third, fourth, and fifth social night. But cause some of the instructors are army regulars and some are not, some faces remained familiar and some faces changed.

Our third social night, July 2011

Our fourth social night, October 2011

Our fifth social night, July 2012

I would say that such events get quite mundane as you attend more of them but this final one was quite an eye opening for me. If you noticed, the background of the first four social nights were different from the fifth. The first four were held at the Cadets' Mess but this time the mess was occupied for some other event, they relocated the social night to the Army Museum instead. I personally think that the Army Museum is kinda pretty at night with the lake, glass panels and all. I heard it's open to public so maybe you guys can check it out lol, but I don't know how though.

I'm sure most of you would be thinking, why bother to attend all these when it's so boring right ? But sorry ah, yours truly very tam chiak one and I major love people watching and it's always at such functions that I get to see girls of all sorts. Really leh, you'll see the guys do funny things as they try to impress their girlfriends or female friends and you'll also see girls who either dress weirdly, overdress, or dress whorishly. Entertaining much.

But after 4 sessions, I got a little tired (thank God he held some other appointment early this year and saved ourselves from 1 or 2 social nights) and told B that perhaps I should skip this final one but he kinda talked me into it and I didn't regret any bit cause this part of the camp is one place that I've never been to my whole life. Nice place, nice food, nice people, and I get to see Celestina Tiew in person, what more can one ask right ? LOL.