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Sunday, June 22, 2008


It was another loooong day at work, followed by Mum's birthday dinner at Sakura Buffet. We headed down for the newly opened outlet at Shaw Plaza since it's just 20mins away from our place. Alright, my medicine's taking it's effect. Off to sleep now :DD


aDe: Yeah.. I got in for the course too~!! =)) Haha.. yay got new fren in sch liao!
* YAY ! Add me on msn at Maybe we can meet up and go to school together on the first day (:

mar: CONGATS! hahas. then i think i can go SIM to find u lols. but only for 2 weeks ah. then i will be graduating from ngee ann! (finally) hahas!
* Haha yea yea. We can have lunch together.

manda: hahas congratz! Jia you! and good luck in econs & sch.. =)
* Thank you thank you.

terence: the diploma from OpenUni or SIM uni? Bachelor of science from which university? have a nice weekend!
* Open uni. From University of London.

KelZ: wahaha....see you in august then "neighbour"..LOL
* Yup yup :D

winnie: congrats wor! ^_^
* Thanks :D

zel: gratz! and nt to scare you, good luck with econs! i m struggling with it.. >< * Haha i heard from Meiyan bout UOL's Econs in Business's year 1. And i think that is pretty tough enough, now i'm going in depth into it and taking a Diploma on it. Haha.

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