|PUBLISHED 09 Feb 2015
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1. You wake up with the sun
One of the best things ever is to actually see the day begin. Watch as the sun gradually rises over buildings, bridges, bodies of water, and just soak it in. It gives you a sense of connection to this world with live in, and an appreciation for the little things we may overlook from time to time.

2. The world is quieter and more peaceful 
It’s a crazy-busy-always-on-the-go type of place here, and the hustle and bustle is right around the corner. But, before all of that, there’s a silence in the city that only happens while many others are still asleep in bed. It’s a different world – a different experience – and it’s worth spending a few minutes of your time to acknowledge it. You’ll discover something new about your city that not everyone does.

3. Coffee in the morning is comforting
From someone who can literally drink coffee all day, every day – I need you to understand that the morning coffee when you’re relaxed, and stress-free, and spending some private moments wandering the limits of your mind and seeing the sun rise is truly as good as it gets. There’s no rush to put in your order; there’s no hassle to transport it out into the world; there’s no rush to get caffeine induced into your mind – it’s just that perfectly poured cup of coffee in your hands to hug and drink at your leisure.

4. There are more seats on the train
This is a no-brainer really. It’s before rush hour, so there are less people commuting. Instead of feeling packed like anchovies on the subway, why not catch an earlier train and sit your bottom down for a few minutes of relaxation before the day really starts? I’ve done it – it’s special.

5. You can focus a bit easier, before the day’s crazy starts 
There’s a sense of clarity in these morning moments. You can think about things that you want and care to think about; you can focus easier, and without distraction. There’s nothing in the way of your brainwaves…and there’s something beautifully motivating about that.

6. The day appears to have more hours for you to be productive
There are only twenty-four hours in a day, we know this. It’s science. However (and this part, I can’t explain to you), when you wake up earlier, the day feels longer – you sense that you have more time. You can spend that time in the morning doing what you want, however you want, and free up time later for whatever it is that’s extremely-pressing-but-you’re-totally-swamped.

7. Once you get to work, your brain is already turned on
For me, there’s nothing worse than walking to work feeling like you’re entering a warzone. Getting whiplash from work emails, requests, clients, colleagues is painful. Truly. Okay, so you can’t always control this. BUT ! If you can get your brain started a bit earlier, you’re mentally ready to take on what the day brings. It seems less like an attack, and more manageable when you’ve had time to gradually stimulate your mind.

8. You can kick-start your metabolism with a great workout
Endorphins, man. They really are amazing. It’s been said that a morning workout has excellent benefits for your overall health. Typically, by getting your heart rate up and a good sweat in, you wake up your metabolism, too, and burn more calories throughout the day. Again, science.

9. Two words: double breakfast
Does this need an explanation? Probably not. But I’ll walk you through it anyway. Breakfast food is GREAT. Eggs? Oatmeal? Yogurt and granola? Cereal? Fruit? Bagels? One of each, thank you very much. I could eat it for every meal. And, because you’re now a morning person who kick-starts their metabolism, fueling and refueling is required. Pick your breakfast twice, my friend, because this is now heaven.

10. You can approach the day with a positive, can do attitude
We’re all a little bit crabby when we first wake up – sleeping is wonderful, I completely get that. However, that doesn’t change regardless of what time you wake yourself up. I’ve found that my days start off on the right foot when I’ve had time to prepare for the day ahead. Stress happens, yes, but if I can make sure I’m ready to rock and roll before diving head-first into the day…I’m more optimistic on the day’s events. If you can get yourself up and running earlier than usual, it’s sort of like stretching – you ease into it all. And you’d be surprised how well-equipped you are to bob and weave.

11. You’re ready and willing to have a great night’s sleep
If you’ve taken full advantage of all the day has to offer, it’s a long one. Filled with overstimulation, excitement, discovery, and opportunity. And it’s exhausting (in a great way)! So, by the time you hit the pillow, you’ll most likely hit it hard – your brain won’t be spinning around a mile a minute with thoughts…it will be ready to rest. And you’ll sleep better, more soundly, and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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|PUBLISHED 27 Jan 2015
|TALKED ABOUT Holqa Cafe, Wedding Prep

Now that 2015 is finally here, weekends are usually spent researching / working on all the wedding details. Last Sunday oppa and I were seen wandering along Katong, Beach Road, and PS, running errands and all. We are finalising on the details and we are looking to have our AD VG settled before we head off to Taiwan.

On a side note, if there's any BTB amongst you readers, I would really like to know how you guys are doing for the planning of your wedding. Do you research together or one party just decide on something and that's it ? I am very particular about every detail but I can't freaking make up my mind !! I tend to overthink and at the end of the day, nothing gets done ):

The Holqa Cafe

37 East Coast Road
Singapore 428755
Tel : +65 6635 7010 

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|PUBLISHED 25 Jan 2015
|TALKED ABOUT Hungry Heroes

If you are a fan of Marvel's superheroes, or your boyfriend is one, then you probably will love today's entry. This crazily themed cafe has been sitting around our backyard for quite awhile, yet we did not notice it until a friend of ours introduced it to us. And in celebration of my bff's new found love, I threw a double-brunch-date at Hungry Heroes.

Housed in a nostalgic conservational shophouse in Little India, Hungry Heroes is a Restaurant & Bar specialising in hearty and robust meats. The interior design follows a playful eclectic style featuring original superhero memoribilia collected over the last two decades and quirky decorative pop art retailed by new lifestyle space agency.

Oppa and I ordered Beef Stew and Nice To Meat You (consisting of beef, chicken thigh, pulled pork and porkribs, coupled with thickcut fries, toast, corn and salad) to share and frankly speaking, we were pretty impressed. I was raving over how awesome the pulled pork was while Oppa loved the beef. Guess men just simply know their meat uh.

I didn't get to go upstairs so here are some photos I ripped off the internet. Check out how detailed their deco is ?! The chandelier is made of little hero figurines !! I totally regretted not heading upstairs but ohwells, I can always swing by again since it is just few minutes walk away from our place.

Hungry Heroes

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Tel : +65 6295 5401 

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|PUBLISHED 22 Jan 2015
|TALKED ABOUT Spathe Public House

Just got home from dinner with Glad, Yucui and Yuqin. We've been delaying Yq's birthday dinner since last December and we finally met up for some good hth talk. So much had happened to the four of us individually since we last met in November and I am glad we had this get-together. I have always love catching up over dinner cause I always learn something new.

Today, I learnt that flights are always overbooked. No wonder airlines sometimes offer free upgrades. I guess I should try to check in at a later time so I can try to cheat my way to business class. Always reach like 2 hours ahead, no wonder no free upgrade haha. But it will be funny if I end up missing my flight though.

It was my first visit to Spathe Public House at Mohamed Sultan Road. I officially declare it as one of my to-go places cause the waffles are really nice and it is located just 10 minutes walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

We ordered Garlic Fries, Buffalo Wings, Haddock Chowder, Kurobuta Pork Chop, Simmered Pork Belly, and Red Velvet Waffles with Cream and Ice Cream. The waffles are really da'bomb please. Its crispy on the outside and warm and fluffy on the inside. I would definitely come back for the waffles again. I thought the prices at Spathe Public House were pretty reasonable for the standard of food – we spent about $120 for 4 pax. Here's the address if you are keen to go and do make a reservation just in case !

Spathe Public House

8 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-01 Singapore 238958
Tel : +65 6735 1035 

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|PUBLISHED 17 Jan 2015
|TALKED ABOUT Wedding Gown Selection

And so, yours truly has finally gotten her ass down to selecting her gowns. As my AD package only covers one white gown, I will be renting an additional white gown for the dinner reception.

I have shortlisted a few boutiques and I am aiming to have the gowns settled, say, before I head off for my pre-wedding shoot in Feb ?

Selecting a wedding gown is one of the most exciting parts of getting married. Wedding gowns are like fantasy fairytale dresses which every girl dreams of. Whether it's a custom-made medieval dress or an off-the-rack gown you bought on the boutiques, there are several tips I think one should follow to make sure you get the gown of your dreams.

1. Set your price limit and stick to it.

Wedding gowns are expensive and if you are on a wedding budget, you don't want to spend a few thousands on a gown and have not much left for anything else.

2. Know your figure shape.

Models are super thin and anything looks good on them. Take a good look at yourself and determine exactly what you look like and what style suits you best. Do not go alone. Bring someone to go with you, someone who will be brutally honest as to how you looked in each style.

3. Ask for help.

Talk to everyone you know who has gotten married. Ask where they got their gowns. Ask the bridal boutique's assistant for their opinions. Let them know your budget considerations.

4. Don't shop on weekends.

Fix your appointment with the bridal boutique on a weekday. If you can, take the afternoon off from work. During a weekday, the boutique assistants are not as busy and their attention can be focused towards your needs.

5. Lie about your wedding date.

This is one tip a married friend gave me. This is especially true if your gown is not off the rack. Push the date forward at least a month to ensure that you receive the wedding dress in time. This also allows sufficient time for any last minute alterations that need to be made.

6. Don't be coerced.

This is another good reason to bring someone with you as you try on wedding dresses. Most boutique assistants tend to make you get a more expensive gown when the less expensive one looks perfect on you. Another head / mouth is always good for those decisions.

7. Take your time.

Unless you have walked into a bridal warehouse and the wedding is next week, take your time in selecting your wedding dress. Try on quite a few, take some notes about the ones you really like. If possible, take a photo of you in the gowns. Then go home and go over the wedding dresses, review the prices, and narrow it down to your two favouritest gowns. Return to the salon and try them on again. Don't let anyone, especially the boutique assistant pressure you in to choosing a wedding dress until you are ready.

Shopping for your wedding gown should be fun and exciting. Make sure you feel that way throughout the process. If you don't, you're in the wrong store or with the wrong people.


Since we are in the area of Tanjong Pagar where all the Korean restaurants are located, oppa and I decided to have dinner at Kko Kko Nara, followed by desserts at Quarter to Three where we talked about our week and bitched about people we dislike. Yes my oppa bitch with me and to be honest, I am no saint. So don't judge me and don't come telling me how un-classy I am.

It's been long since oppa and I set aside an entire day to date / run errands together. We often just do what we needed and then head back home to sleep. Yes, we love sleeping THAT MUCH. We can literally sleep the entire night, wake up at 11am, have our brunch, and then sleep through the noon till its time for dinner in the evening. Perhaps working full time has taken a toll on our mind and health, but at least we are in this together ♥

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|PUBLISHED 16 Jan 2015
|TALKED ABOUT Actual Day Videographer

Hello everyone !! As the subject suggests, I am on a lookout for good videographers for my actual day. If you have any friends, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles working in this industry, kindly refer them to me !!

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