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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I started my day by sticking my nose into the news of the blog-war among 2 famous female bloggers in Singapore, Dawn Yang and Xiaxue. Xiaxue wrote an entry about Dawn Yang, and Dawn decided to sue Xiaxue for false accusation (as quoted).

Wells, i'm not going to express my comment on the issues raised by both, but i was just wondering, if this all is scripted for people to read, generate tonnes traffic for them and then viola! windfall for the both of them again ?

Anyways, my 2 day offs officially started today :D And day 1 was fulfilling to the max. Headed down to SIM to register officially as their student and make payment for my 1st semester at the school. Another $7019.20 blown ):

Had my lunch with Mumsie at Sakura Buffet at Shaw Plaza thereafter. Tell me, how not to gain weight when you've got Sakura Buffet located just 15mins away from your house ??

That was not all though. Mumsie and i had many more food items and i was busy eating, thus the lack of photos. And fyi, the 3 scoops of corn and 2 scoops of yam ice cream all went into my tummy !

Then it was back to home sweet home to pack the parcels for MissFayne before heading out to town for CK Tangs 12% rebate in the evening. Bought my loyal Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer and Mumsie and i roamed around Taka.

And guess what i bought again ?

A new bottle of Hakubi C2 pills !

Shall consume the pink ones to lighten freckles before consuming the blue ones to prevent them :D

Last but not least, some overdued pics which B and i took few days ago (:


pei: hi..may i know where u got the habuki white c?
* Hi. Hakubi White C was from Forum Shopping Mall's Guardian, and Hakubi C2 is from Takashimaya's Guardian. But actually, all Watsons and Guardians is selling it. I heard that some neighbourhood drugstore sells it too :D

isha: hey dear, oooh love those balenciaga bags, i like the pink one :D hehe
* I prefer the grey one. It's got a very dirty feel. Haha.

aDe: Hey Babe, u're right abt my msn nick~! Anyway nice watch u've laid ur eyes on.
* Haha, yea it's very nice. But it burnt a big hole in my pocket too ! Anyway, i did not buy the SIM insurance. And and, leave your hp number at my msn, so we can go to class together :D

deb: hey how much does a BALENCIAGA CITY bag cost? thanks
* Around SGD2399 for city and SGD2699 for gaint city (:

cindy: blog hopping. nice blog u've (:
* Thank you (:

winnie: how much is the pink tub mask? =)
* It was given free by my hair stylist. Haha.

<3 huishan: doncha read . she said to reward herself 4 working so hard . y isit tat u guys are always tryin so hard to bring her down ? jelous isit ?
* Chill babe. And you've got a corny name. Hehe.

passer: u r such a materialistic gal
* I beg to differ. I feel that the watches are a form a investment. And what's more, i get to purchase them at half the price. So why not ?! Haha.

Jasmine: Haha! I see! Okie :)
* Yup yup.

passer: ohmigod! u dye ur hair once every 3 mths?
* Haha yea. Cause my hair is very brown by nature. So it will be brown on the roots and black on the rest, and it's very ugly. So i dye them once my hair grows (:

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