Friday, June 27, 2008

but i swear it's gonna cost waaaayyy more than my June's wage !

And so, i've been receiving tags and emails asking me to blog about how do i take care of my hair. My hair is pretty dry if you see them upclose. Lotsa split ends here and there cause i colour them once every 2-3 months (haha yes i know i'm extreme) so i don't think they are really being cared for, no ? Anyways, here's my daily hair care.

Basically, all i do, is to shampoo and condition my hair at least 2 times a day (thats crazily ALOT i know) mask them once a week and try applying crazy stuff to my hair, like olive oil and egg white. That's all !

I've got 3 shampoos - Dove Intense Damage Therapy, Sunsilk Shiny Black, and Wella Balanced Shampoo Greasy Hair. I uses Wella only when my hair fall rate is very high cause just in 1 wash the hair fall problem stopped ! But 1 disadvantage with Well's Balanced Shampoo Greasy Hair is, it's very drying to my already-very-dry hair.

Next, is the conditioner. I only have 1 wash-off conditioner, and that's Sunsilk's Damage and Repair. After drying my hair, i'll apply Sunsilk's Smooth and Manageable leave-on conditioner to my hair after spraying Mugen's nourishing hair tonic.

Then once a week, i'll mask my hair with Wella's BioTouch Hair Mask. It's the pink tub, for damaged and coloured hair if i'm not wrong. What's so great bout it is that it makes my hair really soft and fluffy after every mask.

And sometimes, i do crazy things to my hair. I even went to the extend of applying olive oil / egg white to my hair when i'm feeling very free. They stink quite abit though, but it nourishes the hair alot imo :D

Okie doks, hope that helps :D


claire: hakubi is just for whitening? any recommendations to cure pimples?
* Yup just for whitening. I read from the leaflet that Hakubi is an oral skincare product to help people with issues such as pigmentation, freckles, sunburn spots and discolouration problems. Anyway, i haven't taken any oral skincare yet and Hakubi is my first. So i'm not too sure what pills can help cure pimples. But oxy10 works perfectly fine for me. It dries up my pimples really fast !

lauraa: i saw u wif ur mom at serangoon today. i lyke ur fluffy black hair. wut did u use to wash ur hair?
* I just did an entry for you :D Haha.

passer-by: the bilingual bible u try go to CHC services, maybe u will get the bible u want to. but then still not sure whether are they selling not still. XD
* I'll check that out. Thanks so much for the information :D

terence: yup. heard from colleagues about hakubi white C. but not all pharmacies selling it lor. +__+
* I saw both Hakubi White C and Hakubi C2 at most Guardians and Watsons though.

Jasmine: ooo! you work at ubi? Me too!! I'm working at ubi crescent. what abt u?
* I'm not working at Ubi. Haha. I'm working at Orchard's Forum Shopping Mall. Ubi was where my boyfriend took his driving exam :D

chin: huishan, can intro me the tfcd photographer? thanks!
* Replied on your msn :D

aDe: Added~! =)
* Yup yup. Your nick has something like purplicious right ??

sk: congra! Study hard (:
* Yes i will. You jiayou in Army also yea ! Haha !

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