Today is not a beautiful day

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today marks the last day off i'll be having for the month. I'll be slogging for another full week before it's goodbye to work and hello to economics !

And so, i spent my 2 day offs taking photos for MissFayne, enjoying facial at Theresa, and bumming around the internet, where i came across the blog of the girl who's boyfriend passed away during the NS Brunei training,

It was not long after a few entries where tears started to fall. And the more i read into her entries, the more i fear of losing Baby. I used to not worry bout the whole NS shit cause i somehow feel that September is still very very far away, and i know that my Baby is very very fit. But now that i come to think of it, i am starting to fear that B's entering the Army, and what's life going to be like without him around.

Anyway, i am so so so so pissed with one of MissFayne's customers, x******9* and this is what happened:

Somebody: hi do u do meet up? i would like to order the faux croc and get it asap.

Normally i do not do meetups but since she needed it asap, i decided to meetup.

Me: yes i do (: but only at town area cause im working at forum shopping mall, from 1015am to 730pm on Mondays to Saturdays, 11am-6pm on Sundays.

And so she transferred for the item the next day, and said to meetup on Sunday 5th July. And apparently, she did not turn up for the meetup, and after sms-ing her to ask when will she be available to meetup, told me she'll meetup on Saturday 12th July. As predicted, the 2nd meetup was unsuccessful, yet again.

Then on 20th July, she sms-ed at near 7pm saying that she'll meet me up at Kids21. But the shop closes at 6pm, and in the mails i've sent, i stated that i am available only from 1030am-730pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 11am-6pm on Sundays. Nevertheless, i replied nicely that the shop's closed and she replied 'Haha, no fate, another day then'

It was 21st or 22nd when i felt that the deal's dragging for too long when i sms-ed her again asking if she would like opt for postage since it does not seem to me that she needed the belt that urgently anymore. She replied me only this morning 'can u mail me the belt asap i transfer you one buck'

Like what is wrong with that tone ! Am i the one who have been dragging the whole meetup thingy ? Feeling all heated and pissed, I replied 'yes' and she replied me with her mailing address.

I waited for her payment till evening but to no avail. So i texted her again, reminding her of her postage payment, so that i can mail her item out before 5pm today. ( She was the one who claimed that she needed it urgently, no ? )

Somebody: One buck only. erm you transfer me back e money i buy from my friend. faster.

So now it becomes my fault ? I replied to her sms, stating my stand and how unfair it is for me.

Somebody: Not that i won't pay you the one buck. My friend found another faster deal and she can help me take from the seller today.

Like who cares bout the tiny $1 ! I texted her to remind her cause SHE SAID SHE NEEDED IT URGENTLY, MY GOODNESS! And now, all i'm getting are blames that i'm being slow in transactions, and pesters for payment.

Okay, i'm not trying to pull a xiaxue versus dawn kinda shit here but she's seriously getting on my nerves ! Any other customers of MissFayne would know very well that MissFayne does refunds immediately and mails postages once EVERY 2 DAYS. I really regret being softhearted and agreed on having a meetup.

Seriously, am i really the one at fault for prompting her to topup for the postage ? Am i wrong for not mailing the item before she transfers the postage ?

Anyway, collection 8Teen is now up !

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