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Saturday, July 26, 2008

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terence: dun angry.. cool down lorz.. experts say if angry.. brain cells disappear faster :P Ya lor
* Haha.

joanna: cant yea babe, must commit all days de.. :]
* Iyo ): Any idea what are the days to commit ??

Calamari: shan.. dun bother abt such pple. these r freaks.. no pt get angry wif freaks rite?
* Really very irritating lo. Say until like it's my fault lo ):

peiRONG;: link me girl ! i linked u (:
* hey dear, sorry i don't link people one eh. Cause the layout tend to look messy when i have too many links. Hehe.

isha: hey dear,have you checked my blog? visit it sometime, i have a surprise for you hehe
* Haha i saw ! (:

peiRONG;: hey girl !! xD so happened to passby your blog ! if u dunno who i am..i m from kdi tat part timer (;
* Of course i remember you ! IOT so many times still don't know abit stupid already. Heh, anyway, where did you do your perms ? I love them :D

apple: yup, i agree to always pray.. i dunno, i have a bf too that i erally love, that i really realy love so much, and i dont even dare to think of such cos i knw it'll just kill me. he's in the army too.. youre a christian right? so am i pray for protection alwayss.. so impt!

j: its really sad for the girl. treasure your bf and pray for him.
* Indeed. Been reading for a few days already, and each time i was merely into 3 of her entries before i started crying again.

mar: lols. that person mus be real sick. did u do refund for her in the end?
* I've got tonnes of customers queuing for the item, so i just refund her lo. Not that i'm in need of her patronize or what. Haha.

Js: Sick person is here to say happy 15th monthsary bi =)
* Fever still can play dota. So many rounds somemore. Haha.

nicole: what the. siying. hahahahahhaah
* Indeed.

* Oh my. Really is what the lae.

fang: nope, i will say the price is reasonable and the food is great =)
* I went already. But the queue was really long and we didn't get to eat in the end. Very saddening.

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