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Sunday, May 18, 2008

(post deleted)

Cause Baby just told me that it's a fake. Wells, it sure looked real cause it appeared on China's MSN right ? But since B said it's fake, then it's fake. Haha. But i'll still be putting it on cause the rainbow looked pretty nice on my msn nick luh :DD


zel: my gf's having her internship in China.. heng she nv feel anything.. ~relieved~
* Yea. Guess it's only SiChuan and the provinces near SiChuan got affected.

isha: i added u to my links dear,thanks a lot!
* You're welcome (:

Jasmine: Ooo You live in whampoa? My grandma lives there too? *too. sorry about the question mark
* No worries bout the punctuation Jasmine. Yea i've been staying in Whampoa since i was born. What block is your Grandma staying at ? Maybe i do know her. Haha.

isha: hi dear, been a long time since my last post. i just created my blog,can i put u in my links? pls do visit mine if u have the time
* Yes sure you can. And i'll definately visit it often :D

waileng: yeah..sat dating day.. but nowadays also sometimes aft work got go out.. sat will go out.. cuz is d only day can slack d whole day woh.. heee..but true la.. duno he feel restricted anot.. lolx.. dun wanna noe better. eh.. i tink hor.. i will b appealing to NTU de biz leh. dun wan NTU comp sci. waste my time there nia. so while waiting for d NUS reply i appeal NTU biz. c can get in anot =) btw ask u ar.. aldis is it the one tat i noe 2?
* Good to know that you're heeding my advice to go out after work sometimes. That will make xiongxiong feel more treasured. Wa then you tell NTU that you're giving up your seating at ComSci for me la. And yes, the Aldis is that Aldis whom you know. He's my friend since Kindergarten !

janet: oh my gosh...!!!! hahaha i think i fell asleep just looking at all e procedure
* Haha, it's very fast actually. I got them all done is bout 30mins ?

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