My last and final social night

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Normally, I don't blog about B's army events such as Social nights cause there will be one, say once every 4 months ? But since this is the final one for the both of us (yes, he's not gonna continue his bond once it ends) I think I should at least say something about it so you guys can know what social night is all about.

I vaguely remember our first social night together was for his own social night. He was still an officer cadet then. Being someone who is not quite cut for such events where you need to plaster on a smile and socialize, the whole night was really really awkward. I practically knew no one there except for B and my poly classmate who happens to be a OCT too but he was from a different platoon and he had his group of fellow friends with him so I didn't quite wanna mingle with them (haha anti-social much)

Our second social night together was a really special one. This time, its for his cadets and he was attending the event as an instructor and not a cadet. In short, its less rigid in a sense cause he's no longer a cadet. We even had quite abit of fun with his major's kid.

Our second social night, April 2011

And the cycle repeats for the third, fourth, and fifth social night. But cause some of the instructors are army regulars and some are not, some faces remained familiar and some faces changed.

Our third social night, July 2011

Our fourth social night, October 2011

Our fifth social night, July 2012

I would say that such events get quite mundane as you attend more of them but this final one was quite an eye opening for me. If you noticed, the background of the first four social nights were different from the fifth. The first four were held at the Cadets' Mess but this time the mess was occupied for some other event, they relocated the social night to the Army Museum instead. I personally think that the Army Museum is kinda pretty at night with the lake, glass panels and all. I heard it's open to public so maybe you guys can check it out lol, but I don't know how though.

I'm sure most of you would be thinking, why bother to attend all these when it's so boring right ? But sorry ah, yours truly very tam chiak one and I major love people watching and it's always at such functions that I get to see girls of all sorts. Really leh, you'll see the guys do funny things as they try to impress their girlfriends or female friends and you'll also see girls who either dress weirdly, overdress, or dress whorishly. Entertaining much.

But after 4 sessions, I got a little tired (thank God he held some other appointment early this year and saved ourselves from 1 or 2 social nights) and told B that perhaps I should skip this final one but he kinda talked me into it and I didn't regret any bit cause this part of the camp is one place that I've never been to my whole life. Nice place, nice food, nice people, and I get to see Celestina Tiew in person, what more can one ask right ? LOL.

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