Sunday, December 28, 2014

|PUBLISHED 28 Dec 2014

Annyeong everybody !! I know I have been neglecting this space very much ever since mid 2014. It is not healthy (yes I know that very well too) but I really need to focus on my career as of now.

It is too big an opportunity for me to miss at this very moment and I need to prioritise on what is important now that can help pave a smoother journey to my future.

Work has been crazy busy and my office is actually looking to hire responsible and motivated individuals to join us so I can take a step further into what I am currently doing. So for those who are interested, please send your resumes to (:

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

|PUBLISHED 09 Nov 2014

The other day at Carnivore with my secret lover

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|PUBLISHED 09 Nov 2014

The BFF treated me to an awesome 3 hours art jamming session at Arteastiq yesterday. Frankly speaking, I really do enjoyed it. And this is coming from a Economics student who hasn't touched Art & Craft since 14 years old hah.

After 3 hours of struggling, we finally managed to complete our artwork.

Us, and our master pieces

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

|PUBLISHED 02 Nov 2014

I am sure most of us girls have concerns with our skin, be it acne, dry skin, oily skin pigmentations etc.. And we all know how precious our face and complexion can be. With problematic skin, not only does it look unsightly but it hurts us mentally and emotionally, not to mention it affects our level of confidence as well. With the pre-wed shoot drawing near, in order not to let anything bad happen to my face, I try to maintain it with regular masking and eating healthy. Also, monthly facials play an important role with helping my skin and today I will be sharing with you all my first visit to ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics back in August.

ClearSK is an aesthetic centre that provides a wide range of services ranging from head to toe, aiming to improve your image and beautify yourself. And at the same time, with the latest technology, provides you with painless and non-surgical treatments to rectify the problems some of us might have.

The moment I stepped into the clinic, I was greeted by their friendly receptionist who served JS and I extremely fragrant tea and hot towel. The clinic was pretty cold so I could really do with that hot towel.

Although everyone of us knows what problems our skin are facing and want to correct, we still will need a more in-depth examination by the doctors and here at ClearSK, they make sure you feel assured and safe before going for any of the treatments. Here's me filling up some personal information regarding allergy etc etc before my consultation and treatment.

And my treatment starts..

The treatment I did was Aqua Renew Whiten Treatment. It is somewhat like a microdermabrasion, where a machine was used to remove the dead skin on my face. Revealing the inner baby smooth skin, hence the term RENEW.

Every treatment starts with double cleansing, whether or not you have any makeup on. Cleansing deeply helps with softening sebum and impurities. Dead cells are also dislodged for easy exfoliation.

My therapist then started with the microdermabrasion, sucking away all the dirt and gunk in my badly clogged pores.

Step three will be this Miracle White Exfoliator, which helps to exfoliate and breakdown stubborn melanin of the skin.

And then my favourite part of every treatment, hydrating FACIAL !!

There, my bare face with zero make, NOTHING. 

Thank you ClearSK <3 <3

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

|PUBLISHED 19 Oct 2014

Juice Cleanse is all in the rage these days with the many juice companies sprouting up. Well, this is the perspective of an extremely tamchiak and easygoing girl on juicing. I may not be the best person around to give you sound advice given that I eat every single shit and says it's nice, but I will try my level best to judge on the tastiness of the juices as picky as I can aye ?

I have been dying to try this entire juice cleanse/detox thing but I never had the time to. Yes, I blame it on time. I work from Mondays to Fridays and during workdays it is almost impossible for me to do the cleanse cause my colleagues love feeding me at work. Plus, every Thursday is GFS Mcdonalds day.

We all know that pulling constant late nights, stress and caffeine can cause pre-mature aging. Unfortunately, I am guilty as charged for all of the above. Not only that, I snack a hell lot and never controls what I put into my mouth. So juicing definitely is good opportunity for me to detox my body.

I was elated when LuckyYouCleanse blessed me with the opportunity to try out their juice cleanse program. I have heard a lot of about juice cleanses and have many friends who religiously conduct their own juice cleanse and I am curious to see what this program could do for me. With the pre-wed shoot coming up, not only was I looking to be healthier, I was also looking to lose some pounds.

LuckyYouCleanse hydraulically press their juices from their juice kitchen. They advocate that juicing is not meant to be a quick fix, but something to be integrated into our way of life. If it is good enough for Miranda Kerr, it is definitely good enough for all of us. Besides offering the typical 1-6 days juice cleanse programme, LYC also offers three green-focused programmes, a cashew nut mylk pack, and progurt satchels to add a boost to your green juices.

What's best is that you do not have to lug everything off their store ! You simply order online and have your juices delivered to either your home or work address, wherever you prefer. I received my 3 day supply of juices that were all cold pressed, raw and organic - and most importantly delicious.

Mango, Spinach, Kale, Silverbeet, Banana and Alkaline h2o

CosLettuce, Celery, Silverbeet, Parsley, Cucumber, Kale, Coriander, Spinach, Lemon and Green Apple

Lemon, Green Apple, Alkaline h2o, Agave, Celtic sea salt and Cayenne pepper

Beetroot, Spinach, Kale, Silverbeet, CosLettuce, Parsley, Apple and Lemon

Parsley, Celery, Silverbeet, CosLettuce, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Coriander and Lemon

Raw Cashew Nuts, Medjool dates and Alkaline h2o

My take on the LYC 3 Day Juice Cleanse

I really enjoyed the entire process and most importantly the benefits. When we do a juice cleanse, we are actually consuming unprocessed fruit and vegetables for three days straight, so the most obvious benefit is weight loss. More importantly, the body has been cleansed of toxins, leaving me with less cravings.

The Cashew Nut Mylk is my ultimate favourite cause it's just so freakin' delicious and the texture is somewhat like oats ? Gives me the feeling that I am actually eating something. I would actually love to have a few bottle of Cashew Nut Mylk snucked away in the fridge as low-calorie snacks or whatnots.

The major challenge is the mental barrier of not consuming food, especially during 2pm to 5pm. Probably because after the thick delicious Green Smoothie that you have for breakfast, during the mid afternoon you are left with less ‘satisfying’ juices. This has got nothing to do with the taste of the juice cause each juice was a new surprise for me. I would say it is less 'satisfying' because I could not ‘chew’ them like how I do with the Green Smoothie and Cashew Nut Mylk.

It is recommended that you ‘chew’ your juice to really attune your consumption, a habit that I have continued post detox. I have also learnt to appreciate food. Through the detox programme, I had learnt to chew, taste and appreciate the textures and flavours in my consumption.

Make this juice cleanse a treat to yourself 
and to your body. You only have ONE LIFETIME to keep yourself and your body HAPPY !

Till then, HAPPY JUICING !!


Monday, September 22, 2014

|PUBLISHED 22 Sep 2014

Having clear and fair skin is one of the dreams I have always been going after. I have been chasing after that perfect fair skin for decades and I had invested a huuuuuuge amount of my money on skincare products and treatments that promised to give me that dream skin I wished for. I am recently on a hype on following Thai celebrities, bloggers, and even strangers cause I am extremely amazed by how awesomely clear and fair their skin is. I was hoping that the more I look at them, the more I would look like them haha.

As we all know, Thai girls are really well known for their superbly clear and radiant complexion ! Apart from going for treatments such as facials, lasers, peels etc, skincare is undoubtedly one of the essentials to achieving good skin. And as of late, I am totally sold by this product that is highly raved in both Thailand and Singapore.

This product is none other than the Whitening Collagen Mask by KISS.

Co-founded and recommended by Dr Atom of Atom Clinic in Thailand, a famous celebrity doctor known for his celebrity and super model clientele, this Whitening Collagen Mask is an overnight concentrate collagen cream mask, made of 100% natural ingredients without any form of steroids nor mercury. Totally chemical FREE !! Therefore suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin ! It is also certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand) and also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) so it is definitely legit and safe for use.

Did you know that Kiss Collagen Cream Mask users have noticed results in as little as 2 usages ?! No I am not being exaggerating. Even for myself, I could feel that the skin has gotten more supple and hydrated the very morning I woke up.

To all my readers out there, do give KISS Skincare a try ! I'm currently digging the collagen cream mask. Been using them almost every other night ! Women of my age needs plenty plenty plenty of collagen ! Women who are not my age, should start early, for prevention !
Quote 'mytaintedworld' for 10% off total purchase !!
Look Younger, Live Younger !

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Monday, August 11, 2014

|PUBLISHED 11 Aug 2014
|TALKED ABOUT Sun Protection, Facial, Detox, Collagen

I know, I know. Most bride-to-be(s) will be talking about pre-wedding photoshoot, bridal studios, banquet venues etc etc but cause our matrimony date is still generally far and we haven't really gotten in the actual planning other than having our pre-wedding photoshoot package signed last year, I don't think there will be much of a journey-kinda post till we really have gotten down to doing it. So today's post, as the title suggests, is about preparing my skin for our upcoming pre-wedding photoshoot in Feb 2015.

Wedding pictures are forever, but there is only so much that photoshop can do when it comes to our skin. I mean let us be realistic, I can't change the way my face looks like, that is why having a skin care plan is so important. Think of it as bridal bootcamp for our face and body. Friends who are close to me will know that I am a maniac when it comes to anti-aging, whitening, and the list goes on and on. Of course, I wouldn't say that I have the most well maintained skin, but then again, why not share my little secret with all of you right ?

We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen, but which SPF is best ? A walk through the sunscreen aisle reveals dozens of options, with varying SPFs. The highest SPF protection is 100, but does that make it the best ? It is just one of the many questions that we consumers have when it comes to the dizzying array of sunscreens.

SPF, or sun protection factor, measures the product’s ability to block the sun’s UVB rays. Those rays can turn our skin into a fiery-red hide. SPFs does not take into account UVA rays, which can damage skin and lead to certain kinds of cancer. In Singapore, where it is sunny all year long, we all know that our sun is very damaging and extremely dangerous, but with our busy lifestyles, do we really have the time to apply sunscreen over our make-up at work or the beach every 2-3 hours ?

People assume the higher the SPF, the better the protection. Sunscreen with SPF 50 offers twice the protection of SPF 25, right ? Wrong. Sunscreen with SPF 15 blocks 94 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97 percent, SPF 50 blocks 98 percent and SPF 100 blocks 99 percent.

Yes, SPF 100 offers the highest protection, but it is not significantly more than its double-digit competitors. Plus, many doctors fear consumers who buy products with SPF 100 will apply it less, making it less effective than other options. No matter what the SPF, you should apply sunscreen every two hours. Yes, sounds like a crazy thing to do but that is the cold hard truth.


Rather than focusing on the SPF, look for a broad spectrum sunscreen. These will protect against both UVA and UVB rays, offering full protection. Whether it is a day at the pool, an afternoon walk in the park, or even just sitting in the office, do make sure that you are armed with ample sun protection so that you can enjoy many other sunny days ahead.

Kick start a good skincare regimen, which probably can include monthly peels or facials. If you have acne issues , do consult a dermatologist to figure out the best treatment plan. Else, most bride-to-be(s) can just make do with the monthly pampering probably 6 months before your big day so that your skin can have ample time to absorb all the amazing nutrients that your therapist has to offer.

On a side note, I was recently approached by ClearSK Medi-Aesthetics for a collaboration and they will be taking care of my skin, ensuring that my skin will be at its best condition for my pre-wed shoot. I can never be more than thankful for this opportunity cause I have been looking for an aesthetic sponsor for the longest time and the chance just came by 6 months before my pre-wed shoot, THANK YOU CLEARSK !!

Now that we have done whatever we could on the outside, we have to work from the inside. Beauty often comes from within. Whatever we eat, reflects on our skin. So first things first, eat clean, if not, detox or cleanse.

Detoxification refers primarily to the body's natural and constant process of getting rid of waste and harmful toxins. These include both internal toxins - the by-products of everyday bodily functions such as respiration and digestion, and external toxins - pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals that are found in our air, water, and food.

The goal of detoxification is to clean up our body at a cellular level and support its natural daily functions so you have more energy and feel better. An effective detoxification program, apart from giving you that glow from within, it may also help address a wide variety of health issues such as poor digestion, allergies, weight gain, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

People often say a woman's skin stops producing collagen after they are 25. The body will then start losing collagen at a rate of 1.5% per annum, leaving us with a wrinkly and dull complexion. Having said that, I am 26 this year and I will be 28 on my wedding day. It is extremely frightening to know that age catches up in such a fast and harsh manner. Especially when you have the world's most baby-faced boyfriend who still looks like he's 21 at the age of 26.

So my solution is, Suntory Milcolla Collagen Powder. Taking adequate collagen with your regular meals can be difficult but with one spoon of Suntory's Milcolla Collagen powder, you can easily receive 5000mg a day. I take them everyday with my usual morning drink. Be it milo, coffee, tea, anything ! Just note not to add in the collagen when your drink is boiling hot. Let your drink cool off for awhile before adding it in as heat kills collagen.

On a side note, I am replenishing my stocks for Milcolla so if you guys are interested, drop me an email with the quantity and I'll order for you guys as well. Each packet is SGD 46 exclusive of postage and there will be free registered postage if you purchase 3 packets and above. Interested parties, please email me at

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