Looking for Eyeko sprees

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Any trustable and quick Eyeko spress opened at the moment ?

Okay, i don't need that anymore. Cause Mister Nice-Guy Wang Suiren actually paid for it while i was tearing my hair apart, screaming, wailing and complaining that i seriously have no effing idea why all my cards simply couldn't get through.

So girls out there, having a hard time looking for your ideal Mister Right ? Go go go. He's the perfect boy for you :D I actually linked his name to his FB but he insisted that i remove it cause he's shy. So ladies who are interested can just pm me aye :P


Seriously, no words can describe how hype i am right now. I swear i couldn't sleep tonight, no joke. I know its just a teeny weeny bottle nail polish, but but, i ruined the pretty set i did at Far East that day within an hour and now i'm sorta stuck with this dark coral ones. It's hard to find really densed silver ones in Singapore you see. I combed the whole of FEP and i couldn't find the perfect density. Okay, i ought to stop yakking. All i need to do now, is sit back and wait for the nail polish to fly in from London !!

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