I've gotten my album

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yea. I've gotten the album. But it was yet another unpleasant experience. I was having Accounting classes when HMV called at 545pm and when i called back at 6pm, and the people transferred me around for at least 5 times (and yes i went "did somebody call this number 9xxx8xxx earlier?" for 5 times) before someone actually decided to hear me speak.

So i told his guy that i called up yesterday and got a lady to reserve a rubik cube for me yada yada, and he told me he could not reserve cause it's on first come first serve basis ! Then he insisted that i was lying bout my phone call yesterday ! Like $@%$^*&!

But whatever it is, i've made my way down to Heerens HMV, bought the metal box version, and got the rubik cube. Also, B called earlier and told me that HE CAN BOOK OUT ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK ! Cause he's Mister Marksman ! K la, the marksman thing is no biggie, but he can book out 1 day earlier ! HUISHAN IS A HAPPY HAPPY GIRL X)

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