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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Been feasting (and purging) for the past few days (No, i'm not bulimic) Some overdued images over the past week. Spot the location(s)!!

19th June. Off in lieu.

So long, long hair ):

Thats my fav pair of sandals. And its gone, for good ):

20th June. Suk's pre-21st celebration.

Little Miss Skinny, whose birthday falls on the same day as my Mom

Juexiu has yet to send me the pics from her cam. I'll fb them once i've received it yea :D Anyway, Suksuk, if you're reading this, i totally love the checks thong you got for me ! Yea, the birthday girl had gifts for all of us. Sucha sweetheart, no ?

21st June. Mom's pre-50th + Fathers' day celebration.

It's the same cake as Suk's. It was so yummy that i had to change mine too.

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Where i found out bout the worst secret ever.

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