Diet plan day 11

Friday, October 31, 2008


TGIF ! I love Fridays cause Fridays are the only day i can control my diet fully. There are totally not much time for me to eat cause i've got 3 lessons, all packed one after another (:

So all i had for the whole of Friday, is a stick of fried wanton, and a piece of carrot cake. WHEES !

Diet plan day 10

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Birthday in 3 days' time and according to Jiamin, when one's birthday is approaching, she needs to fa qiao abit and start doing her nails . So i managed to psycho Adeline to go for some nails pampering after class today.

Wanna guess what colour did i choose for my nails ?


caca: eat eat eat ! eat like a pig (^^) next time bring u go eat buffet eat till u burst, lol
* I still can't resist the temptation of food at times.

Eileen: Shan!!!! you MUST eat. Dun starve yourself!
* But i'm very desperate to lose weight ):

marilyn: omg!!!!! u ought to eat more!!! ur eye like a bit dent in le!!!!! eat eat eat !!!
* My eyes all along dent in one ! And plus the dark eyerings, it looked like its very sunken but it's not actually (:

you: girl, as in, the girl who posted a msg, it could be lighting. my nose looks huge and sharp at different angles and lighting my dear
* Haha thanks for answering on my behalf (:

hello: dun mind me asking, what's ur weight now?
* I just weigh myself and i'm now 47kg (:

manda: hahas.. i think that anon guy is kinda too free and nothing better to do..hahas..
* It's not the first time already. Haha.

chanelle: the anon who posted that msg is a scammer. he posted once at my friend's journal too -_- check his ip address and you'll know. ignore such people yeaa :)
* It's not the first time already. Haha. But it's really irritating. Lol.

caca: okays,den we exchanged ! hahaas. anyway u can lose weight even if u eat regularly, my friend eat as normal, but she doesnt allow any sugar intake, so soft drinks, sweets chocolates all out ! fish soup without rice, yong ta hu w/o noodles, cut out all the starchy and carbos and enjoy the greens :)
* Ok, exchange ! I can't quite resist food. Haha. Actually all along i've been eating very lil carbo and lots of veggies. So i think i'm immuned to it already. Haha.

Js: booking in later le. Take care ok~ muacks
* (:

girl: did u do something to ur nose? dey look different. dey are v sharp now.
* No babe. I think it's the angle (:

Diet plan day 9

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been 9 days since i started my 'diet' but i'm still stuck at plus-minus 47kgs. I tried to keep myself busy all the time - i studied and revised my work during my lecture breaks, i hog onto MissFayne and kept packing parcels. But all i ended up is munching and munching while working. Why oh why ?!?!

Diet plan check, breakfast was bread in peanut butter, lunch was 1/2 bowl of handmade noodles and calebee hot&spicy chips (SINFUL!!), and dinner was nothing.

No doubt i ate quite a handful today, but frankly speaking, i felt a great sense of satisfaction. Cause i managed to convince myself to skip dinner. I'll reply the tags either tomorrow or on Friday yea ?

Diet plan day 8

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I starved myself today ):

Diet plan day 7

Monday, October 27, 2008

Diet plan check, breakfast was handmade noodles, lunch was tomyam yong tau hu, and dinner was tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of chips.

Junk food, oh wells.

Diet plan day 6

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diet plan check, breakfast was wanton noodles, lunch was kfc - 2 crispy thighs and a medium whipped potato, and dinner was nothing.

Sorry for the lack of contents in MyTaintedWorld recently. My world solely revolves around school, tests, homework, missfayne, bookout, and the whole cycle just repeats itself again. Haha. Birthday in a week's time. So stay tuned to see what surprise Baby's got for me :D

Anyway, guess what i found,

This is so fucking hilarious. Any blind man also can see that my sales journal, is not !! This is not the first time already lah ! Sheesh.


Js: lala
* Haha. Lala what ?

timo: half a packet. lol. cause i finished the other half. haha
* Haha you know jiu hao. Keep stretching your hand over to take my preserved prunes during Study Skills. Fei si ni then you know.

xue: =p currently having exams, so i will only be in sch for 3 more days. >.< style="COLOR: rgb(255,102,0)">* Yea. I seldom see my RMIT friends around also.

timo: i look fat. ****, also must go diet le. haha
* Fei si ni fei si ni.

:D: Hey, how do you convert normal kilograms to lbs?
* There are several ways actually. You can google (for example: 45kgs into lbs) and you'll get the converted numbers. Otherwise, you can use this Unit converter here.

Leng: har? wad u mean leaked version? eh dun slim down le la.. wait wind come js mux hug u tight else u 1st one to fly.
* Leaked version means before the album is released, all the songs in the album are leaked out liao. Lol. No la won't fly. Still very heavy lah.

Winnie[:: yahh lor. why must slim down? u aldy v skinny le lor. i this kind then nid slim down, ahaha.
* 48/49kg is very heavy lae.

anon: how cum ur hair is str8 nw?
* I accidentally used Herbal Essence's Dangerously Straight shampoo ! Haha. On other days, i used the heat iron to straighten for fun :D

you: no way, those girls like look the supermodels who died from being too skinny. im serious! omg look at your photos? your arms are so skinny alr O.O
* Haha. I can never be contented with myself.

marilyn: xie xie ni ! anyway shann ah. u look jus nice now!!!!
diet somemore later bcum those "pai gu" liao.
* Welcome. Haha won't la.

caca: please dun be tempted, its not nice at all, look at mii, my hand are so skinny, doesnt look nice in anyway !!!!
* But i really like stick-thin arms and legs.

miemiemie: hahaha i know i know! i can never eat too much..its like i went back to asia and i got skinny again, but i want to be skinnier but i still eat a wth diet plan..i don't plan it. i just eaaaat. haha.
* But if i were to just eat, my weighing scale will burst ! Haha.

nessa: Dont go on diet!!! you look perfectly fine!!!
* Haha cannot la. I'm obsessed with stick-thin arms and legs.

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Diet plan day 5

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Baby's book out day again ! But we're not meeting cause he's out the meet his B4L for some men-loving, HAHA !

Diet plan check, breakfast was american breakfast by my therapist, lunch was nothing, and dinner was satay beehoon. I know it's fattening, there's no need to remind me. SIGHS.

Diet plan day 4

Friday, October 24, 2008

Baby booked out at 1030am on Fri for his dental. And he's only required to book in at 830pm. So i met him up after school for dinner. And when the army boy books out, it's fast food fo'sure. '

Die liao loh ! Like that how to lose weight ?

This is so demoralising. I just can't seem to diet proper ! Breakfast, 1 mini charsiew bun. Lunch, 1/2 packet of preserved prunes. Dinner, Ljs Fish Combo 1.

Diet plan day 3

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What i ate today. Breakfast, none. Lunch, 3/4 plate of fried kway teow and 1/4 plate of carrot cake. Dinner, none. And i'm officially weighing, 102.5lbs. More to go Huishan !

Baby called earlier and ask what would i like to have for my birthday. Where got people like that ask de ! Must surprise one what =.=" Haha.

Anyway, photos taken during my 6hr break.

Diet plan day 2

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's diet plan failed terribly. I had a crab mayo sandwich during my lecture break, 2 slices of garden vegie pizza for lunch, and a bowl of fishball soup for dinner. FAIL FAIL FAIL !

Anyway, my friend Marilyn is holding a BodyShop spree. Do support yea ? There will be a 20% off all non-promotional and regular priced items. To find out more, click here.


you: omg no please no! you really look fine the way you are, those girls are WAY too skinny.
* Haha. But those legs and arms are too nice to resist !

aDe: Omg.. Tat Ernest!! I din knw he took so many pics! LOL. N pls dun go on diet!! U're already perfect!
* Haha he took only 4 actually.

miemiemie: you are already skinny! but i know how you feel..i feel fat compared to girls in my country
* We'll never be contented. Haha.

caca: huhh, u seriously ?!!!!! i reali think u look just nice right now lehh, please dun go anymore skinny, !!!
* But those legs and arms are too nice to resist !

tongpui: nice blog u got :) though i can never get used to the sudden music playing.. never fails to make me whack the mute button i swear lol. but thats just me
* Heh. It's definately just you. Lol.

caca: zara kids, hahas, so cute luh u all =)
* We can wear size 13-14 actually !

peiRONG:: hey pretty ! your curl getting prettier ! xD
* They are getting looser already. Haha.

leng: char bo!!! i wan jay's music!!! send mi!!lolx..oppx..
* I have the leaked version. But the song titles very sala. You want ?

timo: haha. =)
* You ha what ha.

marilyn: hahas! old liao ! oya wanna get e belt from u. update me if there's stock yeah! ( any birthday discount? hahhahahhas! :X )
* Haha of course there is la. I will sms you if there are stocks (:

miemiemie: aww i hope you feel better soon though..
* I did (:

Xue: Hi! Im taking business management, majoring in business finance (sem. 3). Yup, amos has enrolled the same course as me. If everything's alright, he will be starting school in jan. =p
* Oh i see. But why don't i see you in school ):

Diet plan day 1

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm officially 104lbs. Not a good sign at all can ! And it doesn't help when the girls at _realthin kept uploading tonnes of thinspirations ! I need to return to my old 99lbs, before i turn 20 !!

My dream legs ♥

And so, my diet plan shall start,


and these (or maybe more bottles) shall be my only intakes for today (:

okay i cheated, i had some grilled chicken for lunch.

SINFUL LA. HOW ?!?!?!?!

see i last time so skinny ):

I went shopping today

Monday, October 20, 2008

Went to town earlier with Adeline, Jiamin and Ernest. And i bagged home TWO great deals ! A ruffle ribbon tie top from Dorothy Perkins, and a 3/4 sleeved grey cardigan. Okay, nothing fascinating but hey, it's been really long since i last shopped like today k !

So we went,

agn├Ęs b

dorothy perkins

miss selfridge

& zara KIDS

Ever since school had started, i've been eating every meal religiously. In fact, i eat more than 3 meals a day. Say, 5 or 6 meals a day ? Like that how to lose weight ?! GRRRR &$%@!^*($@

those arms and legs, are so fucking to-die-for



I've gotten my album

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yea. I've gotten the album. But it was yet another unpleasant experience. I was having Accounting classes when HMV called at 545pm and when i called back at 6pm, and the people transferred me around for at least 5 times (and yes i went "did somebody call this number 9xxx8xxx earlier?" for 5 times) before someone actually decided to hear me speak.

So i told his guy that i called up yesterday and got a lady to reserve a rubik cube for me yada yada, and he told me he could not reserve cause it's on first come first serve basis ! Then he insisted that i was lying bout my phone call yesterday ! Like $@%$^*&!

But whatever it is, i've made my way down to Heerens HMV, bought the metal box version, and got the rubik cube. Also, B called earlier and told me that HE CAN BOOK OUT ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK ! Cause he's Mister Marksman ! K la, the marksman thing is no biggie, but he can book out 1 day earlier ! HUISHAN IS A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL X)

This is so fucking sad

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is so fucking sad. Today's my last paper, and cause my stomach flu is getting slightly better, i decided to head down to Toa Payoh to preorder Jay's album. But silly me forgot that yesterday was actually the last day for the preorder !

The lady at Tpy's Popular told me that both the paperback and metalbox versions will be shelved today (15Oct) at 6pm and no rubik cubes will be given out (the rubik cubes are solely for preorder only anyway). But i really want the metalbox version and the rubik cube !

So i called up HMV Heerens and the lady told me that they still have quite a few leftover rubik cubes but their metal box version will only arrive tomorrow. So how ?! She said she'll keep aside a rubik cube for me but what if she doesn't ? I did not even get her name, what if her colleagues does not believe me ? Or what if someone random just decided to try their luck and her colleague mistook the someone for me ?



curious: hi,i would like to ask if that hakubi pills do work? (:
* Hi. If youre talking bout really whitening, i don't think both the pink nor blue will whiten/ lighten your complexion. However, the blue bottle does even out my skin tones and made my skin brighter, as in not so dull. Hope i answered your question.

marilyn: jiayou lo ! :D
* (: You're finally 21 !

rebecca: good luck for ur paper (^^)b
* Thank you (:

Xue: hello! Amos's girlfriend's here~ Im taking RMIT! ^^
* What course are you taking ? So i'll cya around school very soon yea ? And oh, is Amos taking RMIT too ?

WINNIE: Oh icic. aiya, dont care her. not worth t be angry. (: tctc^^
* Haha yea.

jo: icic.. :)
* Yupyup.

rebecca: anoy, u are lameshyt lahh, any one rule tt bloggers can only blog unique topic ? its fayne's blog, so she can write whatever she wants lo !!!
* Lol. Sometimes, i really don't understand what those people are thinking.

you: OMG anon? whoever you are? do you know how ridiculous you sound? HAHAHA loser sia
* Haha. Thanks for standing by my side (:

JANICE: hello girl.. i added u on msn! easier to inform u of events. :)
* Haha, i've accepted you already (:

I fell sick, again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nursing a bad case of stomach flu.

Please click on the Canon advert on my navigation bar.

Neon colours

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Test in exactly 15 hours' time ):

So what if you've apologised ? You still hurt me, didn't you ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


anon: oh girl, you copy too much of tammy. try to have your own style? she just blogged abt angelababy, here you go.
* Well, i do not think that is copy. As quoted from my entry "Was bloghopping and i found out that gorgeous AngelaBaby.." It is a fact that i knew bout the surgery issue through Tammy's blog. I read AngelaBaby's Xanga but never knew she is plastic. Is it considered as plagiarism to post in my blog what i found out from somebody else ?

anonmous: hey may i know if the hakubi white c pills are effective?
* Hi. Hakubi White C (blue bottle) pills tends to work better for me compared to the Hakubi C2 (pink bottle) pills. White C made my skin brighter and more translucent. Hope i answered your query (:

dee: my bf know ur bf in army !
* Ya ! Your bf was known as PapaBear or something. LOL. My bf told me on Sunday night and he made me talk to your bf yesterday night !

Calamari: gal.. i think there is no excuse for such pple.. she is so RUDE tt she nv inform u.. somemore can go out.. hell she go.. dun bother abt her..
* Ya la ! And even on the same night she came online, she didn't even tell me anything ! Until next day then come and give all sorts of excuses and apologise. Hurt people means hurt people liao, apologise also no use already.

be: hi, where did u buy the top/dress in the latest entry? it's pretty =)
* Hi. I'm selling it at my selling journal, MissFayne.Lj. But it's all sold out already. However, do stay tuned cause we'll be bringing in more kimono top/dress in our upcoming collection (:

ray: So Mohawk now is better and not that xiong already? The officers are nicer now ar?
* Haha i guess so. I'm not inside Tekong so i don't know. But you sure don't sound convinced. Haha !

shaun: lol i went in 12 sept too,i in leopard,right beside mohawk,i in platoon 3 section 4,ur bf free can come chit
* Haha ! I will let him know :D

marilyn: understood. hack care her lah :D and pls eat more!!!!!!!
* I eat alot already ! Haha !

Js: Mohawk changed OC, now quite welfare already.. If dont get into command sch sure chiong sua units leh =(
* Or maybe is you fit ? LOLOL !

Aldis: js, treasure your life in BMT. I'm suffering in unit. Pray you don't get infantry trooper.
* Oh well. This is arh-mee for you.

WINNIE: ya lor haha the prof pic very cute. oh she's a friend uh? sry din see properly. thats worse lor than a normal buyer. ):
* Ya she is a friend. But not anymore ! I don't have such friends.

ian: oh u chnged ur profile photo u look veri cute.
* Haha thanks.

ray: wah..Mohawk is like one of the most xiong company leh! how is he doing inside?..
* Yea i used to think that Ninja and Mohawk are pretty xiong. But apparently, according to him, Mohawk is quite welfare.

rebecca: hahas, ignore her luhhs, some pple are lidat de, taking things for granted =) Anyway add me in facebook lehh ! my msn add ! hahas
* Added(:

Today is the book out day, book out, book out.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anyway, remember the previous post which i mentioned bout this friend (lets call her L) of mine who flew my plane on the meetup day itself ? I was told by a common friend of us (lets call her W) that L actually called W on our planned meetup day asking her how was the items she bought from MissFayne. L told W that she was supposed to meet some friend and then come down to meet me but she got too lazy and did not meet the friend. That explained why she did not come meet me.

But to my horror, i came to know bout some earth-shocking news. L lied bout feeling sian to go out. In fact, she was prawning with a friend, then movie, and then dinner at Subway. How bad is that ? Got time to go have fun, no time to inform me at all ?!?!

She even dared to msn me 1 day AFTER the scheduled meetup telling me that she won't be meeting me for 2 weeks and told me to mail her the items via registered postage. Note, i used TELL and not ASK. She even tried to explain that she's not taking me for granted yada yada. Bah whatever, let me blog bout my date with the boyfriend !

pimp myspace

Baby booked out at 10am in the morning today. And my very sweet B decided that we shall meet up in the afternoon for a proper date - Movie and dinner. Kbox session for the next date okie ?

We caught Painted Skin at Plaza Sing, and i swear the movie was bad, bad, bad ! B and i give it only 0.5 outta 5 popcorns. And the 0.5 is for Donnie Yen. Haha. The show was so boring that we kept yawning and yawning.

Anyway, i kept bumping into botak NS men and friends at PS la ! First i saw that "friend" who died on me on our scheduled meetup while i was leaving Daiso, then it was Xing and Yf, then Jing, and the list goes on and one.

Anyways, i've updated MissFayne yesterday (:

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Okie, tag replies then i'm off to play facebook's pet society :D


shaun: ur bf in NS now?what company is he in?lol.
* Lol. He went in on the 12th Sept. He's in Mohawk.

terence: have a wonderful weekend! :)
* You too.

rebecca: chilll !!!!
* Hais. I really don't know how can she do that to a friend. Maybe she does not treat me as a friend at all.

passer: how did u manage to put anigif files in your blogger... those pics that can move...
* Hi. The gifs were auto generated in this website called Gickr.

marilyn: chill chill ! omg, i damn hate this kind of ppl ! anw, smile kies! dun let this kuku matter affect u !
* Really is dulan lo.

you: ignore her, seriously such people still exists in this civilised world? where has she been.
* Bah ):

WINNIE: walau, what kind of buyer is this siah?! haiz, open bs is lidat one. T_T
* If she is some random customer, nevermind. But she is suppose to be my friend !

yvonne: tat is indeed a veri bad fren!
* I don't think i'll treat her as friend anymore.

you: no i mean it, look at your photos! i think your bf is damn lucky. youre both cute and pretty and i thought bee-stung lips are what ppl wanted? HA. look at angelina jolie! im keeping my fat lips!
* Lol. I'll take it as a compliment ya ? Haha. But i still prefer the post-surgical AngelaBaby lips than mine.

rebecca: omg, she's gawd damn pretty and sweet lehhh ~!!!!! i wanna make my nose also xD hahaha
* Pretty right ? Haha. I think most Singaporean girls would like to do something to their noses. Most of us have button-nose. Haha.

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

A lil something to share

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I feel damn pissed with a certain friend who confirmed her item from MissFayne and then tua me on the meetup day itself. Seriously, if you can't make it or felt too lazy to head out or felt like backing out on me, at least have the courtesy to inform me. I won't blame you at all ! There is totally NO REASONS why i shouldn't be informed right ? If you don't dare to call me, sms me ! Don’t fucking take me for granted for goodness sake.

Seriously, i do not wish to deal with her anymore.

I swear i shouldn’t have made the exception to keep the items for her and refund the other very interested buyers. Note: BUYERS. BAD FRIEND. VERY BAD FRIEND. It's not that i want to be calculative but tell me, am i even wrong for being angry ? Say i'm mean, but fuck it, i can't be bothered.