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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Picnic outing was postphoned due to the very unexpected drizzle ): Prepared lunch as promised and i headed down to Baby's crib. And this, was what i prepared. 'Octpus' cocktail sausages, and 'Monkey' meat.

B said he's got 3 surprises for me, in the form of senses - My sense of sight, sense of taste, and sense of touch. The first surprise i received, was in the form of taste. Baby fried my favourite-est lala for me !!

My 2nd surprise, sense of sight was an A4 sized colour printed calender made by my own boyfriend personally !! Not only does the calender consists of our pictures, but also important dates like our anniversaries, family member's birthdays and so on. Kudos to the boyfriend for such a creative gift la !! As for my 3rd surprise, sense of touch, i'll be keeping it as a lil secret between the boy and me.

Then the boyfriend decided to take a lil nap in the noon cause he woke up at 6am in the morning to buy lalas from the market. And from 4pm till 8pm, i'll been trying hard to wake him up for dinner but all he did is nod his head and then fall back to sleep. Oh wells. So i decided to head home first and let him continue sleeping. Haha. Time check, 939pm, and the lazy pig is still snoring away. Oh wells.

And yes, yesterday was spent working working and working. And then meeting up with Baby for a movie at PS. Initial plan was to catch it at Cine but the seats were selling fast and we're left with only the first 2 rows. So who's that dumb to take it you tell me !

And we caught,

Not bad, didn't know Jet Li can joke as well. But anyway, i didn't the popcorns that i've been craving for. So no thumbsup for this movie. Haha.

And and, i'm looking for sprees or anyone with the following shampoo and conditioner. I don't mind taking used ones or paying more than the normal retail price. But be reasonable la, don't jack up the price like crazy.

Anyway, my unique hits per day is soooo pathetic ): It's getting lesser and lesser by day seriously. THIS MEANS THAT I'M LOSING MY READERS !! There flies my extra income from Nuffnang. Morale reached the most bottom and i'm losing the vibe to blog already.


belle: thanks for dropping by (:
* You're welcome ! My bf was busy snoring away and i've really got nothing to do. So i went hopping from one blog to another and found yours ! Haha.

xiaoxue: hi there, back to visit ya!
* Thanks for visiting my blog so frequently ! Do visit me more often so that i can get more hits and earn more money from Nuffnang ! Haha.

Jasmine: Hey girl, what happened? Even though I don't really know you, I just hope u'll be better yea.
* Thank you. And thanks for visiting my blog so frequently. Do visit me more often so that i can get more hits and earn more money from Nuffnang ! Haha.

winnie: hey r u alryte?
* Yes i am. Just got really stressed out over the admission and graduation stuffs.

angelawu: hey u must jiayou i believe u can tolerate thru out de!!!! i give u some of my patience!!! everythign will be alright.
* (:

alyssia: babe hope everything is ok... :)
* Yea. I hope too. I seriously cannot handle stress la. Anyway, you received any letters already ?

marilyn: shann ah shann. big hugs !
* MARILYN ! Wo hen stress ah ! I scared no schools want me !! How how how !! ):

joanne: it's okay la now at kids u hav mis and the others. oh i met barts bee at town bus stop HAHA! she had that clip on her fringe ~.~
* Yea that tiny yellow blingbling hair clip. Haha.

joanne: hey! help me buy california also leh! staff purchase ^^
* Haha i thought Celine buying the stuffs for you ?

pearl: stays strong and think positive!
* (:

caca: debonded ur braces !
* Yes yes ! Debonded. And i'm missing my braces already.

passerger: i saw ya on the bus ard 8+pm, i was wearing white top white skirt, hmm okay i'll smile next time but i guess you'll be taken aback, it's funnie to say hi hahah.
* I don't remember seeing any girls in white eh. Haha. Nevermind, next time smile at me ! I don't bite :D

steph8706: tag my blog le.... my blog too little ppl tag liao.
* Haha. I will go :D

isha: aww howcome? i might gain too much weight when my dentist removes mine..
* I eat even less after i remove my braces ! Cause i'm afraid i'll eat stuffs that are too hard and my teeth will shift back. Haha.

zel: my 21st was at tat chalet!! wootz!
* Really ? Haha. The Tanah Merah NS chalet. Haha.

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