We've nailed it, like finally

Saturday, July 26, 2008

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terence: dun angry.. cool down lorz.. experts say if angry.. brain cells disappear faster :P Ya lor
* Haha.

joanna: cant yea babe, must commit all days de.. :]
* Iyo ): Any idea what are the days to commit ??

Calamari: shan.. dun bother abt such pple. these r freaks.. no pt get angry wif freaks rite?
* Really very irritating lo. Say until like it's my fault lo ):

peiRONG;: link me girl ! i linked u (:
* hey dear, sorry i don't link people one eh. Cause the layout tend to look messy when i have too many links. Hehe.

isha: hey dear,have you checked my blog? visit it sometime, i have a surprise for you hehe
* Haha i saw ! (:

peiRONG;: hey girl !! xD so happened to passby your blog ! if u dunno who i am..i m from kdi tat part timer (;
* Of course i remember you ! IOT so many times still don't know abit stupid already. Heh, anyway, where did you do your perms ? I love them :D

apple: yup, i agree to always pray.. i dunno, i have a bf too that i erally love, that i really realy love so much, and i dont even dare to think of such cos i knw it'll just kill me. he's in the army too.. youre a christian right? so am i pray for protection alwayss.. so impt!

j: its really sad for the girl. treasure your bf and pray for him.
* Indeed. Been reading for a few days already, and each time i was merely into 3 of her entries before i started crying again.

mar: lols. that person mus be real sick. did u do refund for her in the end?
* I've got tonnes of customers queuing for the item, so i just refund her lo. Not that i'm in need of her patronize or what. Haha.

Js: Sick person is here to say happy 15th monthsary bi =)
* Fever still can play dota. So many rounds somemore. Haha.

nicole: what the. siying. hahahahahhaah
* Indeed.

* Oh my. Really is what the lae.

fang: nope, i will say the price is reasonable and the food is great =)
* I went already. But the queue was really long and we didn't get to eat in the end. Very saddening.

Today is not a beautiful day

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today marks the last day off i'll be having for the month. I'll be slogging for another full week before it's goodbye to work and hello to economics !

And so, i spent my 2 day offs taking photos for MissFayne, enjoying facial at Theresa, and bumming around the internet, where i came across the blog of the girl who's boyfriend passed away during the NS Brunei training, http://memyselfmine.blogspot.com

It was not long after a few entries where tears started to fall. And the more i read into her entries, the more i fear of losing Baby. I used to not worry bout the whole NS shit cause i somehow feel that September is still very very far away, and i know that my Baby is very very fit. But now that i come to think of it, i am starting to fear that B's entering the Army, and what's life going to be like without him around.

Anyway, i am so so so so pissed with one of MissFayne's customers, x******9*4@hotmail.com and this is what happened:

Somebody: hi do u do meet up? i would like to order the faux croc and get it asap.

Normally i do not do meetups but since she needed it asap, i decided to meetup.

Me: yes i do (: but only at town area cause im working at forum shopping mall, from 1015am to 730pm on Mondays to Saturdays, 11am-6pm on Sundays.

And so she transferred for the item the next day, and said to meetup on Sunday 5th July. And apparently, she did not turn up for the meetup, and after sms-ing her to ask when will she be available to meetup, told me she'll meetup on Saturday 12th July. As predicted, the 2nd meetup was unsuccessful, yet again.

Then on 20th July, she sms-ed at near 7pm saying that she'll meet me up at Kids21. But the shop closes at 6pm, and in the mails i've sent, i stated that i am available only from 1030am-730pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 11am-6pm on Sundays. Nevertheless, i replied nicely that the shop's closed and she replied 'Haha, no fate, another day then'

It was 21st or 22nd when i felt that the deal's dragging for too long when i sms-ed her again asking if she would like opt for postage since it does not seem to me that she needed the belt that urgently anymore. She replied me only this morning 'can u mail me the belt asap i transfer you one buck'

Like what is wrong with that tone ! Am i the one who have been dragging the whole meetup thingy ? Feeling all heated and pissed, I replied 'yes' and she replied me with her mailing address.

I waited for her payment till evening but to no avail. So i texted her again, reminding her of her postage payment, so that i can mail her item out before 5pm today. ( She was the one who claimed that she needed it urgently, no ? )

Somebody: One buck only. erm you transfer me back e money i buy from my friend. faster.

So now it becomes my fault ? I replied to her sms, stating my stand and how unfair it is for me.

Somebody: Not that i won't pay you the one buck. My friend found another faster deal and she can help me take from the seller today.

Like who cares bout the tiny $1 ! I texted her to remind her cause SHE SAID SHE NEEDED IT URGENTLY, MY GOODNESS! And now, all i'm getting are blames that i'm being slow in transactions, and pesters for payment.

Okay, i'm not trying to pull a xiaxue versus dawn kinda shit here but she's seriously getting on my nerves ! Any other customers of MissFayne would know very well that MissFayne does refunds immediately and mails postages once EVERY 2 DAYS. I really regret being softhearted and agreed on having a meetup.

Seriously, am i really the one at fault for prompting her to topup for the postage ? Am i wrong for not mailing the item before she transfers the postage ?

Anyway, collection 8Teen is now up !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Another month had came and gone

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's not the fucking fart

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I just realised that i haven't been blogging proper since 10th July ! Heh, it's all because i've been hooked to Sex & The City these days, and i'm finally done with Season 1 ! 5 more to go, woots !

And and, Baby and i was just chatting away and he suddenly picked up his jeans and said, Hey baby, it would be sweet if you could fit into my jeans huh ? And he came to me with his jeans, slipped them on, and violaaa ~

i was already in his boxers anyways ♥


joanne: hey sup! ^^
* Heya !

irvine: hey nice blog
* Hi, thanks for visiting. But how did you manage to come across my blog ?

Calamari: hey shan, anyone who knows you since yr1 knows tt u r lying abt having a baby gal!! hahas
* Haha. But i stated the baby was born before school started ma. Just that everyone practically knows who was i with when i was in year 1. Hehe.

caca: yes shannie, hahah
* Haha (:

winnie: ya hor i totally forgotten. haha. lol should have thought of that.
* (:

fang: arnold chicken is not bad. you shd try it out sometimes =)
* Is it expensive ??

janet: it's vitD tat helps cal absorp
* Thanks for the concern.

miemiemie: but the kid kind of looks like you and ur bf though..haha
* LOL !

Cheapskate Chic

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

shoo kittykats shoo ! scram, and move outta my way !


nicole: wa. cold. ~~
* Haha. I've got nothing better to do ma.

Eileen: OMG! i tot u really had a baby girl. scary
* Lol. Abit too big ah my girl.

winnie: u scare me! haha.
* Wa piang. In 2004, i always go AhMa house and meet you there. You should know it's fake what. Haha.

isha: hahaha i hate you! i almost believed u had a daughter! hahahhaah
* Haha. I've got nothing better to do ma.

terence: have a great weekend yah!
* Thanks for the visit and you have a great weekend too !

Js: omg im toy
* MY toy (:

marilyn: seems tempting to get one blue bottl for myself!
* You can go to Watsons/ Guardian to read through and see which one you really need.

i dont have freckles though but i wana be fairer and help with my pimples.. i bought e pink bottle, can it help?
* I heard from some friends that their usual period pimple breakout was reduced after consuming Hakubi but i'm not too sure bout it (:

janet: nope, if you consume ALL at one shot, over time you're more likely to get kidney stones, btw the other ingredients are simply amino acid and calcium...
* So what do you suggest ? Haha. Actually, whether a person is overdosing on VitC or not, all depends on their intake versus to the ratio compared to others. Many is uncertain what one's actual requirements are, but 500 mg of VitC per day is universally considered safe and covers basic requirements. But for me, who suffers from calcuim overload, needs larger amounts of VitC to keep the calcium in me soluble and prevent these calcuims from calcifying soft tissue. But anyway, thanks for the information and concern.

esther: i recently got hakubi c2 too! seriously which is more recommended? c2 or white c?
* Imo, if your frecks ain't too dark, the blue will do. Cause the blue makes my skin very luminous, while pink makes my skin very smooth (:

wantong: hello. ermm, i dun remember knowing. maybe you'd like to refresh my memory? (:
* I was just hopping around.

isha: oh..did you buy it online? how much was it?
* No i bought it in Singapore's pharmacies. 24 SingDollars for pink, and 29 SingDollars for blue.

fang: eh i was eating that time. den i saw you from inside. lol. =)
* Oic. What's nice to eat at CityPlaza ? Haha.

I've got a confession to make

Sunday, July 13, 2008


My beloved JacJac and i actually got together 4 years back, and not fourteen months ago. We were primary school mates and we lost contact after we graduated. But 4 years ago, we met again at an old friend's birthday party. We had a great time that night, and about 3/4 of the party-ers got drunk. Shan't go into the details but the next thing i know, i was in JacJac's arms the next morning. And as expected, my menses did not come the very next month.

Yes, i got pregnant.

We had yet to take my O'levels then. We still had a long way ahead and we wanted freedom, but we didn't want dare to have an abortion. We struggled for a long time, and finally decided to keep our child. But thankfully, our girl managed to come to this earth before we entered Poly.

In the blink of an eye, our girl is now 3 going on 4. All these while, i've never ever blogged bout our girl at all, not even once. It's not because we are ashame of her existence, but we're afraid of how others are going to look at her, think of her.

But we've finally passed that phase and is now ready to present ourselves as the Daddy & Mommy of a 4 year old.

Presenting our baby girl, Andrea ♥












And we brought our BabyAndrea out for shopping after work (:

Okay, the above was ALL CRAP.

Even the blindest bat could see that Andrea is waayyy bigger than a 4 year old. She's 6, the very precious of my shop's supervisor and she's at the shop the whole day, for JacJac and i to babysit (:

And after we ended work at 6, JacJac and i and partof this B4L - XingXian, Gary, together with Gary's girl Wenya, went for Sakura Dinner Buffet at Shaw Plaza.

Yooouuu roccckkk

Friday, July 11, 2008

you're like a drug to me
an addiction that is so hard for me to kick

life's so gonna suck with you're off to serve the nation
for i don't know what i'd do without you

i love you baby jacjac ♥

Vintage breaks

Thursday, July 10, 2008

*with no photoshop at all*

But personally, the only change i saw is having my complexion being brighter and clearer, and the skin colour on my shoulder blades are more even. My ugly frecks are still there though ):

Hello boy, hello toy

Anyway, guess what came knocking a few days ago ?







I love, enjoy, adore cashing out from Nuffnang everytime my advertisement ends. Also, Nuffnang never fails to fill my blog with advertisements at least once every month !


* Lol. Crazy boy.

winnie: haha the pic of u becoming the bf so cute. =)
* Haha (:

fang: hey saw you at tpc and then later at city plaza! lol.
* I didn't see you at CP eh !

janet: i looked at the ingredients for hakubi pills and i realised it is mainly 600mg vitc tat will whiten your skin, so you are buying ex pills for vitC cause it has whitening effect. Also, too much vitC cause kidney stones over long term.
* Haha i know bout Vit C lightening the blackness of melanin long ago already ! Hakubi consists of other stuffs as well, which will increases the beneficial effects of Vit C. And regarding the kidney stones, they only will occur if the user does not consume enough water, no ? (:

isha: oh really? hmmm..is that only available in singapore! wah i wanna buy a bottle when i get back to the philippines. haha
* I'm not very sure eh. It's of a Japan brand, SATO. I'm planning on their collagen stuffs too ! (:

claire: the hakubi pink is to lighten while blue is to prevent? i thought e pink is for sunburns and duno wad then blue is specially for freckles?
* Yea that is what i felt. What you had said is according to the brochure. But on the bottles themselves, it is stated that the pink is for people with blemishes, freckles, pigmentations and burnspots while the blue one is for people who worries for freckles and such. So imo, if your frecks ain't too dark, the blue will do. But blue makes my skin very luminous and pink makes my skin very smooth (:

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

One, Two Buckle My Shoe

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And so, Baby told me that Brooktown High and Brooktown Senior Year is the same thing ! How depressing is that man ?! Anyhow, work's been the same for the past few days so i shall skip on all those Kids21 yada yada aye ?

And so, my Sunday was spent at work, followed by a steamboat feast with the colleagues at Liang Seah Street. Pretty cheap though the price increased since the last time i patronized it. SGD18 per pax for yummilispicylicious steamboat (:

camwhored, while q-ing for the table

i was suppose to be the bf, and B's suppose to be the gf (:

half cooked chicken for you ? heh !


angelawu: the hakubi pills blue n ink u brought for how much
* Hakubi White C was $29 after less, and Hakubi C2 was $24 after less.

claire: is e game brooktown in psp fun?
* Not bad. I got kinda bored during my first few minutes at it cause everytime you attend a class, a week would have past. But when you get the hang of it, like dating boys and 'backstabbing' people, it's quite fun. Haha.

ser: thanks girl! ((:
* You're welcome la. And see, you won ! My mummy is Miss Singapore Sweetheart QUEEN 2008, dont mess k !

my: ohno!! i missed the entry!xx deleted it.
* Yea. She had to delete it else she'll prolly see a letter come knocking at her doorstep. Heh.

terence: drop by to say hello hope u r doing fine. yup.
* Of course i'm fine ! And thanks for visiting (:

chris: hello huishan*jie. LOL. eeyer becareful that you become michael jackson female ver. hahaha. XD
* Hey ! Congrats on getting into the Java side of Dip IT ! Must jiayou alrights ? Cause our major ENC really lives to its name, Every Night Chiong. Anyway, even if i become Miss Micheal Jackson i also not scared. At least my nose, mouth, eyes, won't come dropping off when i fall down (:

isha: haha it does have that vintage feel to it ooh are those pills glutathione pills or something else?
* ISHA ! Not really glutathione in my opinion cause their main effect is for whitening. But they do help in toxicity and acne from what i see from my friends. Some said that their month menses breakout had been reduced after comsuming Hakubi pills. But it does not apply to me though. Haha.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Roulette Roulettes

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 2 of my day off was spent playing Brooktown High on the PSP *hint to the boyf: Brooktown Senior Year is next*, refreshing my hotmail inbox constantly to check for new emails from buyers and photographers, and packing the parcels to be dispatched at MissFayne.

And to mark my wonderful day off to an end, Baby and i caught Wanted at Shaw Plaza after he ended work at 630pm. He requested to go home 1 hour earlier so that he can catch the show with me !

Very awesome, and i like it

Oh oh, does anyone has a pair of NDP 2008 tickets to give away ??

You're my guilty pleasure

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I started my day by sticking my nose into the news of the blog-war among 2 famous female bloggers in Singapore, Dawn Yang and Xiaxue. Xiaxue wrote an entry about Dawn Yang, and Dawn decided to sue Xiaxue for false accusation (as quoted).

Wells, i'm not going to express my comment on the issues raised by both, but i was just wondering, if this all is scripted for people to read, generate tonnes traffic for them and then viola! windfall for the both of them again ?

Anyways, my 2 day offs officially started today :D And day 1 was fulfilling to the max. Headed down to SIM to register officially as their student and make payment for my 1st semester at the school. Another $7019.20 blown ):

Had my lunch with Mumsie at Sakura Buffet at Shaw Plaza thereafter. Tell me, how not to gain weight when you've got Sakura Buffet located just 15mins away from your house ??

That was not all though. Mumsie and i had many more food items and i was busy eating, thus the lack of photos. And fyi, the 3 scoops of corn and 2 scoops of yam ice cream all went into my tummy !

Then it was back to home sweet home to pack the parcels for MissFayne before heading out to town for CK Tangs 12% rebate in the evening. Bought my loyal Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer and Mumsie and i roamed around Taka.

And guess what i bought again ?

A new bottle of Hakubi C2 pills !

Shall consume the pink ones to lighten freckles before consuming the blue ones to prevent them :D

Last but not least, some overdued pics which B and i took few days ago (:


pei: hi..may i know where u got the habuki white c?
* Hi. Hakubi White C was from Forum Shopping Mall's Guardian, and Hakubi C2 is from Takashimaya's Guardian. But actually, all Watsons and Guardians is selling it. I heard that some neighbourhood drugstore sells it too :D

isha: hey dear, oooh love those balenciaga bags, i like the pink one :D hehe
* I prefer the grey one. It's got a very dirty feel. Haha.

aDe: Hey Babe, u're right abt my msn nick~! Anyway nice watch u've laid ur eyes on.
* Haha, yea it's very nice. But it burnt a big hole in my pocket too ! Anyway, i did not buy the SIM insurance. And and, leave your hp number at my msn, so we can go to class together :D

deb: hey how much does a BALENCIAGA CITY bag cost? thanks
* Around SGD2399 for city and SGD2699 for gaint city (:

cindy: blog hopping. nice blog u've (:
* Thank you (:

winnie: how much is the pink tub mask? =)
* It was given free by my hair stylist. Haha.

<3 huishan: doncha read . she said to reward herself 4 working so hard . y isit tat u guys are always tryin so hard to bring her down ? jelous isit ?
* Chill babe. And you've got a corny name. Hehe.

passer: u r such a materialistic gal
* I beg to differ. I feel that the watches are a form a investment. And what's more, i get to purchase them at half the price. So why not ?! Haha.

Jasmine: Haha! I see! Okie :)
* Yup yup.

passer: ohmigod! u dye ur hair once every 3 mths?
* Haha yea. Cause my hair is very brown by nature. So it will be brown on the roots and black on the rest, and it's very ugly. So i dye them once my hair grows (: