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|PUBLISHED 19 Oct 2014

Juice Cleanse is all in the rage these days with the many juice companies sprouting up. Well, this is the perspective of an extremely tamchiak and easygoing girl on juicing. I may not be the best person around to give you sound advice given that I eat every single shit and says it's nice, but I will try my level best to judge on the tastiness of the juices as picky as I can aye ?

I have been dying to try this entire juice cleanse/detox thing but I never had the time to. Yes, I blame it on time. I work from Mondays to Fridays and during workdays it is almost impossible for me to do the cleanse cause my colleagues love feeding me at work. Plus, every Thursday is GFS Mcdonalds day.

We all know that pulling constant late nights, stress and caffeine can cause pre-mature aging. Unfortunately, I am guilty as charged for all of the above. Not only that, I snack a hell lot and never controls what I put into my mouth. So juicing definitely is good opportunity for me to detox my body.

I was elated when LuckyYouCleanse blessed me with the opportunity to try out their juice cleanse program. I have heard a lot of about juice cleanses and have many friends who religiously conduct their own juice cleanse and I am curious to see what this program could do for me. With the pre-wed shoot coming up, not only was I looking to be healthier, I was also looking to lose some pounds.

LuckyYouCleanse hydraulically press their juices from their juice kitchen. They advocate that juicing is not meant to be a quick fix, but something to be integrated into our way of life. If it is good enough for Miranda Kerr, it is definitely good enough for all of us. Besides offering the typical 1-6 days juice cleanse programme, LYC also offers three green-focused programmes, a cashew nut mylk pack, and progurt satchels to add a boost to your green juices.

What's best is that you do not have to lug everything off their store ! You simply order online and have your juices delivered to either your home or work address, wherever you prefer. I received my 3 day supply of juices that were all cold pressed, raw and organic - and most importantly delicious.

Mango, Spinach, Kale, Silverbeet, Banana and Alkaline h2o

CosLettuce, Celery, Silverbeet, Parsley, Cucumber, Kale, Coriander, Spinach, Lemon and Green Apple

Lemon, Green Apple, Alkaline h2o, Agave, Celtic sea salt and Cayenne pepper

Beetroot, Spinach, Kale, Silverbeet, CosLettuce, Parsley, Apple and Lemon

Parsley, Celery, Silverbeet, CosLettuce, Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Coriander and Lemon

Raw Cashew Nuts, Medjool dates and Alkaline h2o

My take on the LYC 3 Day Juice Cleanse

I really enjoyed the entire process and most importantly the benefits. When we do a juice cleanse, we are actually consuming unprocessed fruit and vegetables for three days straight, so the most obvious benefit is weight loss. More importantly, the body has been cleansed of toxins, leaving me with less cravings.

The Cashew Nut Mylk is my ultimate favourite cause it's just so freakin' delicious and the texture is somewhat like oats ? Gives me the feeling that I am actually eating something. I would actually love to have a few bottle of Cashew Nut Mylk snucked away in the fridge as low-calorie snacks or whatnots.

The major challenge is the mental barrier of not consuming food, especially during 2pm to 5pm. Probably because after the thick delicious Green Smoothie that you have for breakfast, during the mid afternoon you are left with less ‘satisfying’ juices. This has got nothing to do with the taste of the juice cause each juice was a new surprise for me. I would say it is less 'satisfying' because I could not ‘chew’ them like how I do with the Green Smoothie and Cashew Nut Mylk.

It is recommended that you ‘chew’ your juice to really attune your consumption, a habit that I have continued post detox. I have also learnt to appreciate food. Through the detox programme, I had learnt to chew, taste and appreciate the textures and flavours in my consumption.

Make this juice cleanse a treat to yourself 
and to your body. You only have ONE LIFETIME to keep yourself and your body HAPPY !

Till then, HAPPY JUICING !!

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