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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's been a week since i last logged into Blogger ! Which is bad, so bad. Life got pretty mundane since school the prepartory workshops started. And now that my actual lessons had started and with Baby going botak in 17 days time, i can forsee my life going from bad to worse.

Friday was my last session of prep workshop and i met B in town to collect his pay cheque, as well as chill at Lido for a wee bit before heading down to Esplanade for the fireworks. But it was pouring so badly that we decided to give this year's fireworks festival a pass (we made a pact to watch them together every year btw)

Taken with his 5 MEGA PIXELS F480 cam (:

Saturday was spent at the LimeFlea. And it was pouring again ! Everything was fine and dainty when B and i reached *Scape at 11am for the setup. B even got customers right after he's done displaying his B4L tees (: But at around 12ish, it started drizzling and it didnt stop pouring till i left.

No pictures of the flea cause we were busy keeping our clothes dry, sheltering them from the heavy heavy rain ): Missed out the goodies at the flea due to the rain ? Fret not ! We've brought the flea online !!

post flea sales, here.

Anyway, remember i was complaining some time back bout how difficult it was for me to understand Econs ? Now i finally know why i could not comprehend what was taught during the prep workshop ! The lecturer was teaching one of the most tough chapters during the workshop and not start from scratch ! So of course cannot understand la !

Hokie, i'm off to pack the parcels for MissFayne. Stocks are running fast due to the very low flea-prices ! So act fast babes :D


isha: your welcome!:)
* Wheees (:

terence: monday blue.. start the week with a SMILE "加油"
* Haha. My monday wasn't that blue cause lessons is only from 830am-11am :D

caca: added u on msn, buahahah xD wants to get the rina halter dress !!!! When u are online, msn mii yeah =)
* Msn-ed !! Hope you'll like Rina Halter (:

jonathan: why is capt called jacjac?
* It's his petname at Kids21.

jo: haha the bartsbee~! wonder if she's still a crocodile who snatches everything! lol hey whn u at KDI how are the ppl oppsite le? stil lookin uh?! LOL
* Of coure she's still the big croc la ! Misliana calls her the monster. And and regarding the RL people opposite, they still stare but stare less already.

yunting: i use body shop's warming mineral mask and it get all my blackheads off everytime
* Really ? How much is it ?

winnie: ya lor! i tot is your fren or smt at th 2nd pic top right. haha. doesnt look lyk a mom lor. o.o haha. 20+ arh? can tel me th products? i maybe go buy. LOL.
* Haha yea the top right is his mum. It's around $30-$40 i can't remember. They are the 7day scrub, 15mins turnaround peel, and pore minimizer refining mask. I remember seeing the sample-size ones, retailing at less than $10 at Sasa. Maybe you can buy the sample-size ones first and see if you like Clinique. If you really like and it works for your face, then you buy the full-size ones :D

caca: okay dokay ^^v tq !!!
* Welcome :D

isha: okay,will post it today :) hehe
* Thanks so much (:

frequent reader: thats your bf's mom?! i thought was your friend or smthng!!! OMG HAHA
* Yup that is my boyfriend's mum. His mum is really young (:

Sunday, August 24, 2008



Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Join us at the Lime Flea

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And and, B4L will be there too !

Please support us

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby and i went shopping today ! Okay, to be exact, he was acompanying me to Giant Megastore to buy the metal detachable railings which i needed pretty urgently. Then i brought him over to Ikea for their famous hotdog bun followed by Isetan (Tampines) to get him a cap, just in time for army :D

That's us, in HweeKhim's signature pose (:

But if you've noticed, only B and his sis did the pose correctly. His mommy and myself were like coming up with our own poses >.<



nessa: Hello huishan! I can lend you my econ notes if you don't mind. Just learnt that=)
* I think the bridging notes and mine are more or less the same (:

Eileen to steven: can u dont disturb my friend!!!!
* Lol. Chill leen. I won't give him other chances to disturb me other than this tag board (:

caca: huishan! can i knw what font u use for uir banner advert ? thanks :D
* Hey rebecca (: The banner with the MissFayne words is it ? Its called LaurenScript (:

isha: hey just got the revlon liquid liner, its great! doesn't smudge, my eyes tend to be oily too. try it! you might have it in sing!:)
* Yea singapore does carry Revlon. But exactly which liquid liner ? Post the pic on your blog so i can see which is it :D Haha !

steven: yo.... wassup huishan
* Hi. I don't think i know you ? And we would all appreciate if you could stop disturbing Eileen. It definately sucks to receive morning sms everyday at 7 IN THE MORNING !

marilyn: wa finishing !!!! seems fun !!!! u two fish at bedok jetty ah ?
* Eh, i don't know is it Bedok Jetty eh. It's at East Coast.

popeye: GET AN ECONS TEXT BOOK!! john sloman, great author it'll help ALOT i swear! i took econs and that textbook helped me. cost 50 plus bucks tho, but its an investment? :D
* Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. But i was told that UOL don't study John Sloman's.

terence: share a good a news.. i am getting married soon! :D
* Oh my, congratulations !!

manda: Good luck for school!! =)
* Haha, thanks thanks (:

isha: aww..i know what you blackheads keep on coming back whatever you do!
* Ya ! And i really don't know how else can i remove/ reduce them other than squeezing twice to thrice a week. Haha. Squeeze till my nose red red. LOL.

readerJ: yup, i understand totally. just wanna understand how it works. thanks alot! have a greatday! =)
* So sorry bout it yah. You have a great day too (:

winnie: that show is super nice! haha. i cried alot. lol. $20 only? woah, thats cheap. ^0^
* Haha, i keep crying lo. But original price is more than $20 for sure. Mine became much cheaper cause i've got $200 plus de rebate ma. So i went to major restock on skincare products. Haha (:

NICOLE: its ok during premiere people were crying buckets.
* Hello (: Haha, were you one of those who cried ?

joanne: haiyo u lidat say i feltl v bad nor! smtimes i thnk bak i felt tat i v bad la smetimes late until~ mc arbo pt areplane hehe. y kdi beter? tot forum sia :/ yeah smtimes i look at drawings i'l rmb e times
* Iyoh, i purposely say to make you feel bad de la. Don't worry bout it yah ! Of course is KDI better. KDF got bartsbee lae.

I love baby, I love jisheng

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day one of school was fine. And the world is so so small ! Apart from Adeline, whom i met during the interview, i met Jiamin from Beatty, and B's secondary school classmate SiewFong as well ! I was pretty shocked when Siew Fong asked if i was B's girlfriend. What shocked me more was that Siew Fong already recognized me during the interview in July.

I had my very first Econs lecture today, and it was TOUGH. I had no problem absorbing during the first 45 minutes of the lecture - Utility graphs, budget lines yada yada, but the rest of the other 2 hours where i was taught the more important stuffs like income effects and substitution effects, i was totally wasted >.<

Any kind souls out there to teach me this particular chapter of Econs ?

And and, Baby and i went fishing today ! It is the first time i really fished, and i caught 8 tiny fishes ! Okay i didn't really fished cause the fishes came swarming to me the moment my line hit the waters.

i ADORE my curls ♥

Pretty boyfriend and pretty curls

Monday, August 11, 2008

For the past 20 years, i spent my 9th Aug at home, eyes glued onto the telly, watching the annually held National Day Parade. But this year, i spent it with guilt cause i was watching/ laughing/ crying at,

Money Not Enough 2 with B and his clique, followed by hongkie cuisine at HongKong Cafe (: I swear i cried a bucket during the show man, and i can't believe i was the only one who was sniffing in the cinema !!


aDe: 1 more day to sch!! Hehe..
* Yes ! Sms me the time and place to meet k. Haha (:

readerJ: hi, just wondering where do u usually get ur supplies from for your online biz? do u source them online? or overseas? or do u hav a local supplier? i know its a sensitive issue to be disclosed, but i'm new to this biz. wanna research more before i venture into it. TIA! :)
* Hi. The co-owners of MissFayne sources for goods from both online and offline, and we have suppliers locally and overseas as well. We seek your understanding to us not revealing much but with effort and perserverance, your shop will somehow succeed.

isha: haha lucky bf he had free facial!
* Haha. But he doesn't take care of his face ! The blackheads that i've painstakingly squeeze out, had grown again ):

winnie: woah ur bf have almost flawless skin! haha. btw, those 3 tubes ryte, how much are they? o.o shld be v ex.
* Lol. Where got flawless ? Later he read le he fly sia. I can't remember how much were they already eh. But when i buy the pore-refining mask, it does not cost more than $20 cause i used my CK Tangs rebates.

isha: there are nice reviews on the bobbi brown gel eyeliner, its pricey though.,.haven't tried it hehe
* Yea, very good reviews, but it costs 82 Sing dollars for the eyeliner set !! The set includes a brown gel eyeliner, a black gel eyeliner, and a brush.

Lynn: Show photos of your new hair! I wanted to get a perm, but difficult to find a salon that i trust. haha!
* Haha i will, very soon (: I'm in those bad-cam day recently. Haha.

joanne: so whr did u prefer working at? forum or kdi? lols. m i such a big influences! ^^ bt i thnk i v bad la keep late n mc. hee anw i still keep ur drawings n 'love' notes nor! ahaha
* Of course is Kdi la. Somemore your mc is cause the previous night went to yo-ah-yo lo. But it doesn't matter if you're bad influence or not cause never was i late before ! I kept your 'buddha drawing' and all too ! Haha.

Js: omg why u show everyone my no make up face. =D
* You got put makeup de meh ??

Our nation's 43rd

Saturday, August 9, 2008


model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Hot child in the city

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm back from the stayover at Baby's, since yesterday. My stay at his crib was great, in fact, very very fabulous. We sang KBox, had midnight suppers, played silly games, yada yada. And and, i did a mini facial session for B too !

viola ~

close up. clean clean lae !


passerby: hey! :) just happened to chance upon ur blog and was wondering whtr u did ur blogskin urself? its really nice:) did u get its main template from blogskins from smth and then edit from there? so sorry to bother you!! ): just wanted to create my own blogskin as well...
* Yes i did this skin myself (:

the.mahai: ur bf introduce me this blog lol XD.... come my blog oso hehe hope u can find laughter there
* Yup i will. And why in the world did B intro my blog to you ? Haha !

Lynn: okay thanks! your hair is really nice! (: hehe.
* They kinda loosened abit after the first wash. But somehow, i still like the previous curls before they loosen. LOL. But mummy's saying that i'm imaginating things cause from what she sees, my curls are the same.

joanne: heyyo :) hows life nw? wait, do u rmb who am i first? :B
* Good good ! Of course i remember you la. The only partimer at Kids who makes me really want to go for work.

isha: i tried the skinfood liquid liner and it sucked because it kind of went dry on my eyes and it flaked!! oh will try the revlon liners,they say they dont smudge :D
* Oic. I have slightly oily lids so eyeliners always smudge on me. Shall try the revlon ones :D

Where vogue survives

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Baby came to surprise me after work yesterday, with a tub of Haagen Daaz vanilla ice cream. The ice cream can soothe my gum's pain according to him though.

And did i mention that i sent in BOTH my retainers for repair yesterday ? Yes you're right, i broke my lower retainer, AGAIN. But this time, the upper ones cracked and gave way too ! The previous time i sent my lower set for repair was on Valentine's Day earlier this year, HERE. It costed me $30 for that lower set. Now i need to pay for another set. I guess that's the price to pay for wearing them very consciensiously huh ? I need to stop spoiling my retainers ):

And so, i woke up still feeling a minor pain in my upper right gums. But nonetheless, i went against the pain, and headed down the neighbourhood to do my hair. Since i could not get rid of my natural curls, i decided to live with the curls. I PERMED THEM ♥

& so, they straigtened my bangs

& bout 5 inches of my hair roots

& did a digital spa perm to the rest !!

and i managed to psycho mum into colouring her hair red (:

huishan loves her pretty pretty curls !!

Actually i wanted slight bigger curls though, but i still love my curls :D And i was told that the curls will become bigger when they loosen bout 2-3months later. WHEES !

Anyways, has anybody here ever experienced times where you have this friend who copies stalks whatever you are doing ? This entry would need at least 4 to 5 scrolls on the mouse if i were to list every similarity that happened between the 2 of us. How i wish that it is all pure coincidence, but %#$&^*@! This is getting really worrying annoying ! Baby asked me to just ignore her but how to ignore when she just does not stop ??