If you're happy and you know it

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yours truly is a happy happy girl cause she's got 2 days off in a row - Sunday and Monday ! Finally some time off from work to rest, and to carry out the photoshoot that has been pending since last month. But that would mean that her next day off would be after working for a long long time ):

Overdued images from Baby's sis's graduation show at Nafa, bout 2 weeks ago. Was busy with work and all that i kinda forgot that the images are still in my camera unedited.

That's not her work though. That's their school's principle if i'm not wrong. We forgot to take photos of the exhibition >.<


shaun: lol i like ur 6th june post, the convo tween u n ur bf. =)
* Lol. I was fuming mad at the 1st part of the convo where he could not detect my unhappiness la. But the 2nd part where he mentioned adding oil to crankinss like his mom's bathroom door totally cracked me up.

Eileen: oh yeah.. simpang bedok's food very the nice but the waiting time is a killer. i waited for an hr for my carbonara
* We didn't wait for too long though. We ordered different dishes from different places. The SambalPeri from the crab stall (Blue colour 1 piece menu) was sedaaappp ~

marilyn: shann ah ! u gotta cool down. work is always VERY annoying. and having a bf who love gaming totally SUCKS. i know how u feel ah! turn to some chocolate or any food that make u feels better!
* Work was NEVER annoying. Only that day which i got tekan is crazy. And i can't eat anymore ! 47 kilos liao. Not a good sign. Haha.

steph8706: haha... 26 is also my available date ^^
* Haha.

isha: hey dear, im sorry to hear about the bad day. i would have been really upset too if that same thing happened to me..
* Haha. But i felt so much better after ranting bout it.

angelawu: hey u gonna chill down manz.. u post it out later he see le not angry mehz!! sme knd of things not meant to b posted out
* Haha he saw it already. And he's not that angry.

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