Twist dip dunk

Thursday, June 19, 2008


isha: waa! why!? ahahaha :D
* Cause it could not be removed and the stain is very obvious what. Haha.

janet: dear dear...get well soon =D
* I will. Thank you (:

winnie: get well soon. x)
* I will. Thank you (:

alyssia: get well soon :)
* I will. Thank you (:

MY: lol. what does that mean? hmm.. is it sth like he use your time to take photos for u then in return he gives u a CD? heh. btw do u think club21 will need pple during june?
* Club21 i'm not very sure. But Kids21 do need alot of people now. But we need these people (including my bf, haha) to do sai gang now. Think you better don't join now. Even the self-proclaimed ironwoman (me) also fell ill liao. Haha. The workload is compared to the times i've worked for the past 3 years, is much much much higher ):

marilyn: wasted!!! i want ah!!!
* You want what ?!

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