A ghost in drag

Friday, May 30, 2008


goodbye blunt cut bottom with side swept fringe !

Wish me the luck

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interview with SIM later at 2pm.

Blog and reply the tags when i'm back aye ?


Interview at UOL was quite uh-oh. The questions which i've prepared was asked, and answered brilliantly well. But little did i expect them to ask bout my family ! Everything went well till they heard that Mumsie's a housewife *Shrugs* They gave me a i think you can't afford the fees look.

Wells, if i really can't afford i won't even be present at the briefing and interview la ! And who says i can't afford the school fees. 老娘有的是钱 okay ! Haha. Guess i'll prolly not be shortlisted for enrollment already. It's high time i need to go seek for a decent full time job. Goodbye books, and hello office !

Anyway, Baby and i went to his sis's Graduation Show at Nafa thereafter. And i could not stop woah-woah-ing throughout the whole session. I kept nudging B, saying things like Eh i like this one. Eh i like that one. Wa, you see you see, soooo nice!

And, did i mention that i met up with Baby after work yesterday, to collect his phone and to catch Narnia at Cine ? Superb movie seriously. And i can't help but say that King Edward is so much cuter this time ! Heh.

And i'm getting so in love with GoJane footwear these days. So much so that i'm planning on opening a spree for it. And if i do, i get all of the above 4 pairs, haha ! But i guess i'll fall and break a limb or something.

I've done the maths, the total we'll have to pay will be - (total price in USD x 1.4) + (SGD3 x number of items) Anyway, $3 is just an estimated shipping charge for an item ya, so it MIGHT increase and topups will have to be made. There will be a 2nd payment to be made, if there is any additional shipping, postage, and handling.


Eileen: muack muack...gd luck
* Thanks muackmuack ! But i kinda screwed up the interview. So i'm not pinning much hopes on it already. But if i really heng heng get in, then we'll have chance to be classmates again in year 2 !

angelawu: hey, goodluck to you manz!!! jia you!!! all thebest
* Thanks man. But i kinda screwed up. So i'm not pinning much hopes on it already.

jiali: hey, i think you should take up the course! =))
* Woah, even Gladys also say should take, means really should take le. Haha. But anyway, i went for the interview as advised (:

angelawu: i think u should apply manz!!! since they are giving u such opportunities
* Yea yea. 宁可杀错 不可放过. LOL!

pearl: u will be working for the rest of the life, why dun study as much as u can now? learn more, know more, but the final decision still lies upon you hs
* That crossed my mind too. And after much thinking, i've decided to give the interview a try. If i am not shortlisted i'll start working. If i am shortlisted, then i'll go think if i should accept the offer anot. Haha.

zel: mayb u wanna try rmit or ub.. i m in ub..
* RMIT's project based. I don't really want that much of projects anymore ):
terence: yup. can gain some job exp lor. my gf also worked 1 yr b4 entering SMU :)
* Had thought bout it but i'll prolly lose the vibe to study after a year. Plus, i'm kinda of the more stupids ones so i won't get into SMU i guess.

marilyn: serious ah ! after my CT! we meetup for prawning !
* Yes yes, if i have off, we go prawn (:

steph8706: hahas... u had phtotshot already liao ma ^^V
* Haha, blog with the photos soon yea ?

anoy135: waaaa, u so old le, i dont think shs is able to control where u are going ritez =D
* Well, it's somehow not very good to go against your parent's will. Even till now i'm 20, i still seek for permission everytime i go out. I'm a very filial daughter kay. Haha.

leng: babe.. go for it.. got 1 more cert means one more key to the future. everywhere u go nw is cert.. @ least nxt time IT sian liao can change to econs industry n vice versa. if u cont working, 1 yr later, u haf 1 yr experiece. if u study, u got 1 more diploma. both will benefits u. but i will go for studying la. cuz studying is better den working. work, nxt time la.
* That is why i'm in sucha dilemma. But i went for the interview already anyway. Haha.

yunting: i second it too, econs will provide u a wider choice of career, and who knows maybe u will develop more interest in it then ur previous course?
* Yea yea, and it's much much more flexible cause i'll be taking Diploma in Econs in year 1, then in year 2 i can choose to further with other Business degrees if i do not wish to continue doing Economics.

Jo: hey. take up the course perhaps. its always better to be equipped with more certs in the working society now.
* True la. But anyway, i went for the interview as advised (:

steph8706: dun sadsad k... haha.... next time can still apply for SIA de =) smile
* Haa. Wait till my parents 想开 first.

marilyn: if 'm u , i will take up the course! sounds not bad!! :D
* Haha. 宁可杀错 不可放过 right. Lol.


Monday, May 26, 2008

I've finally received my letter from SIM. My appeal into BSc of Business was unsucessful. Haha, as expected. How can they allow someone who had forgotten to apply within the deadline to enter their school ?

But they were not that bad, they offered me a seating in this course which i did not even applied for - Diploma in Economics programme, whereby upon completion of the 1 year Diploma, i can progress to the degree with credit for four full units. By the end of 3 years, i would have obtained a Diploma and a BSc degree from UOL.

Sounds not bad right ! But a few things to consider. Why would i need 2 Diplomas for ? Will the extra Diploma be an advantage ? Or can i study 1 year in SIM for their Diploma, then apply local Uni next year ? Haha. So how so how ? Interview is on this coming 29th. Should i apply a day off for this or should i start working already ?


marilyn: yah lo. just go try oso no harm. if get in le then they really dun allow then at most dun sign the contract lo! :X:X
* But the thing is i'm not even allowed to go for the interview ! Haha.

angelawu: hey chilled there would always be a rainbow after rain.. so dun be that sad
* Haha i'm not sad. Just a lil depressing.

superman: aiyo! dont be sad k! feel guilty, if only got chance to search thorough enough... dang, ure hp no. is in my old phone sommore =/ .... but yeap, dun be sad aight ^^
* Sure thing yo !

anoy135: maybe you can just go and try out the interview yah (: Aneway its not 100% dat u sure will pass, just try and maybe your mum will allow after dat yeah
* But the thing is, she doesn't even allow me to go for the interview ! Haha.

cute: hi nice blog
* Thank you.

terence: congra on ur graduation!! 要找工作了。。
* Haha yea. Got rejected by all the Unis i've applied to. Maybe next year try again. Haha !

marilyn: not sure. but they told me to come at sept lo. partly cos of my Os eng result :(
* Oh i see.

Jasmine: haha. Yup.
* (:

isha: haha i know that feeling. hehe i still have don't have any work too,i have to pass this major exam first
* I hate my life, seriously.

angelawu: thx manz that pic of me really sucks!! fats!!! omg!!!!
* Haha !


Sunday, May 25, 2008


If only my parents were more supportive in me flying.

If only...


marilyn: wa biang eh. the SIA ppl ask me come at sept. say is too early for me :X kns. lols
* You went today already ? How come Sept ? Means in June they are not holding the recruitment drive ? Haha.

zel: try SIM again.. the entrance is pretty easy.. unless u're trying for those specialty degrees..
* Why need to try again ? Haha, i only missed the application deadline, not rejected by them, YET. The lady say although i've missed the deadline i can still appeal to get in. And so i did, now waiting for their reply only.

cute: hai.. i click u r ads.. u can do that to mine.. thanks
* Clicked on your Google AdSense (:

Jasmine: haha. I think he knows me as Fong yee. Yea I know waileng too. I go by "Jasmine" online. =)
* Ooh he knows he knows ! Haha, from Class 1 or something right ?

superman: fayne! congrats! wer were u during the photo-taking?! :)neways, well done aight!
* I'm not too sure where was i. Nobody called me on my phone. I was so sad la. Am still very sad now though, haha !

steph8706: gal... how come ur mum dun allow?
* Not too sure. She's very against the idea of me flying. So i guess i'll just have to forget bout going for the interview.

marilyn: the black dress u wore on ur bf's grad day is it ebiza? hahas
* Nope. It's cassie. Haha.

When all is said and done

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally, i've finally received an acknowledgement from NUS that my application for admission was denied. Not surprising though. Now all i can hope for, is to get accepted by SIM. Not too sure if i've mentioned, i missed the application into SIM. So with the number Meiyan gave me, i called up to enquire and the person-in-charge told me that i can send in an email to appeal. I did so, but i've yet to hear any news yet. Such anxiety kills, doesn't it ? And to add on to my anxiety, tonnes of people in HardwareZone are getting rejected by SIM.

Will i end up to be like them and be the rejected one again ? If i do, i'll be stuck at this crossroad once again where i ponder upon my next move, the so-called future. I chose to study, but the universities ain't accepting me. I chose to attempt to join SIA as their cabin crew, but my parents are strongly against it and Mum would probably burn my passport if i were to go.


isha: hey dear, congratulations on your graduation! :D
* Thank you ! But it's nothing worth getting proud of cause i'm now stuck at nowhere once again. Haha.

Jasmine: I got into NUS... Btw I was in the same course as your bf in nyp Lol. So you might have seen me at graduation.
* You're from BI too ? Haha, but my boyfriend said he doesn't know any Jasmines. Or do you know who is Waileng ? Haha.

Aldis: i was the last of the last. So it got super boooring.
* Who ask you so smart get Diploma with Merit ? Haha.

janet: you haven got a rejection letter from NUS rite? You might just get in you know...SERIOUSLY, i have friends who got rejeected by both by get in NUS, it often differ per batch and what you choose
* I just checked the online application status and my application's denied. Apparently your friends were much smarter. Haha (:

zel: oh. ur bf frm nyp.. which course? i did my design dip at nyp..
* Business Informatics. Haha.

marilyn: eh finally ! congrats ! :D my grad ceremony mus wait til nxt yr ):
* I wish i can still school. I hate the fact that i am a university reject. I hate the fact that i need to start working already. I'm not the least bit prepared to step into the working environment !

Happy Graduation Chapter Two

Friday, May 23, 2008

Massive image raid. Haha, as promised, here's the images for Baby's and my graduation (:

Presenting, Baby's graduation on the 21st

And now, my graduation which was held this morning (:

The loved ones who stood by me at my worst times

The lecturers who made my gradution possible

OOAD lecturer, ENAD lecturer, FYP in-charge, Ms Chiang

Swen lecturer, Mr Nalaka

Careperson, GUID lecturer, Mr Jonathan Chee

Course Manager, Mr Lim

The fun-loving bubbly ones who made school interesting

doesn't we remind you of the wizards and witches of Hogwarts ?



elson liyao


huier eliza




Oh my. I took exactly 3 hours to edit and upload all these pictures. Luckily, i did this entry while B's dota-ing. And now i can finally reply the tags, and then hit the sack. I've still got work tomorrow ):

Happy Graduation Chapter Three, coming soon ♥


Aldis: nyp grad was super boring isn't it!
* Haha not that bad la. And it doesn't help when my boyfriend was the very last to go up on stage (excluding the merit holders) But then again, i was busy testing the camera, and cam-whoring throughout.

angelawu~huishan: i noe u are damed skinneyokie if not i also wun see the xiao ke ai liao.....
* I'm still not skinny enough okay.

angelawu~xoxo: u got watch gossip girl???
* Not too sure if xoxo watches but i do read Gossip Girl. Haha.

terence: the E8 looks stylish.. but motorola closing down their mobile unit liao leh.. ya lor
* If i'm not wrong they are only closing the mobile production in Singapore. Not the full mobile unit.

daphne: hi.. nice blog.. dropping by to say hi:)
* Thank you. You've got a nice blog too !

Jasmine: Currently am working. Waiting for uni to start. Jus graduated from poly like u :)
* Oh, which Uni ? I'm still school-less at the moment. So depressing. Haha.

janet: good luck with e applications! if you get in NUS, i'll bring you around? promise =)
* Yea yea. But it's likely that i won't get into NUS. How can a NTU and SMU reject be accepted by NUS ?

nicole: e8 good?
* Not that bad. But when i was testing it, i was not testing the finalized software and hardware version. So they might have made quite alot of changes to it, i do not know.

Happy Graduation Chapter One

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Went to Baby's graduation at NYP today (:

Alrights, my cough syrup is taking effect so i shall upload the images together with mine ya ??



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Remember that 3 months ago i was having my attachment at Motorola ? I was assigned to the testing department and assigned this phone called E8. And guess what ? Now that E8 is launched, JAY CHOU is the official ambassador la !!


ht: u have nice skin but sunken face. lost too much wt? it doesn't look good
* Thanks for the compliment. But the sunken part was there back in secondary school, waaaay before i was weight-conscious. And it sunk even more when my jawline shifted during my orthodontic treatment.

Aldis: yay, when did i say i'm ****ing gd at everything. i'm not very nice. I'm always against huishan. =P
* I guess it's cause you always comment this comment that, that made people feel that you are trying to portray the "i am goddamn good with this, with that" kinda impressions.

winnie: the trailer got $$ one mah? lol. cos i got 2 (:
* The trailer is CPC. So only get money if there are clicks on it.

Jasmine: Lol. you wrote in your may 16 entry that your bf brought u back to Whampoa. That's how I know =)
* Oic. Haha. So what are you doing now ? Schooling or ?

Yadah yadah


xoxo: y did u remove my tag? ima jus curious.y does ur fren aldis seem to haf a big problem wf everything?as if he is ****ing gud in everything.
* I deleted cause i do not want to stir up trouble. Well, he may seem to be always picking on me, but he's very nice actually. He's just being frank and straightforward.

janet: you graduating this year? after tat where you studying? or working??
* Yea. Graduating this May. I've applied for NTU NUS and SMU. But got rejected by NTU and SMU. I've appealed for NTU though. I missed the application for SIM though, and i've sent in my appeal too. So now i'm awaiting reply from NTU NUS and SIM.

angelawu: eh!!! u looks diff in the cheongsum
* Haha yea. It was still loose even if it's size S. Haha.

marilyn: oh.. erm. i havent print out my application form thou. lols.
* Haha i might go for the June one (if any)

Aldis: bad photographer. Your photos look damn "in-need-of-colour". Very very poor lighting. And his flash is over-powering. Must be cause he realised there's poor lighting.
* It was pouring when i had the shoot. And i am very lousy, thus the "bad" pictures. Why not you help me shoot la ! Then i'll have pretty pretty pictures, haha. I've edited the images abit more myself to enhance the colours even more already.

waileng: ha2... evil.. mm.. but really dun go hair extention first ba.. weather is crazy. i already feel like cutting my hair le.. gg crazy =(
* I won't cut my hair de. Just tie up lo. That's why i cannot rebond now. Cause cannot tie after rebonding.

Money not enough

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Staff purchased" 3 pieces multi-coloured big pony KIDS polos at 40% off today ! 1 for Daddy, 1 for Mummy, and 1 for myself. Wanted to get another one for Baby since it's sucha deal, but they don't have it in his size ):

It's awfully scary to see a pretty-good friend of mine, slowly clone into another me. Like how in the world am i going to break the news to her that i got totally turned off by her actions ?

It's even scarier to find out that i've drained every single cent of April's salary ($961.00) when it's not even the end of May. I even ate into my next month's pay. Guess i'll have to survive on just bread and water la. Haha. That's the consequences of having way too many birthdays and events coming up one after another.

Gave my parents $100.00 each, Dad's birthday present & dinner $190.00, Baby's birthday present & dinner $121.24, Mothers' day present & dinner $259.05, CK Tangs Private Sale $211.00, Isetan Private Sale $166.00, 3 RL Polos $185.00, Donations to SiChuan Earthquake via Sg Red Cross Society $500.00.

Total damage for the past 19 days: $1832.29

*GASP* That's like $871.29 more than my last month's pay ! I've exceeded almost double laa, DOUBLE !! And all these does not include my travel and food expenses. OH SHEESH. I need to stop spending, like immediately ):

Anyway, i've received the images from my CheongSam shoot. I just don't look like myself la ! And my face looked sooooo tired ! Haha (:


steph8706: haha... poly life is good at times
* It's just the non-stop stacking of assignments that kills. Other than that, it's still okay. I've even had times where milestone 2 is out when the deadline of milestone 1 is still far far away.

Jasmine: Yup... Near the market.
* Yep i know where. Just don't know how your Grandma look like. Haha.

shaun: ur bf study nyp too? mine on 21st also,but at 9am.lol.
* Yea. He's from BI. That's early ! My graduation is at 9ish too ! But at TP.

Aldis: blk 99 all the way near the market. :s
* Yup yup. Maybe you will know also. Haha.

Jasmine: Blk 99 :D
* I'll need to know how your GrandMa look like before i can determine if i know her. But block99 is pretty far in. So maybe i might not know, but definately have seen her before cause Whampoa is so small ! Anyway, how do you know i stay in Whampoa ?

waileng: icic.. eh.. u got do hair extention ar? i wan c!!!!!
* Nope i didn't. Think better not cause weather is too hot. And there's many deaths in the SiChuan Earthquake. You don't know who's hair you're getting now. Haha.

angelawu: 我好累啊!i just finish work den dinner den back home... teaching children is real tiring de manz!!! haha...老师de job is tiring!!! omg! today did u went to extend ur hair???
* Haha, think i'll just stick to being a Childcare attendant. Much easier job. And toddlers are cuter than children. And no i didn't go for extensions. Think better not cause weather is too hot. And there's many deaths in the SiChuan Earthquake. You don't know who's hair you're getting now. Haha.

janet: if got acne how sia?? =l
* Eh, that i'm not very sure eh. Haven't gotten real acnes before. Maybe you can ask those consultants at the counters ? Look for William at CK Tangs Clinique. He's good !

Aldis: there's only ONE Aldis in Singapore! So I'm Aldis.
* Zun bo ! 1 only ?

Aldis: you know grandmas? lol.
* Yes ! I even know how your GrandMa look like.

Msn Rainbow Campaign

Sunday, May 18, 2008

(post deleted)

Cause Baby just told me that it's a fake. Wells, it sure looked real cause it appeared on China's MSN right ? But since B said it's fake, then it's fake. Haha. But i'll still be putting it on cause the rainbow looked pretty nice on my msn nick luh :DD


zel: my gf's having her internship in China.. heng she nv feel anything.. ~relieved~
* Yea. Guess it's only SiChuan and the provinces near SiChuan got affected.

isha: i added u to my links dear,thanks a lot!
* You're welcome (:

Jasmine: Ooo You live in whampoa? My grandma lives there too? *too. sorry about the question mark
* No worries bout the punctuation Jasmine. Yea i've been staying in Whampoa since i was born. What block is your Grandma staying at ? Maybe i do know her. Haha.

isha: hi dear, been a long time since my last post. i just created my blog,can i put u in my links? pls do visit mine if u have the time www.ilovemybhie.blogspot.com
* Yes sure you can. And i'll definately visit it often :D

waileng: yeah..sat dating day.. but nowadays also sometimes aft work got go out.. sat will go out.. cuz is d only day can slack d whole day woh.. heee..but true la.. duno he feel restricted anot.. lolx.. dun wanna noe better. eh.. i tink hor.. i will b appealing to NTU de biz leh. dun wan NTU comp sci. waste my time there nia. so while waiting for d NUS reply i appeal NTU biz. c can get in anot =) btw ask u ar.. aldis is it the one tat i noe 2?
* Good to know that you're heeding my advice to go out after work sometimes. That will make xiongxiong feel more treasured. Wa then you tell NTU that you're giving up your seating at ComSci for me la. And yes, the Aldis is that Aldis whom you know. He's my friend since Kindergarten !

janet: oh my gosh...!!!! hahaha i think i fell asleep just looking at all e procedure
* Haha, it's very fast actually. I got them all done is bout 30mins ?

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Shop till you drop

Saturday, May 17, 2008

MC today cause i lost my voice like totally. Doctor said there's a serious case of throat infection i've gotten myself. So there flies my $51 pay for today. In addition, the visit to the doctor costed me $30. EIGHTYONE BUKEROOS GONE, JUST LIKE THAT ):

It's been long since i updated Missfayne !!



Apple bottom jeans (jeans) boots with the furrr

Friday, May 16, 2008

Before i start on anything, let us all give a moment of silence to all the lives lost during the 2008 SiChuan earthquake. Toddlers, students, teachers, EVERYONE, got buried alive as the buildings collapsed.

I ain't no a parent yet so i can't say i understand how they feel. But i've been following the news regarding the earthquake closely every night. My heart goes out to everyone out there in SiChuan.

因为爱着你的爱 因为梦着你的梦
所以悲伤着你的悲伤 幸福着你的幸福
因为路过你的路 因为苦过你的苦
所以快乐着你的快乐 追逐着你的追逐

因为誓言不敢听 因为承诺不敢信
所以放心着你的沉默 去说服明天的命运
没有风雨躲的过 没有坎坷不必走
所以安心的牵你的手 不去想该不该回头

也许牵了你的手 前生不一定好走
也许有了伴的路 今生还要更忙碌
所以牵了你的手 来生还要一起走
所以有了伴的路 没有岁月可回头

Yesterday was Isetan's Private Sale. But i've got work at Forum >:( So i requested for an hour's lunch break and i made full use of the 1hr, TO SHOP. Met up with Mummy at Forum and we started our shopping spree. Nothing caught Mummy's eye so i bought nothing for her !! Got myself a pair of Levi's, a top for the Daddy, and a pair of boardshorts for Baby.

And and, after i ended work at Forum, i went back to Isetan again, TO WORK. I did my maths, and i realised i worked from 1030am to 1030pm yesterday, surviving on nothing but plain water. And cause of that, i got all giddy by 9ish 10 but my very very sweet Baby came to pick me up (ok i request for him to come down, but he could have said no but he didn't !) after work, and bring me back to Whampoa and have my very first meal of the day.

Thanks for being the sweestest boyfriend ever (:

In courtesy of my blog reader, Janet. Here's my daily skincare regimen (: I'm a BIG fan of Clinique, so you'll see tonnes of their products being used both in the day and night.

In the day
Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion
Clinique Derma White Clarifying Brightening Lotion
Clinique Derma White Protect & Brighten Eye System
Sunplay Powdery White Sunblock (SPF47)
Bio-Essence Magic Aqua White

In the night
Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion
Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer
Clinique All About Eyes Rich Cream

And once every week, i'll exfoliate my face with Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream or Clinique Turnaround 15-Minute Facial alternately. Followed by Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Mask / D&E Dead Sea Mud Mask.


terence: cordella ur sibling yah? +__+ ??
* No she's my friend. Why did you say she's my sibling ??

janet: oh ya, which product of clinique is good?
* I personally like their Mouturizing Lotion, Turnaround Concentrate and All About Eyes EyeCream.

angelawu: shan! i think the fren of your trying to be Sarcastic... btw watever i dun really cares! LOL! shan when u free ur 18 may still on bo? LOL! sometime ppl really drives me at the end of one's tether...
* Heh, he's a very good friend of mine. He likes to kajiao people de.

Aldis: princess. LOL. Girls labeling themselves princesses. I pity your prince.
* I think i used to label myself as princess too. But not anymore ! I've outgrown that passe, HAHA !

Aldis: girls next door? What's the big fuss with models? bapok, drink more water pls.
* She's my friend, so i'm trying to pull more votes for her. And she's a freelance talent, not model. Haha. I drank alot already. You yourself also got sorethroat, also sound like bapok. So you drink more water too !

angelawu: OIE!!!! WAT ASS LAHZ!!! PRINCESSWU HERE!!! oie leng doesn't mean u not working me n shan not working!!! we are good workers.. SHAN u can stand a chance de lahz at most leng give up her place for u lo
* PrincessWu ? Pui la princess wu. Haha. And even if leng give up her seating, NTU also won't consider me one la.

janet: what is like your skincare routine. i always get acne..arggg!!!
* I don't really get acnes but i do get 1 or 2 tiny pimples during the time of the month. Anyway, i've blogged on my skincare routine in this entry.

waileng: eh.. hao xiang shi ni yi zhi work woh.. i wkends nt working woh..lolx.. but onli sun free.. tat princess la.. say wan organize org till duno where d nize go to.. eh scb!!! go brush up ur event mgt la!
* You also got work de lae. Haha. Saturday is xiong-xiong day right ? Haha. I jialat. Didn't even set aside a day for JS day. But i bet JS will feel damn restricted if we were to set aside a day just for us, so i think i better not do so. Haha.

I lost my precious V

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I sound like a bapok everytime i try to talk.

FHM Girl Next Door


What are you waiting for ? Vote for her NOW!

SMS FHM5 GND3 your name, nric, email to 73388 !!


Barbie: Hi Huishan! I am Barbie :) I like ur blog, so girly, and the song Finally from Fergie. She's one of ma favorite artist ;)
* Hello there Barbie !

janet: does clinque work? it doesn seem to work for me =l
* Clinique does work for me. I used to have not-that-bad complexion then all of a sudden my complexion became like those of a witch's ! I tried many other products but Clinique is the one which saved my face !! Which product did you use ? Maybe you used the wrong skin type or something ? (:

marilyn: is okies !!! 25 may ! SIA interview we will not be REJECTED !
* I'm still considering if i should get urgent leave on 25th. My pay abit pathetic this month already cause that day Mothers' Day i took leave to rest. Haha.

angelawu: yoz... princess is here manz!!! wahah!!!! my pocket burn a big hole le!!!! shan u burn leng the pocket bahz!!! btw!!! dun be sad u still can apply next year this year bo bian work lohz or u try appeal
* Where got princess ? You ? My ass la can. LOL! I appealed already, but i don't think i'll stand a chance in NTU anyway.

waileng: shan.. dig out.. =) we shall let tat princess have a big hole in her pockets...=) Take care ya.. miss ya
* I miss you too ! You keep working working working la ):

zel: no more soccer for me.. can't keep up..><
* Why no more soccer ?

Js: GO MAN UTDDDDDDDDDD. 22nd may chelsea will matiiiiiiiiii
* Matiiiii. Haha.

angelawu: omg yang uforget it... js should yAng u... lol btw i'm ain't that siao char bo... zzz
* You are !

terence: happy belated mothers' day!
* You too (:

What happened in singapore

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yesterday was Tangs 12% rebate private sale. And i spent a bomb at Clinique again ): Bought their Derma White Clarifying Brightening Essence, Derma White Protect & Brighten Eye System, Derma White Super City Block, and Pore Minimizer Refining Mask.

Total Damage: $211.00

And since today's my day off, i squeezed in three two events. Woke up extra early for a shoot with Andy. It was pouring monkeys, but we managed to get everything done by 1pm.

Went home, rested, and i met up with the boyfriend (like finally!) for What Happens in Vegas !! Show's starting at 445pm and B was late, very late. So we had to watch the movie before having our dinner.

After the movie, it was a visit to our my favourite Daiso, where i bought myself an uber cute HelloKitty handphone holder. Then it was western for dinner, and back to FarrerPark for some Wii lovin'

All tags will be replied in the next post ya ? My eyes are like closing already.

Good night all (:

lol, another one

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My application for SMU is being rejected as well. Aldis ah Aldis, you better start saving money for the dinner treat ah. Told ya i wouldn't get into any Unis already. I wonder who was the one who told me to go apply cause i do stand a chance. Lucky i was smart enough to place a bet of Seoul Gardens dinner treat with you. Oh oh, bring your girlfriend along kay !!