Lo-man-tik sio

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby's big TWENTY in 5 days time ! And i'm totally clueless on what's for plan. Furthermore, 2 fulltimers are on annual leave on the 5th, so howdy hell can i get a day off on the 5th ??


angelawu: waileng !!! i'm recovered!!! next week choc buffet anyone??? wah meiting passed le den when ur turn??? omg!!!! i'm craving for chocs... chocs buffet for next gathering okie??
* Haha, you treat ah ? Okay no prob !!

L: ur nose is so fulgy it is so flat. may be u nid plastic surgey so u can get in2 sia. no offence though peace out.
* Are you the one who commented on MissFayne that my past collections are ugly ? But anyway, i've never mentioned that i've got nice nose in the first place !

meiting: Wah ! Thanks for congratulating me ! But my final interview will be on end of may ! So long right . Cos I going china lah . Then miss all the dates . So must drag . You go SIA interview also leh !
* Lol you're welcome luh. Yea so long. But i'm sure you'll get in. I'll go for one once i receives my rejection letters from the unis. Haha.

feli: I saw you at orchard rd today! You're wif your bf. I so love the ninja turtle shirt you are wearin. Where did you buy it from?
* Hello there. I got it online. It was from Delias*

manda: lol.. i saw ur shop's pics.. u dun look pear-shaped.. u look proportionate.. =) at least better than me i have no butt =(
* This is when photoshop comes into use. Haha. You should see me in person. Haha, totally different. Anyway, no butt is always better than big butt ! My butt is so fat and fleshy ! ):

waileng: miss, help mi scold tat "princess" when u c her online ok? she Sick still wan to eat chocolate! hrmph!!! anyway u shld really go try b model la.. u got tat model face! im jealous~
* Simi model face ! More of lj face la ! Haha!!

winnie: waa your photo sui siah. lol. =) fa yu also whr got so fat one, must jian fei uh me. u this kind dont need alr =)
* Haha, thank you :D Credits to the photog seriously.

yvonne: nice photos u have there! =)
* Haha, thank you :D Credits to the photog seriously.

zel: aiyoooooo... dun over do it l
* Hao la hao la. Haha.

terence: wah. the photo got pro standard leh. :D
* Lol. Ejun's a good photog imo.

Pika pika chuuu

Monday, April 28, 2008


Day off was really well-spent today. Stop 1, Mission Hair Salon. Met up with Yunting to get our hair trimmed. No drastic changes like my previous trip down to Mission though, but i switched my very thick kawaii bangs to really short and thin side swept fringe, trimmed the back of my hair and thin the side a little. And i'm lovin lovin my new lion's mane :D

Stop 2, BlackArts Studio - for Ejun's 100 headshots project. Kudos to this photog seriously. Cause he's by far the only photog who believes in building a good rapport with whichever model he is working with. He even showed me magic tricks and taught me one of the tricks !!

Anyway, here's the shots from the shoot

Are you ready to see the prettypretty me ??










Here's SADAKO-SHAN for you !!

Okay, jokes aside.

Here's a non-crazy one. And i swear i was thinking of B when i was doing that shoot. That explains my very sneakycheeky smile, no ?

Stop 3, Temasek Polytechnic - for my graduation gown fitting and collection. And i swear M gives me very broad and fat shoulders la ! But i bet S is too short for me. It sucks being an in-between size, no ? Anyway, it's been long since i last saw YeeWoen. My muackmuack Eileen was suppose to come along too, but she's celebrating her anni with Harry so yeapp. Happy anni to you and Harry yea !!

K i'm getting lazy so here's a chopchop one. Stop 4, Farrer Park Gloucester Road - for some good old tender lovin' care. And guess what ? B cooked for me again ! He cooked me yummy magee mee (but with tonnes of fresh scallops!). And when he realised that his fridge's got no more coke, he went downstairs to dong coke for us. Feel like a total princess queen man !

Anyway, check out my very cute boyfriend.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:
headache sia wan reformat also so many dai ji

-# FAYNE huishan plays pretty for baby [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
chill la

-# FAYNE huishan plays pretty for baby [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
come, give u love de muackmuack

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:
i wish i can give the lappie some love de muack muack and make it work.

oh wells !!


winnie: hahas, (: i understand lahh, lol. my dear uh you are really skinny liao lahh, i this kind then need to jian fei lor. =)
* You still fa yu-ing, jian what fei. Don't jian. Later never fa yu hao hao.

aLbong: link like cannot work lei .. or issit juz mi?
* I gave a wrong link, paiseh paiseh. I've edited it already. Go sign the petition now !! :D

aLbong: tt is fuking sick. killing human's best friend as art. gosh ..
* Exactly ! Even if there's alot of stray dogs in their country, also no need to cruel one what.

angelawu: that art he called is totally a piece of ****!! why not i tied him there!!! then we called art better still strip the artist naked!!! this is wat he called art!!! see le dL lohz!!!!
* Lol. Idea ah. Tie him under the hot sun, strip him naked, and let him starve to death too.

marilyn: alamak, both u and chin alr so damn skinny alr! still dont eat aiyoyo..
* Haha. I got pear-shaped figure you know !! Where got skinny ?

smilE: tks for de visit.. oh my! why de artist treats tat as art? wth..
* Yea. So cruel aye ?

manda: everything's fine.. hahas.. hmm actualli i dun think u need2worry much abt ur weight.. u look slimmer than me and ppl are saying i'm skinny.. =X
* I only have a very skinny face. You should have seen my pear-shaped figure. Haha.

Name: from what i read ages ago regarding your "ARTISTIC" post, the walls were filled with food but the poor dog cannot reach it. so it starve to death though food is there.
* Oh wells, isn't that worst than just leaving the dog to starve ?

chin: lols! yup yup.. and i look super fat! ): how i wish i am as slim as u): *jealous jealous*
* You where got fat ! I'm just glad you like that top :D

zel: girl ah.. dun over do it leh.. france's already banning aneroxia propagandar.. i m trying to change my eating habits too..
* France ma. Singapore not yet. Haha. I just want to lose some weight ):

Aldis: you wanna see your ribs den you happy is it? I bet you could see some already.
* Haven't see anything yet la. Anyways, i still didn't receive any letters. Be prepared for the treat man ! Haha.

Please don't take my sunshine away

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Okay, i bet 99.99% of you guys are cursing and swearing at the "Love Calculator" thingy i posted. But wells, our lifes all need a lil perkitty up aye ? :D

Anyway, i was randomly surfing around for unique artworks. Pardon me for my sudden artistic emerge. But anyway, this was what i found.

In 2007, an 'artist' by the name of Guillermo Vargas Habacuc, took a dog from the street, tied it to a rope in an art gallery, and starved it to death. For several days, the 'artist' and the visitors of the exhibition have watched emotionless, the shameful 'masterpiece' based on the dog's agony, until eventually it died.

does this look like art to you ?


And this is not the end. The prestigious Visual Arts Biennial of the Central American decided that the 'installation' was actually art, so Guillermo Vargas Habacuc is now being invited to repeat this cruel action for the Biennial again this year.


So everyone, please please please, go to http://www.petitiononline.com/ea6gk/ to sign a petition to stop him from doing this again. It's free of charge anyway ! And it will only take you 1 minute to save the life of another innocent animal.

Also, please forward this to as many contacts as you can. If you want to double check all the above information, you can google the name of the 'artist' to see if what the above mentioned corresponds to the truth.


alyssia: u nt dumb la..everybody dif mah..dun eat laxatives le..its bad for the health..u already very skinny le.
* I just want to study ):

o: you too skinny le.. dun go skiinner anymore...if you fat i weigh a TONNEEEE >.<
* I gained some weight recently. That's why. Haha.

marilyn: i think u laxatives somemore u will become de "pai gu jin" alr !
* LOL. Pai gu jing. Siao siao.

Eileen: you're only losing the water in your body not fats. dont eat laxatives le la you want slim slim dont want life ar?
* I want slim slim, i want my life too. Haha.

Aldis: since when u're fat. And the laxatives, got so kua zhang need anot? zzzz
* Since not long ago. You haven't seen me for quite some time already, no ?

passer: now we've been tricks, can you not post the results? pls.
* Sorry ! Gotta delete your tag so that i can continue to trick others. Haha. Of course i won't post. I didn't even really go read the results.

winnie: zzz i've been tricked! =)
* Sorry ! Gotta delete your tag so that i can continue to trick others. Haha.

manda: hey!! remem me? hehe.. seems like a rather long time now.. hope everything's great =)
* Of course i remember you ! Haha, hope everything's good for you too :D

steph8706: hehess... when u free
* My day offs for the month of May is pathetic. I've got off(s) on 7th, 14th, 21st and 23rd. Didn't even manage to get a day off on my boyfriend's birthday cause 2 full timers are on annual leave already.

terence: eh.. same like u.. blog hopping lor
* (:

Jasmine: Lol. NOw you know my bf and my full name .:P haha
* Oh wells, i still don't know how you look like ! Haha !

will go to US on tuesday..will try to take an exam and if i pass i will work there. hehe.
* Oh that's great ! Hopefully you'll pass the exam there ! :D

jonathan: eh that crushbit thingy is rubbish! what a trick! hahaha!
* Sorry ! Gotta delete your tag so that i can continue to trick others. Haha. But who is V*n*s*a L*n ? (;

angelawu: eh thx arhz ur stupid crushbit!!! it works everyone not bad worth trying it's true end up u will thanks to huishan!!!! zzzzzz.. lol!!! =))) try been there done there back here!!!!
* Haha. Cause i got tricked too. So but see if others will get tricked not.

ser: haha... so cheat de. luckily i din anyhow put other guys name. hahaha.
* Sorry ! Gotta delete your tag so that i can continue to trick others. Haha if we don't say nobody will know ! Anyway, thanks for dropping by today ! :D

St Vanilla's Ville

Friday, April 25, 2008

Work was a-okay today. Not alot of customers but tonnes of things to do, heh. At least i do not need to stand at Vilbrequin's and rot. And and, Ser and Yunting dropped by too !

I'm currently in the midst of some really good fat/ oil shedding. I'm swear to live with nothing except water in the morning, 1/2 a serving of normal lunch in the day, and maybe 1 or 2 laxatives in the night. I know it's gonna make me poo like a water tap, but who cares when i can get to lose weight ? HAHA !!

Anyway, was blog hopping and guess what i found ? LOVE CALCULATOR !! Pretty fun and accurate ! Click on the image/ link below to see how much "chemistry" you have with your crushes or boyfriend and girlfriends. B and i's chemis was pretty high, YAYNESS !



yunting: can't you change your shift on that day to go to the interview?
* Unfortunately can't. Cause boutique's timing is standard, 1030 to 730 de. Haha.

terence: hmm.. SIA job not easy lor. got friends there. heard from them quite shortage of manpower. that why lots of flights scheduled. +_+
* I heard alot of their current batches are either retiring or ending their contract. Thus the non stop recruitments. Hopefully they will still be recruiting in June, but still, pray hard that i'll get into a local Uni. Haha. Anyway, how did you come across my blog ??

Aldis: they will come.
* I hope.

zel: go lah.. try loh.. at least can gt more options for urself mah..
* I will. After i receive the rejection letters and everything. Haha. Maybe i'll go for the June ones if they do have another recruitment drive then.

marilyn: uniSIM got subsidise for singaporean ! 40% off for the degree!!!! oya, i typed my application form for SIA alr. but then.. stil carn decide when to go for it. lols
* But i thought UniSim is for 21 years and above. SIM then is any age can go. I got my application form filled in during the March recruitment. And i'm always so sway to have work on those days. Maybe i'll go for the June ones if they do have another recruitment drive then.

angelawu: eh if i go waxing u wan to pei me mahz!!! LOL.
* I go also no use. They will bring you to a private personal room de. Haha.

MY: is that shampoo supposed to make your hair grow faster? heh.
* Yes yes. But i seriously have no idea where in Singapore can i buy it. It seems like it's totally not available in Singapore. Even at our drugstores ):

nicole: omg are u serious. -.- sia non stop leh. so tempting.
* No joke Nic. Tempting to the max. Anyway, where have you been man !! How's life and everything ?! Can we have a 4e3 gathering pleassseee ?

alyssia: NUS n NTU..both computing courses.....wish u luck for the uni k..gt news tell me oh...lol:)
* So good. It's always good to be on the director's list. Can get Dip with merit, and get into a local uni. Too bad i'm too dumb to get into the D-list. Haha.

isha: nah,i'll be leaving my country for maybe more than 6months but my dentist still cant remove them :c
* Where are you travelling to ? For attachment ? Oh wells, you can only wait. Haha.

Dancing up a storm

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Can don't like that tempt me not ! Haha. I thought after i gave the March one a miss, the next walk-in interview won't been anytime soon till May or June. But it seems like they have an interview once every month ? LOL. The next interview is 27 April 08. And sad to say, i've got work from 11am-6pm on that day !!

Grr, looks like i can only go for the interviews after i'm done with Kids21 which is end of June. And and, where oh where are my confirmation letters from the uni(s) ?? This is so demoralizing. Sheesh.


angelawu: i also wan to go for waxing are u interested
* Waxing wise i wax till sian liao. I'm more interested in whitening. But $700 for 10 sessions, i broke liao k !!

Eileen: the monkey meat looks real cute1 anyway dont lose ur vibe to bllog. i always look forward to reading ur blog.
* Haha. Cute hor ? I also think so. It's really easy to make though. Just use normal Kraft cheese to cut, and paste on the meat while it's still hot so it can 'stick' on the meat. Also don't know what to blog already. Haha. Anyway, i'm so excited bout our meetup with Wenzi !!

random passer: e meal u made is so cute! monkey face-ed meat :)
* Haha thank you.

alyssia: dun stress ok :).. yeah gt replies from the uni already...wad abt u?...tc..aniwae happy anni to u and ur darling :)
* I still don't have any news !! Haha. Now waiting for rejection letter. Haha. Which school and which course you got into ??

isha: happy 1st anniversary to both you and ur bf! :D the gifts are cute and creative dear. anyway, i still envy you dear since you don't have ur braces..hahaha
* Haha thank you ! There's no need to envy. You'll be removing soon i believe. All my friends are removing 1plus years after they got their braces. I'm like the longest among all. Haha.

angelawu: and one more thing i decided to go for body whitening during may!!! haha!!! i wanna be fair!!!! LoL....
* KNS ! Go for whitening at my most broke period. Sponsor me lae. Haha.

angelawu: glad to see u back in shape!!! feel happy or both of u jia you!! may god bless both of you willl be everlasting...=)))))* Thank you !!

marilyn: erm dun stress dun stress. if carn get into nus or ntu, try those oversea degree ? and congrats ! 1 yrs passed so fast :D
* I don't dare to go overseas alone, and SIM/ UniSim is expensive. Haha.

Js: Wa i where got take her for granted... Dont anyhow say leh lol.. Just too tired and she massaged me then fell asleep lol..
* But 4 hours also cannot wake you up, it's quite saddening you know ! Had to quietly sneak out, with Shenil in my arms so that she won't anyhow bark. Heh.

anon: doesen ur bf feel sorrie or bad one? totally takin u for granted!
* He does feel sorry.

On this day, 1 year ago

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Picnic outing was postphoned due to the very unexpected drizzle ): Prepared lunch as promised and i headed down to Baby's crib. And this, was what i prepared. 'Octpus' cocktail sausages, and 'Monkey' meat.

B said he's got 3 surprises for me, in the form of senses - My sense of sight, sense of taste, and sense of touch. The first surprise i received, was in the form of taste. Baby fried my favourite-est lala for me !!

My 2nd surprise, sense of sight was an A4 sized colour printed calender made by my own boyfriend personally !! Not only does the calender consists of our pictures, but also important dates like our anniversaries, family member's birthdays and so on. Kudos to the boyfriend for such a creative gift la !! As for my 3rd surprise, sense of touch, i'll be keeping it as a lil secret between the boy and me.

Then the boyfriend decided to take a lil nap in the noon cause he woke up at 6am in the morning to buy lalas from the market. And from 4pm till 8pm, i'll been trying hard to wake him up for dinner but all he did is nod his head and then fall back to sleep. Oh wells. So i decided to head home first and let him continue sleeping. Haha. Time check, 939pm, and the lazy pig is still snoring away. Oh wells.

And yes, yesterday was spent working working and working. And then meeting up with Baby for a movie at PS. Initial plan was to catch it at Cine but the seats were selling fast and we're left with only the first 2 rows. So who's that dumb to take it you tell me !

And we caught,

Not bad, didn't know Jet Li can joke as well. But anyway, i didn't the popcorns that i've been craving for. So no thumbsup for this movie. Haha.

And and, i'm looking for sprees or anyone with the following shampoo and conditioner. I don't mind taking used ones or paying more than the normal retail price. But be reasonable la, don't jack up the price like crazy.

Anyway, my unique hits per day is soooo pathetic ): It's getting lesser and lesser by day seriously. THIS MEANS THAT I'M LOSING MY READERS !! There flies my extra income from Nuffnang. Morale reached the most bottom and i'm losing the vibe to blog already.


belle: thanks for dropping by (:
* You're welcome ! My bf was busy snoring away and i've really got nothing to do. So i went hopping from one blog to another and found yours ! Haha.

xiaoxue: hi there, back to visit ya!
* Thanks for visiting my blog so frequently ! Do visit me more often so that i can get more hits and earn more money from Nuffnang ! Haha.

Jasmine: Hey girl, what happened? Even though I don't really know you, I just hope u'll be better yea.
* Thank you. And thanks for visiting my blog so frequently. Do visit me more often so that i can get more hits and earn more money from Nuffnang ! Haha.

winnie: hey r u alryte?
* Yes i am. Just got really stressed out over the admission and graduation stuffs.

angelawu: hey u must jiayou i believe u can tolerate thru out de!!!! i give u some of my patience!!! everythign will be alright.
* (:

alyssia: babe hope everything is ok... :)
* Yea. I hope too. I seriously cannot handle stress la. Anyway, you received any letters already ?

marilyn: shann ah shann. big hugs !
* MARILYN ! Wo hen stress ah ! I scared no schools want me !! How how how !! ):

joanne: it's okay la now at kids u hav mis and the others. oh i met barts bee at town bus stop HAHA! she had that clip on her fringe ~.~
* Yea that tiny yellow blingbling hair clip. Haha.

joanne: hey! help me buy california also leh! staff purchase ^^
* Haha i thought Celine buying the stuffs for you ?

pearl: stays strong and think positive!
* (:

caca: debonded ur braces !
* Yes yes ! Debonded. And i'm missing my braces already.

passerger: i saw ya on the bus ard 8+pm, i was wearing white top white skirt, hmm okay i'll smile next time but i guess you'll be taken aback, it's funnie to say hi hahah.
* I don't remember seeing any girls in white eh. Haha. Nevermind, next time smile at me ! I don't bite :D

steph8706: tag my blog le.... my blog too little ppl tag liao.
* Haha. I will go :D

isha: aww howcome? i might gain too much weight when my dentist removes mine..
* I eat even less after i remove my braces ! Cause i'm afraid i'll eat stuffs that are too hard and my teeth will shift back. Haha.

zel: my 21st was at tat chalet!! wootz!
* Really ? Haha. The Tanah Merah NS chalet. Haha.

I just want to fucking hide in a corner

Sunday, April 20, 2008

(post deleted)

model stands at 162cm and uk6

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Yay we've updated !


Limited pieces per design. Send your orders to psykhedeliq@hotmail.
Alternatively, sms us at 9271-8753 for fast deals :D

California babies

Friday, April 18, 2008

Im digging my 2 staff purchases !! Anyway, picnic on the 22nd is more or less confirmed. Just the place, and food's that still being left undecided. More suggestions please !!


passerger: i think i saw you on bus 124 today, no wonder you looked so familiar.. i popped by your blog before...you're my neighbour! haha.
* Yes i take 124 everyday cause i need to go town to work. You saw me in the morning or ? Next time do say hi yea ! So i can know who are you :D

isha: good for you..mine has been for 1 year and 3 months already and i want them out like NOW! hahaha.
* Haha. You'll miss the braces after you removed them. I seriously don't wish to get them removed but my dentist insisted so i had no choice. Haha.

Eileen: orh ok, we'll go together
* Hokay set !

terence: congra-! but i tend to miss my braces too after removal last yr lor +_+
* I'm already missing them. And i do not wish to remove actually. But my dentist insisted that it's stable already.

angelawu: miss wahaha!!! u change blogs skin le!!! i love ur background manz!!! is sweet de lohz!!! hehe and congrat u will be living without ur braces anymore!!! that will be braces no more!!!! i love ya!!!
* Yup yup. But i miss my braces la ! But i don't love you lae, how arh.

steph8706: yup.. cos i wan go shoot....
* Iyo. You two. But since both together also not happy, break up also may not be a bad idea.

Jager bomb

Thursday, April 17, 2008

YES YES ! I've officially bidded goodbye to my 2years and 5months metal companion today !! My mouth feels awfully weird without the metals, seriously. And my upper retainers are leaving my jaw feeling VERY numb, and giving me a huge ulcer on my upper left gum. To add on to my misery, my upper left wisdom had to start growing at this time, tearing my gums apart. Sheesh.

Time check : 1042pm, and baby is still in bed. Guess i'll go Wahjong myself then ):


winnie: pretty girl without braces! lyk finally u taken it off. =)
* Lol. Not pretty la. But yay to removing them. 2 years and 5 months is seriously long.

Eileen: sandwiches, potato salad?? ok we'll meet up 1 day together with wenzi then i will get my cert frm u. thanks.
* Yup. My next off is my anniversary. So cannot meet you all. But i'll be having off on 29th to go back to TP to collect my gown though. Want to go together ? :D

Eileen: braces gone! hurray
* Yes yes :DD

isha: omg! lucky you!! no more braces dear..yiii mine will take much longer..:(
* Haha. But i've got braces for 2 years and 5 months already !

crybIbI: hey, nIce skin
* Haha thankyou. I just edited the previous one a little. Changed the colours and background. That's all :D

Lijuan: babe, recieve your item?
* Yea. Got it 3 days. And guess what ? My parcel was stamped 11th April. Which meant she mailed on FRIDAY and not Wed which she insisted she did. Sheesh. I swear i'll never ever buy from her again man.

steph8706: taggie taggie.... broke up with my bf liao =(
* Iyo. What happened ? Because of the shoot or ?

News flash !!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This, was taken yesterday.

And this, was taken today.

Notice any difference ?? No prizes for guessing it right though :D

Class chalet last night was really short, cause most of us are already working and our available timings were seriously limited. Met up with Eliza and Huier and we reached at bout 8ish. Ate tonnes of food, and we girls went up to the room for some good ol' catching up. Zee whole catching up session was awfully short, but i sure had a great time.

last but not least, a group photo

Then i cabbed down to Farrer Park to stayover cause i'll be accompanying B for his Napfa the next morning. And and, WHERE TO FIND A BOYFRIEND LIKE MINE !?!?!

A boyfriend who would make me..

eat chocolate ice cream,

and freezed crabs



Jasmine: Wow! Congrats! I think botanical gardens also have restaurants or something haha.
* Haha thanks thanks. I'm so excited bout the whole thing ! Oh i didn't know that B.Garden's got restaurants or makan places there ! But i think it's more sweet to whip up something instead, more memorable (:

winnie: huh cry uh? ._. wa change hp agn uh? =)
* I also don't want to change de. Is the Samsung U700 too cui already. It's giving me way too many problems !

Eileen: picnic good. Botanic garden got lotsa trees. choose to sit under the trees then u wun get burnt. My parents always bring me to botanic garden when i was young.
* Oh good good. Now i fan nao what to prepare for the picnic. Anyway, your project show certificate is with me ! Collect from me soon yea !

|ce: oh yea,about the cap,have u made 1 yet,cause im intending to sell mine.
* Hi there Shaun. Nope i haven't started. My boyfriend once mentioned that his head don't suit mesh caps, so i'm gonna give that idea a pass. Pretty wasted. Haha.

marilyn: i want her sales link ! :X
* PM me on msn ! I thought she's got only 2 site running but apparently, she's got more than 1 !! Though i've received my item already (like finally!) but seriously, such sellers how to trust !!

Counting, the many days to come

Monday, April 14, 2008

It will be Baby's and i 1st year anniversary in 8 day's time !! Any suggestions to how shall we celebrate it ? We're planning to go for a mini picnic at Botanic Gardens though. Anyone knows which part of Botanic Gardens is a good place to picnic, and what is a good time to prevent us from getting burnt/ tanned ?

And and, i've been receiving many mails and comments on the lack of updates on MissFayne. Sorry girls but i'm pretty caught up with work these days and do not have much time to go source for new items. I'll promise you babes an entry by end of april aye ? Please please please, do not stop supporting MissFayne !!

So what are you waiting for ?
VISIT http://www.missfayne.blogspot.com NOW

Some people, seriously

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check this out, how irresponsible some people can get. Oh sheesh. Before payment was made, she reply the mails almost instantly..

But ever since payment has been made, she went MIA and haven't been replying to my mails. After much bugging, she finally replied 2 days later (on wed) that she's mailing on wed, and will send me the RA# after her sis passes them to her. But i guess sis got kidnapped sorta cause she went MIA again.

I bugged her again, and finally on Fri (her kidnapped sis was being found i guess) she gave me my reg. article number but the record does not exist. If she really did mailed on Wed, the website should have the record already cause Singpost's site is only delayed by ONE day.

I checked the next morning, and tadah ! I confronted her again and of course, she denied and insisted that she mailed on Wed.

So is it my calender that's playing tricks, or is that that this girl only mailed my item on FRIDAY when she told me she'll made on WED ? C'mon la, if you're mailing it at a later date, just let me know and not go mia like that !!

It ponders me much why haven't i received my item 2 days after she had 'mailed' it out. If i haven't been bugging her for my reg. article number, i bet she wouldn't even mail out my item after receiving payment.

Seriously, even now that i've got my reg. article number, i too will suspect if it's really my item's number, or did she just mail me a random reg. article number which exists in Singpost's database. I swear i swear i swear, i'll never ever buy from her again.

People who wants her sales link, do PM me.

And so, i bidded goodbye to my less-than-five-months-old U700 today, and bought myself a SE Z770I. It's "g-masked" with the ugly M1 11th Anniversary now (EWWW). Shall peel it off when i have the time :D


girl: hello! i saw ya walkin outa hilton hotel yesterdae. u r holdin about 5 pastry boxes in ur hand!
* Haha yea. Bought cheesecakes from Hilton so yeap.

MY: msn me her sales link please! why dont you post her sales link here though. lol.
*Yup i will ! Cause i was thinking i don't want to give them free publicity. Haha. Some people will still buy from them despite them being very very slow in response.

Lijuan: Hi fayne! I've gotten my item. you?
* Unfortunately, not yet. I swear i'm not purchasing from her ever again. She better pray that i get my item by coming wed (since she insisted that she mailed on wed). Else i'm gonna ask for a refund or lodge a report against her. Her actions are seriously pissing me off.

steph8706: taggie taggie.... tag my blog.... so many problem recently.... bored to death liao
* Iyo. Bored then play Viwawa ? Haha.

xiaoxue: hi there, back to visit ya!
* Hello there !

angelawu: miss 江山美人 nice mehz!!! i watch till i going to zzz... well maybe i'm getting morbid that why the show isn't tat good for me!!!! =) i miss u babe!!!
* Not bad la the movie. Cause normally i'm not a war war movie kinda girl. But this is the first warrior show that made me really watch and cry with it. Haha.

winnie: hellos(: nice meh the movie? and omg, u sure ate alot. =X
* Not bad la the movie. Cause normally i'm not a war war movie kinda girl. But this is the first warrior show that made me really watch and cry with it. Haha.

steph8706: gal.... i wan open my own blog shop also le... how to set up??
* Urm just set up ? Haha. Contact supplier and then create a livejournal or blogspot to sell.

Calamari: hey shan.. is it the problem wif the photo or ur bf reali slim down alot?
* Haha, he did slim down since he came back from China. He kept eating there. In addition, he had braces on, and he likes to sleep till evening which allowed him to skip breakfast and lunch, and sometimes even dinner.

zel: well.. some ppl are just ignorant bt pretend that they do knw the entire situation. these ppl are super minute to the core... hehe
* Indeed.

jernel: Yup i'm from tp and i think i see u around in school before. Haha
* Really ? I always go to Engine school to eat their dumplings. You're from Engine school right ? Maybe you've seen me at the canteens before.

You & me

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's my off day today and i met up with the boyfriend AGAIN ! Met the boyfriend yesterday too to accompany him, Gary and Xing Xian for dinner. Xing Xian and i ate already though, so we watched the other 2 have their dinner. Nice fellas aren't we ??

Anyways, baby and i caught 江山美人 (An Empress and the Warriors) at Plaza Sing and thumbs up for the director man ! Warrior shows were never my kinda thing but seriously, i was captivated by the show throughout. Defo' worth the $5.50 which we paid for. And i'm totally hooked onto its OST. It's the song you're listening to now anyway :D

Okay, i'm getting lazy, so it's photo time

Feeling so hungry !! We want food !!

And we settled for Fish soup, lala and fruit juices.

All satisfied, and filled to the brim.



and also your secret recipes to making delish picnic yummies



Js: <3 ma baby =)
* Aww, I you too :D

zel: lol.. HK is a spon trip by mommy.. hehe.. europe i hv to come out some cos daddy wans me to pay for my own expenses..
* It's good that your Mum is willing to sponsor your trips. My mommy says if i want to travel i needa pay myself. LOL. To think some weird people actually says i keep spending my parent's money. Haha !

marilyn: thanks shann ! but still haben get any response even aft holis
* Hmm, no choice but to wait lo. Haha.

Jasmine: Sure. I think u'd walked away really quickly that's why I wasn't sure.
* Haha i always walk VERY quickly. So the person might really be me. Just say hi the next time you spot me :D

steph8706: hahas.... yup yup... still in the trend... hehe... hungry hungry.... now waiting for collegue to buy food for mi to eat... lazy to go out when raining,,
* Looks like i need to bring in more vintage-y looking items for MissFayne already (:

joanne ^^: oh my~! i'm ur fav workmate.. so proud of it ~.~ LOLS
* Lol. Of course you're my fav la. Like who else at Kids can crack me up like you always do, you tell me you tell me ? Now that you're gone, there's no one to gong jiao weh with me anymore luh ):

angelawu: eh!!! wahaha!!! KTV LoL!!! my voice sucks okie idiot!!!! ur pic my blog !!! LOL i should post it big big big!!! wonder why i put small small de!!!
* You can post my moustache pic big big also what ! Haha. More meetups soon yea !!