Light Time Crono Watches

Friday, June 27, 2008

And so, work today was spent browsing through Light Time's catalogue, contemplating which watch should i reward myself with for working so hard this month. Heh.

The watch that i wanted (black strapped, gold rimmed) was retailing at 150EUR and that after conversion, it's major damage of THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE SING DOLLARS ! I must be crazy wanting to buy it. But but, my ROM will be getting it on our behalf at 50% off !

And this (the orange one) is Baby's choice. Retailing at 150EUR as well. There flies our hard earned money seriously. Labels and temptations. Sheesh ):


but i swear it's gonna cost waaaayyy more than my June's wage !

And so, i've been receiving tags and emails asking me to blog about how do i take care of my hair. My hair is pretty dry if you see them upclose. Lotsa split ends here and there cause i colour them once every 2-3 months (haha yes i know i'm extreme) so i don't think they are really being cared for, no ? Anyways, here's my daily hair care.

Basically, all i do, is to shampoo and condition my hair at least 2 times a day (thats crazily ALOT i know) mask them once a week and try applying crazy stuff to my hair, like olive oil and egg white. That's all !

I've got 3 shampoos - Dove Intense Damage Therapy, Sunsilk Shiny Black, and Wella Balanced Shampoo Greasy Hair. I uses Wella only when my hair fall rate is very high cause just in 1 wash the hair fall problem stopped ! But 1 disadvantage with Well's Balanced Shampoo Greasy Hair is, it's very drying to my already-very-dry hair.

Next, is the conditioner. I only have 1 wash-off conditioner, and that's Sunsilk's Damage and Repair. After drying my hair, i'll apply Sunsilk's Smooth and Manageable leave-on conditioner to my hair after spraying Mugen's nourishing hair tonic.

Then once a week, i'll mask my hair with Wella's BioTouch Hair Mask. It's the pink tub, for damaged and coloured hair if i'm not wrong. What's so great bout it is that it makes my hair really soft and fluffy after every mask.

And sometimes, i do crazy things to my hair. I even went to the extend of applying olive oil / egg white to my hair when i'm feeling very free. They stink quite abit though, but it nourishes the hair alot imo :D

Okie doks, hope that helps :D


claire: hakubi is just for whitening? any recommendations to cure pimples?
* Yup just for whitening. I read from the leaflet that Hakubi is an oral skincare product to help people with issues such as pigmentation, freckles, sunburn spots and discolouration problems. Anyway, i haven't taken any oral skincare yet and Hakubi is my first. So i'm not too sure what pills can help cure pimples. But oxy10 works perfectly fine for me. It dries up my pimples really fast !

lauraa: i saw u wif ur mom at serangoon today. i lyke ur fluffy black hair. wut did u use to wash ur hair?
* I just did an entry for you :D Haha.

passer-by: the bilingual bible u try go to CHC services, maybe u will get the bible u want to. but then still not sure whether are they selling not still. XD
* I'll check that out. Thanks so much for the information :D

terence: yup. heard from colleagues about hakubi white C. but not all pharmacies selling it lor. +__+
* I saw both Hakubi White C and Hakubi C2 at most Guardians and Watsons though.

Jasmine: ooo! you work at ubi? Me too!! I'm working at ubi crescent. what abt u?
* I'm not working at Ubi. Haha. I'm working at Orchard's Forum Shopping Mall. Ubi was where my boyfriend took his driving exam :D

chin: huishan, can intro me the tfcd photographer? thanks!
* Replied on your msn :D

aDe: Added~! =)
* Yup yup. Your nick has something like purplicious right ??

sk: congra! Study hard (:
* Yes i will. You jiayou in Army also yea ! Haha !

Gatsby hairspray

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday was Baby's day off and yet, he came all the down to town from Ubi just to meet me for my lunch break ! I took an hour's break and we lunched at LongJohn to celebrate his success of obtaining the lil green driving license :D

hairpee to having that license back into his hands :D

And and,

After much contemplation, i've finally got my Hakubi White C !!

Been hearing lots of raves bout it, so i'm trying if it works. There's sucha big need for me to even out my body skin tone and lighten my massive freckles attack.

I'm into my day 2 of consuming these pills and i'm not too sure if it's my own imagination or if it's really working cause my face became much brighter and luminous when i woke up this morning ! Or maybe it's the serum that i've been using from Clinique, or the egg-white mask that i've used last night. Wells, reviews bout it in a month's time :D

Money money, fall from the sky please

Sunday, June 22, 2008


It was another loooong day at work, followed by Mum's birthday dinner at Sakura Buffet. We headed down for the newly opened outlet at Shaw Plaza since it's just 20mins away from our place. Alright, my medicine's taking it's effect. Off to sleep now :DD


aDe: Yeah.. I got in for the course too~!! =)) Haha.. yay got new fren in sch liao!
* YAY ! Add me on msn at Maybe we can meet up and go to school together on the first day (:

mar: CONGATS! hahas. then i think i can go SIM to find u lols. but only for 2 weeks ah. then i will be graduating from ngee ann! (finally) hahas!
* Haha yea yea. We can have lunch together.

manda: hahas congratz! Jia you! and good luck in econs & sch.. =)
* Thank you thank you.

terence: the diploma from OpenUni or SIM uni? Bachelor of science from which university? have a nice weekend!
* Open uni. From University of London.

KelZ: wahaha....see you in august then "neighbour"..LOL
* Yup yup :D

winnie: congrats wor! ^_^
* Thanks :D

zel: gratz! and nt to scare you, good luck with econs! i m struggling with it.. >< * Haha i heard from Meiyan bout UOL's Econs in Business's year 1. And i think that is pretty tough enough, now i'm going in depth into it and taking a Diploma on it. Haha.

Just to share with you

Friday, June 20, 2008

yipee yipee yipee yay

And so, i'll be starting school on 13 August, taking Diploma in Economics and by 2009 (if i pass 3 out of 4 units) i'll be granted direct entry into the 2nd year of Bachelor in Business. For those whose gotten into DE as well, tag me yea ? So that we can make friends and attend classes together !!

With that, i'm off to fill up the forms and stuffs for my admission (:


aDe: Hey babe.. I'm not sure if U still rmb me. Met u during dip in econs briefing! I chance upon ur blog unkowningly. Did u gt e course??
* Of course i still remember ! We're the only 2 who brought our Moms along ! Hehe. Anyway, i just received the package from SIM this afternoon. How bout you ? I hope you got in too so i have a new friend in school :D

MY: oh okay.. u still haven answer my 1st qn..heh.
* Yea i just realised. Haha. Yep that is the meaning of TFCD.

marilyn: lols. wasted ah u threw away the dress. lols.
* Stain could not be removed what so what to do.

isha: oh that's too bad..but it did look pretty on you though :D
* Haha thank you (:

Missfayne 'bought over' B4L !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back of Style 1

Back of Style 2 and 3 is plain.

Size Chart
Medium - 51cm by 68cm
Large - 53.5cm by 70cm
XLarge - 56cm by 72cm

Due to overwhelming responses and the increasing numbers of dead buyers, items are now on FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE BASIS, REGARDLESS IF OTHER PARTIES HAVE CONFIRMED. All transactions made are to be accompanied with EITHER a ibanking nick or a snapshot of the transaction receipt. In the event that your funds transfer is made when there are no more stocks available, a full refund will be made.

Payment to be made to: DBS Savings Plus 005-3-081231

After payment has been made, please email us at, indicating your name and mailing address, which item you had paid for, amount transferred, ibank nick (or reference number and snapshot if you transferred with atm), and account number in case of refunds.

Twist dip dunk


isha: waa! why!? ahahaha :D
* Cause it could not be removed and the stain is very obvious what. Haha.

janet: dear dear...get well soon =D
* I will. Thank you (:

winnie: get well soon. x)
* I will. Thank you (:

alyssia: get well soon :)
* I will. Thank you (:

MY: lol. what does that mean? hmm.. is it sth like he use your time to take photos for u then in return he gives u a CD? heh. btw do u think club21 will need pple during june?
* Club21 i'm not very sure. But Kids21 do need alot of people now. But we need these people (including my bf, haha) to do sai gang now. Think you better don't join now. Even the self-proclaimed ironwoman (me) also fell ill liao. Haha. The workload is compared to the times i've worked for the past 3 years, is much much much higher ):

marilyn: wasted!!! i want ah!!!
* You want what ?!

Keep this a secret

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

throat inflammation accompanied with a very high fever ):

And so, i took an MC today. Seen the doc, and he gave me some medicine that would cause drowsiness. Took them, and slept all the way from 10am to 4pm. There goes another day.

Anyways, something not very good happened to Baby and i 2 nights ago. Come to think of it now, we were pretty silly and paranoid at that point of time. But i'm glad that everything is under control (i hope) and i'm thankful to Baby for not letting me go through it all alone by myself.


isha: aww that's too bad. give it to me then! i'll have it cleaned! hahaha
* I threw it away the moment i found out that the stain could not be removed ! ):

janet: i need a job too...HELP?!
* I'll ask my manager for you :D

MY: what is tfcd?
* Time for CD (:

Mismatch partayyee

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Was bumming off the internet when i found this song off Mel's blog. I really envy this girl called Mel cause she does not seem to put on weight at all despite eating soooooo much ! She's like my new thinspiration, seriously.

Anyways, my shoot at Hortpark this morning was called off due to me not feeling well enough. Anyway, i just got Baby into Kids21 ! I can't wait to see B work in an all female environment. But luckily my manager is hiring more guys to help us ladies carry the heavy cartons.

And i know B's gonna go crazy if he sees me everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. So i told my manager that my bf would hate to see me every second every minute, and guess what ? She sent B over to Twelve21/Betula which is just directly opposite so i can still shoot sneaky glances over whenever i need to.


isha: is that so, they do look pretty. oooh i love ur white dress that u wore while sitting :D
* Haha i love it too. But i spoiled it during the shoot. Dirtied it and the stain could not be removed ):

passerby: how u become a model?
* My friend got me into this line (:

angelawu: i nudge u before le lehz
* I never receive lae ):

passer: girl, is ur photoshoot tfcd?
* Yes my shoot with TiongGhee is tfcd :D

winnieee: waa your photos nice leh. =)
* Haha thankyou (:

Party like a rockstarrr

Thursday, June 12, 2008


marilyn: haHA, i saw all ur pics alr !!! not too bad. but a lil stiff!!
* Haha i don't really like most of the pics from the second outfit. Was too tired to smile, and body's aching from all those posing already. But it was fun working with TG la. Haha. Can't wait for this Sat's shoot. Anyway, if i postphone it to Sun, will you be ok ? Same time same place.

isha: il love ur pics dear! looks pretty!
* Thank you. These few were the only nicer ones. The others were not very nice. Haha.

janet: i also watched tat series!! the ending sucked...HAIZ...oh well, the original author of the manga behind the story died before she completed the manga...
* I heard bout it. Qiang Xin decided to back out due to certain reasons right ? I bet i'm gonna cry my eyes out when i watched till there.

angelawu: wahaha! i like ur tg send me ur photo .. creatures!! lol... i would like to see that!!! and u alien i monster liao!! o.0
* What is tg ? When you see me online, nudge me.

Daily fixation

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i miss my boyfriend ):

用心去体会 我的心情

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm finally at the last few episodes of,

It's just funny how reality can never be like those Taiwan dramas. That's one of the main reasons why B never liked me watching TW dramas. Oh sheesh.


fly: u are pa jiao.
* (:

----: u look like an alien ur forehead ur eye ur mouth ur are all wrong
* Haha ! Wells, that can't be helped. I was born like that. Unless you're willing to spare me some cash to go plastic. Or why don't you send me a photo of yourself ? So that we all can judge what creature you looked like :D

angelawu: wah wah wah i see babe manz!! LOL...
* Lol. Simi babe ? The babe and the city de babe ah ? Got people say i look like alien seh.

passerby: u kinda look like a man in the black and white pic. no offense though. just thought so of telling you.
* No worries, i'm not the least bit offended ! You can leave down your name actually, i wouldn't mind. And now that you've mentioned, i sure looked abit. But isn't that good ? I can be both a guy and a lady !

anon: u look better with braces
* I wish i can still have them on with me. I'm still not getting used to having them removed. I would love to wear them again if someone is willing sponsor me to have braces again. You want to sponsor ?

angelawu: good good goo it show's he's changing i guess not pretty sure but i guess... it should be a god sign for u ... wahaha!!!!!
* Haha i guess so too :D

isha: haha i know, it feels good just to let it out either through writing or even shopping! hahaha
* Yah ! But i got so tied up with work that i can't shop that much. So i can only rant on this lil space her. Haha.

terence: on ur 6jun entry: dun angry.. our brain cells will disappear faster de.. so dun angry 万事想开点 lor
* Lol. 想开 already (:


As promised (:

Stay tuned for the second outfit :D

My day off passed just like that

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sneak preview of yesterday's shots (:

My last day off was well spent. It started off with me over at the hairdresser. Yes, i cut my hair (AGAIN!!) Now i have slant bob fringe, and layered Vshaped back, slightly below my shoulder.

Then it was dental at Cityhall before heading down to Baby's crib. B cooked me lunch, and we slept all the way till evening before waking up for Untraceable.

Anyway, my photoshoot was at Clark Quay yesterday. Initial plan was to shoot at Parliament House but it started drizzling once we stepped out of the carpark. So we decided to settle for Clark Quay instead since it was shelterd.

It was my second time shooting at Clark Quay. My CheongSam shoot was held there if you remembered. Though i was more tired this time cause i woke up at 7 to prepare and all, the outcome was much much better compared to the previous ! Kudos to TG for the awesome photos and experiece :D

If you're happy and you know it

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yours truly is a happy happy girl cause she's got 2 days off in a row - Sunday and Monday ! Finally some time off from work to rest, and to carry out the photoshoot that has been pending since last month. But that would mean that her next day off would be after working for a long long time ):

Overdued images from Baby's sis's graduation show at Nafa, bout 2 weeks ago. Was busy with work and all that i kinda forgot that the images are still in my camera unedited.

That's not her work though. That's their school's principle if i'm not wrong. We forgot to take photos of the exhibition >.<


shaun: lol i like ur 6th june post, the convo tween u n ur bf. =)
* Lol. I was fuming mad at the 1st part of the convo where he could not detect my unhappiness la. But the 2nd part where he mentioned adding oil to crankinss like his mom's bathroom door totally cracked me up.

Eileen: oh yeah.. simpang bedok's food very the nice but the waiting time is a killer. i waited for an hr for my carbonara
* We didn't wait for too long though. We ordered different dishes from different places. The SambalPeri from the crab stall (Blue colour 1 piece menu) was sedaaappp ~

marilyn: shann ah ! u gotta cool down. work is always VERY annoying. and having a bf who love gaming totally SUCKS. i know how u feel ah! turn to some chocolate or any food that make u feels better!
* Work was NEVER annoying. Only that day which i got tekan is crazy. And i can't eat anymore ! 47 kilos liao. Not a good sign. Haha.

steph8706: haha... 26 is also my available date ^^
* Haha.

isha: hey dear, im sorry to hear about the bad day. i would have been really upset too if that same thing happened to me..
* Haha. But i felt so much better after ranting bout it.

angelawu: hey u gonna chill down manz.. u post it out later he see le not angry mehz!! sme knd of things not meant to b posted out
* Haha he saw it already. And he's not that angry.

Beauties around the beast

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just got back from a major seafood binge-on at Simpang Bedok with my colleagues. Images are with Yanyan. Upload when i get them yeah ?

Photoshoot with TiongGhee tomorrow. So i'm turning in already. Blog again tomorrow after the shoot :D


Friday, June 6, 2008

Pissed to the max seriously. Never had i been so pissed with the colleagues at Kids21 since i stepped in as a part-timer 3 years ago. The story goes like this ...

Our shop normally displays 2 pieces per design out on the racks. So this lady came into the shop, and chose a handful of items. When she was at the cashier, she told us that her sister's got $1000 voucher with us. We've checked and told her that the voucher has not arrived yet. She said it's okay and told us to proceed with the payment.

Everytime an item has been sold off from the shop floor, we would have to do the necessary replenishments. And cause she took alot and i can't remember exactly which piece she took, i went round the shop once and took the other remaining piece of the design and headed into the store room.

I spent bout 15mins to dig and search for the items to replenish and i had bout 20 clothes (with hangers) on my left hand, and 20 loose pieces of clothes stacked on my right shoulder. As i walked past the steamer, i pushed the steamer out as well.

But just as i stepped out of the storeroom, my colleagues told me that the lady had decided not to purchase the manymanymany items she chose cause there is no vouchers for her to utilize today. So i had to lanlan push the steamer back into the storeroom, fold the clothes, and then place them neatly into their respective locations in the storeroom.

Think the story is over ? Hell no.

When i was placing back the last item back on the shelves, my colleagues came into the storeroom and told me that they just realised that i still have to do the replenishments cause the lady was reserving the items till her sister's voucher arrives.

And yes you're right. I had to pick out the 20odd pieces again, fake out a smile, and repeat the routine again. I got so pissed that i forgot i was wearing my lens and i rubbed my eyes crazily when they itched. So much so that the lens went to the back of my eyeball. Kept blinking and rubbing but it just won't appear. So i can't do anything but just leave it until it surfaces again.

And when i got home, Baby was busying gaming. Yes he did ask me to call him while he was gaming so i will not be altTab-ed, but which girlfriend wishes to be the annoying one who bugs her boyfriend on the phone while he's gaming ? So i told him to play well and win me another MVP.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
lols im not playing dota silly

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
another game

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
simi game ?

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
some jiao game

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
im in a group so cant leave atm

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
i don't understand the game so i cannot comment on it

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
nth much, just group to kill stuff clear quests. it was the game i asked you to play.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
many guys brought their gf and wife in haha

See the spark that caused my fire ? He does not sense the anger and continues to talk bout the game which obviously i'm not interested in ! And and, he would rather play some jiao game than entertain me. Actually, i don't know why i'm getting so pissed over this issue either. Normally i can hold all these temperamental emotions but this time round, i just exploded. I can forsee many (including the boyfriend) scolding me that i'm making a moutain out of a molehill but i guess i'm just being awfully cranky.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
looks like its emo day for hs

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
blood coming

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
yea i guess so. and it doesn't help when everyone else is not spotting this crankiness and adds fuel to my oil

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
i spotted. i tried to reduce the heat

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
but failed i guess

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
crankiness add oil is correct =p

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
when something is cranky, add oil will make it smoother

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
like my mom's bathroom door

Tell me, how could i bear to leave sucha cute boyfriend even when he loves gaming as much as i love complaining ? Come to think of it, i'm getting so tired with the screwed up life that i'm currently leading. I hate fighting within myself to be the Huishan that people expect me to be. I hate growing up and making decisions.

Am i only one who'se feeling all screwed bout the life ahead of me, or are you feeling the same too ?


steph8706: taggie taggiiee... one day go shopping hao ma?? when u free??
* My next available day off is 26th June. You must wait long long.

passerby: hey what did they ask for the sim interview?just a passerby who is going for the interview,what is it like?thanks thanks.
* Nothing much. They just asked me to introduce myself, talk bout my family and such. Simple things actually. For my case, we sat in small groups with the lady-in-charge and a lecturer and they asked us questions individually.

Passerby: Hi (: Your huishan right ? That stupid spammer in Amanda's blog right ? CB
* Hi i think you've mistaken seriously. Yes i'm Huishan but which Amanda are you referring to ? I only know of 2 Amandas and both their blogs are not infested with any spams, let alone spams by me. In addition, i'm not that bored and retarded to spam. Please get your facts right before you come hurling vulgarities or calling me stupid. If your motive of tagging is to advertise for whichever Amanda you're referring to, then i guess you ought to try harder next time.

ser: haha, i dont really see u online these days!
* Well, you just did yesterday (:

angelawu: shanu sell clothes sell dao ur blog le???
* All along i've been doing that what. Haha.

terence: the delivery of the dresses are by post yah? all free sizes? (enquire for my LaoPo)
* Hi there, yes all items will be delivered via postage, either normal or registered, and all items are free sized which will fit uk6-10.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Kiss of an angel

Monday, June 2, 2008


angelawu: ps i think typo error .. wat i mean is dun think too much... good luck
* Haha !

ser: hey girl, i want get about 3 pairs of shoes from the web too. let me know when u wanna order alr ya.
* I'm capping at USD300. Now haven't reach the amount. Let me know which pairs you're getting so i can calculate if i had capped the amount. Just msn me the link of the item will do :D

psby: have you ordered from ?
* Haven't, but i'm capping at USD300. Let me know which pairs you're getting so i can calculate if i had capped the amount. Just email me the link of the item will do, at :D

The great missfayne sales in now on

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just got back from a studio shoot with my parents. Haha yea we had a graduation family portrait earlier. I'll upload the images one i've got hold of them aye ? In conjunction with the Great Singapore Sales, the Great MissFayne Sale is now on !!


marilyn: gotten ur new haircut?
* Not yet. Just dyed my hair black again. Haha !

jiali: heyhey! dont worry. things are not decided yet. wait for them to call you!!! =)
* It will be end of June by the time they give me an answer. Have to wait so long ):

angelawu: things may not be that worst.. so dun think too much u have or luck....
* Eh i don't quite understand what is i have or luck