Friday, June 6, 2008

Pissed to the max seriously. Never had i been so pissed with the colleagues at Kids21 since i stepped in as a part-timer 3 years ago. The story goes like this ...

Our shop normally displays 2 pieces per design out on the racks. So this lady came into the shop, and chose a handful of items. When she was at the cashier, she told us that her sister's got $1000 voucher with us. We've checked and told her that the voucher has not arrived yet. She said it's okay and told us to proceed with the payment.

Everytime an item has been sold off from the shop floor, we would have to do the necessary replenishments. And cause she took alot and i can't remember exactly which piece she took, i went round the shop once and took the other remaining piece of the design and headed into the store room.

I spent bout 15mins to dig and search for the items to replenish and i had bout 20 clothes (with hangers) on my left hand, and 20 loose pieces of clothes stacked on my right shoulder. As i walked past the steamer, i pushed the steamer out as well.

But just as i stepped out of the storeroom, my colleagues told me that the lady had decided not to purchase the manymanymany items she chose cause there is no vouchers for her to utilize today. So i had to lanlan push the steamer back into the storeroom, fold the clothes, and then place them neatly into their respective locations in the storeroom.

Think the story is over ? Hell no.

When i was placing back the last item back on the shelves, my colleagues came into the storeroom and told me that they just realised that i still have to do the replenishments cause the lady was reserving the items till her sister's voucher arrives.

And yes you're right. I had to pick out the 20odd pieces again, fake out a smile, and repeat the routine again. I got so pissed that i forgot i was wearing my lens and i rubbed my eyes crazily when they itched. So much so that the lens went to the back of my eyeball. Kept blinking and rubbing but it just won't appear. So i can't do anything but just leave it until it surfaces again.

And when i got home, Baby was busying gaming. Yes he did ask me to call him while he was gaming so i will not be altTab-ed, but which girlfriend wishes to be the annoying one who bugs her boyfriend on the phone while he's gaming ? So i told him to play well and win me another MVP.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
lols im not playing dota silly

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
another game

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
simi game ?

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
some jiao game

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
im in a group so cant leave atm

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
i don't understand the game so i cannot comment on it

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
nth much, just group to kill stuff clear quests. it was the game i asked you to play.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR said:
many guys brought their gf and wife in haha

See the spark that caused my fire ? He does not sense the anger and continues to talk bout the game which obviously i'm not interested in ! And and, he would rather play some jiao game than entertain me. Actually, i don't know why i'm getting so pissed over this issue either. Normally i can hold all these temperamental emotions but this time round, i just exploded. I can forsee many (including the boyfriend) scolding me that i'm making a moutain out of a molehill but i guess i'm just being awfully cranky.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
looks like its emo day for hs

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
blood coming

- # FAYNE ιтs иσт тнε яαιи тнαт ιs вεαυтιfυl, ιтs тнε sнειтεr ωε oиcε sнαяεd, αиd тнε яαιивσω ωε sαω says:
yea i guess so. and it doesn't help when everyone else is not spotting this crankiness and adds fuel to my oil

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
i spotted. i tried to reduce the heat

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
but failed i guess

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
crankiness add oil is correct =p

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
when something is cranky, add oil will make it smoother

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR says:
like my mom's bathroom door

Tell me, how could i bear to leave sucha cute boyfriend even when he loves gaming as much as i love complaining ? Come to think of it, i'm getting so tired with the screwed up life that i'm currently leading. I hate fighting within myself to be the Huishan that people expect me to be. I hate growing up and making decisions.

Am i only one who'se feeling all screwed bout the life ahead of me, or are you feeling the same too ?


steph8706: taggie taggiiee... one day go shopping hao ma?? when u free??
* My next available day off is 26th June. You must wait long long.

passerby: hey what did they ask for the sim interview?just a passerby who is going for the interview,what is it like?thanks thanks.
* Nothing much. They just asked me to introduce myself, talk bout my family and such. Simple things actually. For my case, we sat in small groups with the lady-in-charge and a lecturer and they asked us questions individually.

Passerby: Hi (: Your huishan right ? That stupid spammer in Amanda's blog right ? CB
* Hi i think you've mistaken seriously. Yes i'm Huishan but which Amanda are you referring to ? I only know of 2 Amandas and both their blogs are not infested with any spams, let alone spams by me. In addition, i'm not that bored and retarded to spam. Please get your facts right before you come hurling vulgarities or calling me stupid. If your motive of tagging is to advertise for whichever Amanda you're referring to, then i guess you ought to try harder next time.

ser: haha, i dont really see u online these days!
* Well, you just did yesterday (:

angelawu: shanu sell clothes sell dao ur blog le???
* All along i've been doing that what. Haha.

terence: the delivery of the dresses are by post yah? all free sizes? (enquire for my LaoPo)
* Hi there, yes all items will be delivered via postage, either normal or registered, and all items are free sized which will fit uk6-10.

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