So what if you've apologised ? You still hurt me, didn't you ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


anon: oh girl, you copy too much of tammy. try to have your own style? she just blogged abt angelababy, here you go.
* Well, i do not think that is copy. As quoted from my entry "Was bloghopping and i found out that gorgeous AngelaBaby.." It is a fact that i knew bout the surgery issue through Tammy's blog. I read AngelaBaby's Xanga but never knew she is plastic. Is it considered as plagiarism to post in my blog what i found out from somebody else ?

anonmous: hey may i know if the hakubi white c pills are effective?
* Hi. Hakubi White C (blue bottle) pills tends to work better for me compared to the Hakubi C2 (pink bottle) pills. White C made my skin brighter and more translucent. Hope i answered your query (:

dee: my bf know ur bf in army !
* Ya ! Your bf was known as PapaBear or something. LOL. My bf told me on Sunday night and he made me talk to your bf yesterday night !

Calamari: gal.. i think there is no excuse for such pple.. she is so RUDE tt she nv inform u.. somemore can go out.. hell she go.. dun bother abt her..
* Ya la ! And even on the same night she came online, she didn't even tell me anything ! Until next day then come and give all sorts of excuses and apologise. Hurt people means hurt people liao, apologise also no use already.

be: hi, where did u buy the top/dress in the latest entry? it's pretty =)
* Hi. I'm selling it at my selling journal, MissFayne.Lj. But it's all sold out already. However, do stay tuned cause we'll be bringing in more kimono top/dress in our upcoming collection (:

ray: So Mohawk now is better and not that xiong already? The officers are nicer now ar?
* Haha i guess so. I'm not inside Tekong so i don't know. But you sure don't sound convinced. Haha !

shaun: lol i went in 12 sept too,i in leopard,right beside mohawk,i in platoon 3 section 4,ur bf free can come chit
* Haha ! I will let him know :D

marilyn: understood. hack care her lah :D and pls eat more!!!!!!!
* I eat alot already ! Haha !

Js: Mohawk changed OC, now quite welfare already.. If dont get into command sch sure chiong sua units leh =(
* Or maybe is you fit ? LOLOL !

Aldis: js, treasure your life in BMT. I'm suffering in unit. Pray you don't get infantry trooper.
* Oh well. This is arh-mee for you.

WINNIE: ya lor haha the prof pic very cute. oh she's a friend uh? sry din see properly. thats worse lor than a normal buyer. ):
* Ya she is a friend. But not anymore ! I don't have such friends.

ian: oh u chnged ur profile photo u look veri cute.
* Haha thanks.

ray: wah..Mohawk is like one of the most xiong company leh! how is he doing inside?..
* Yea i used to think that Ninja and Mohawk are pretty xiong. But apparently, according to him, Mohawk is quite welfare.

rebecca: hahas, ignore her luhhs, some pple are lidat de, taking things for granted =) Anyway add me in facebook lehh ! my msn add ! hahas
* Added(:

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