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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And so, Baby told me that Brooktown High and Brooktown Senior Year is the same thing ! How depressing is that man ?! Anyhow, work's been the same for the past few days so i shall skip on all those Kids21 yada yada aye ?

And so, my Sunday was spent at work, followed by a steamboat feast with the colleagues at Liang Seah Street. Pretty cheap though the price increased since the last time i patronized it. SGD18 per pax for yummilispicylicious steamboat (:

camwhored, while q-ing for the table

i was suppose to be the bf, and B's suppose to be the gf (:

half cooked chicken for you ? heh !


angelawu: the hakubi pills blue n ink u brought for how much
* Hakubi White C was $29 after less, and Hakubi C2 was $24 after less.

claire: is e game brooktown in psp fun?
* Not bad. I got kinda bored during my first few minutes at it cause everytime you attend a class, a week would have past. But when you get the hang of it, like dating boys and 'backstabbing' people, it's quite fun. Haha.

ser: thanks girl! ((:
* You're welcome la. And see, you won ! My mummy is Miss Singapore Sweetheart QUEEN 2008, dont mess k !

my: ohno!! i missed the entry!xx deleted it.
* Yea. She had to delete it else she'll prolly see a letter come knocking at her doorstep. Heh.

terence: drop by to say hello hope u r doing fine. yup.
* Of course i'm fine ! And thanks for visiting (:

chris: hello huishan*jie. LOL. eeyer becareful that you become michael jackson female ver. hahaha. XD
* Hey ! Congrats on getting into the Java side of Dip IT ! Must jiayou alrights ? Cause our major ENC really lives to its name, Every Night Chiong. Anyway, even if i become Miss Micheal Jackson i also not scared. At least my nose, mouth, eyes, won't come dropping off when i fall down (:

isha: haha it does have that vintage feel to it ooh are those pills glutathione pills or something else?
* ISHA ! Not really glutathione in my opinion cause their main effect is for whitening. But they do help in toxicity and acne from what i see from my friends. Some said that their month menses breakout had been reduced after comsuming Hakubi pills. But it does not apply to me though. Haha.

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