Gatsby hairspray

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday was Baby's day off and yet, he came all the down to town from Ubi just to meet me for my lunch break ! I took an hour's break and we lunched at LongJohn to celebrate his success of obtaining the lil green driving license :D

hairpee to having that license back into his hands :D

And and,

After much contemplation, i've finally got my Hakubi White C !!

Been hearing lots of raves bout it, so i'm trying if it works. There's sucha big need for me to even out my body skin tone and lighten my massive freckles attack.

I'm into my day 2 of consuming these pills and i'm not too sure if it's my own imagination or if it's really working cause my face became much brighter and luminous when i woke up this morning ! Or maybe it's the serum that i've been using from Clinique, or the egg-white mask that i've used last night. Wells, reviews bout it in a month's time :D

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