Fb shocks me

Monday, June 29, 2009

Was facebooking and i found out that..

My primary schoolmate just got married last month.

This is so, urm, amazing.

Pissing mad

To the person who hacked into my MissFayne's mailinglist account and deleting every single contact in it - May you.. May you be haunted by the Lamia and be tormented for 3 days before you get dragged to hell and burn for eternity.

Sheesh. Rants aside.

Omg, could he get any hotter ?

Advertorial: Eyeko is love

Friday, June 26, 2009

Guess what came into mail ???

This is da BOMB !

Eyeko is seriously the sex man Not only do they have pretty polishes, they have extremely great makeup products too ! Cream, mascara, eyeliner, lip glosses. You name it, they have it ! What hypes me most is that nothing costs above £5.00 and and, Eyeko provides FREE shipping WORLDWIDE on all orders !

Omg, i seriously can't wait for the creams and balms to reach me. Will review once i received it yea ? So what are you waiting for ? Shop at Eyeko now !! Do remember to state this special code E3671 so that you could get a special free gift along with your original order (:

ps, do let me know if you ordered anything from Eyeko yea ? So that i can lias with them for the free gift.

Rest In Peace Michael Joseph Jackson

Rest In Peace Michael Joseph Jackson

Huishan + Meiyan = Sakae Sushi

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I seriously need to stop feasting !! Especially when i'm so so so so broke, and could not find a job ): Oh wells, Meiyan and i went job hunting today and everywhere we go, we hear the same reply "Oh, we're looking for permanent staffs. Sorry."

Anyway, guess what's for dinner ?

Meiyan + Yours Truly = Sakae Sushi !!

We never fail to have Sakae everytime we meet. Haha.

Our die-die-must-order. We had 9 plates of Kani Tempura !

Short hair ):

Overdued images

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been feasting (and purging) for the past few days (No, i'm not bulimic) Some overdued images over the past week. Spot the location(s)!!

19th June. Off in lieu.

So long, long hair ):

Thats my fav pair of sandals. And its gone, for good ):

20th June. Suk's pre-21st celebration.

Little Miss Skinny, whose birthday falls on the same day as my Mom

Juexiu has yet to send me the pics from her cam. I'll fb them once i've received it yea :D Anyway, Suksuk, if you're reading this, i totally love the checks thong you got for me ! Yea, the birthday girl had gifts for all of us. Sucha sweetheart, no ?

21st June. Mom's pre-50th + Fathers' day celebration.

It's the same cake as Suk's. It was so yummy that i had to change mine too.

Followed by,

And home sweet home,

Where i found out bout the worst secret ever.

Grow, grow, grow

I woke up and looked into the mirror

& realised that my hair is very short indeed

I can no longer hide my mini-poks behind my hair

I can no longer tie my hair into a ribbon like Lady Gaga

Yes, i'm starting to regret, real badly

So my beloved hair, please grow at the speed of light yea

Collection 41 is up

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

collection 41 is up HERE

And so, Ronaldo's pending his shift to Real Madrid, where Kaka is. Oh please, just move over. That will be one more eye candy in the team. Seriously, this is the sex man


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Very shag man. For those who are concerned bout B and i, apparently we're still together, so yeah. Anyway, my Saturday was spent with B and his syndicate's officers, friends and girlfriends, Japanese food for lunch, followed by prawning at Bishan.

3 couples, 3 rods, 3 hours, 32 prawns

P.S I love you

Friday, June 12, 2009

& i just couldn't stop crying

Looking for Eyeko sprees

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Any trustable and quick Eyeko spress opened at the moment ?

Okay, i don't need that anymore. Cause Mister Nice-Guy Wang Suiren actually paid for it while i was tearing my hair apart, screaming, wailing and complaining that i seriously have no effing idea why all my cards simply couldn't get through.

So girls out there, having a hard time looking for your ideal Mister Right ? Go go go. He's the perfect boy for you :D I actually linked his name to his FB but he insisted that i remove it cause he's shy. So ladies who are interested can just pm me aye :P


Seriously, no words can describe how hype i am right now. I swear i couldn't sleep tonight, no joke. I know its just a teeny weeny bottle nail polish, but but, i ruined the pretty set i did at Far East that day within an hour and now i'm sorta stuck with this dark coral ones. It's hard to find really densed silver ones in Singapore you see. I combed the whole of FEP and i couldn't find the perfect density. Okay, i ought to stop yakking. All i need to do now, is sit back and wait for the nail polish to fly in from London !!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I practically wasted my life today.

Anyway, i've added more deals to the MissFayne GSS Promo. So come on in now :D Mailing listees are allowed to choose either their usual 5% off each nett item or the GSS Promo, whichever that saves the more money ♥