The cost of stardom

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Jasmine: Hihi. LIfe is like that, you've got to "send letters" to your future self by "writing" these "letters" now. a bit cheem, but if u want, i can add u on msn and explain haha :D
* I roughly get what you mean.

waileng: eah.. we no talk bhind ur back woh.. is in front of u de woh..=P mm.. u n js so sweet la.. eh.. he really looks damn cheeky la.. btw char bo,dun give up first. wait n c. local U r v gd in dis kind of pattern de. NTU, u try appealing. got 50% chance again. n somemore u oso got apply NUS ma. wait till the result out le den decide
* You see ah, if NTU also don't want me le, NUS lagi no need say right ? Yea i'll appeal. But need to wait till 14th May, as seen in the website.

chin: u and ur boy so sweet la! *jelaous jealous*
* LOL. No need jealous la. You and your boy also hen sweet !!

angelawu: i like the design!!! OMG!!!! and i like like cotton clothes.. and u aren't an ugly duckling ain't like me.. fugly okie.. haha... 18 may confirm a not??
* You aren't an ugly duckling ! Tentatively, should be confirmed. Haha.

anon: hello. is this girl you ? ow_Gals#8
* Nope i'm not :D

aLbong: uniSIM ... dun give up hope~ =)
* I haven't 21 years old yet !!

zel: no.. not that one.. the one at tanglin.. that one is really good.. hmmmmm yumm..:D
* Ooh. Shall go try 1 day. Haha.

marilyn: is like that de :( erm try asking SIM again. i think they shuld alright with it. :)
* Think i'll go ask after i try out SIA bah. But i guess it will be too late then.

steph8706: taggie taggie
* Thanks for the tag.

winnie: heh yah lor. so cool i didnt realise until now lor. =X and ur bf's bday is same as mine!
* Yup yup.

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