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Saturday, December 3, 2016

I realise the last time I made a construction updates post was back in January early this year. So here's a quick update. Images are taken from the Fb group so credits all my fellow neighbours ! Blocks D and C are starting to get their keys collected. I am hoping the key collection comes as late as end November or early December. So we can have more time to look at IDs and only start work after the Chinese New Year. Does not really make sense to collect keys now and then rush the IDs to complete the renovation works before CNY. Does anyone have any ID to recommend ? Cause honestly speaking, we have not done a single thing yet other than pinning photos onto my Pinterest.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

You would not believe how affordable this getaway was. Everything in Penang is so affordable that it should have been illegal HAHA. I think that only expensive part of the trip was the air tickets.

Total cost

To do a 3D2N in Penang, believe it or not, was under $300. We got our return air tickets from AirAsia for about $200 per pax. We paid about $50 per pax for our AirBnB. And we spent around $30 per pax while being there, living and eating like kings and queens. Oppa and I changed SGD300 to ringgit and was left with a lot of extra ringgit. Oh well, since we go to JB once in a while, I guess it is still not so bad.