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Friday, June 20, 2008

yipee yipee yipee yay

And so, i'll be starting school on 13 August, taking Diploma in Economics and by 2009 (if i pass 3 out of 4 units) i'll be granted direct entry into the 2nd year of Bachelor in Business. For those whose gotten into DE as well, tag me yea ? So that we can make friends and attend classes together !!

With that, i'm off to fill up the forms and stuffs for my admission (:


aDe: Hey babe.. I'm not sure if U still rmb me. Met u during dip in econs briefing! I chance upon ur blog unkowningly. Did u gt e course??
* Of course i still remember ! We're the only 2 who brought our Moms along ! Hehe. Anyway, i just received the package from SIM this afternoon. How bout you ? I hope you got in too so i have a new friend in school :D

MY: oh okay.. u still haven answer my 1st qn..heh.
* Yea i just realised. Haha. Yep that is the meaning of TFCD.

marilyn: lols. wasted ah u threw away the dress. lols.
* Stain could not be removed what so what to do.

isha: oh that's too bad..but it did look pretty on you though :D
* Haha thank you (:

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