Wednesday, April 9, 2008

and also your secret recipes to making delish picnic yummies



Js: <3 ma baby =)
* Aww, I you too :D

zel: lol.. HK is a spon trip by mommy.. hehe.. europe i hv to come out some cos daddy wans me to pay for my own expenses..
* It's good that your Mum is willing to sponsor your trips. My mommy says if i want to travel i needa pay myself. LOL. To think some weird people actually says i keep spending my parent's money. Haha !

marilyn: thanks shann ! but still haben get any response even aft holis
* Hmm, no choice but to wait lo. Haha.

Jasmine: Sure. I think u'd walked away really quickly that's why I wasn't sure.
* Haha i always walk VERY quickly. So the person might really be me. Just say hi the next time you spot me :D

steph8706: hahas.... yup yup... still in the trend... hehe... hungry hungry.... now waiting for collegue to buy food for mi to eat... lazy to go out when raining,,
* Looks like i need to bring in more vintage-y looking items for MissFayne already (:

joanne ^^: oh my~! i'm ur fav workmate.. so proud of it ~.~ LOLS
* Lol. Of course you're my fav la. Like who else at Kids can crack me up like you always do, you tell me you tell me ? Now that you're gone, there's no one to gong jiao weh with me anymore luh ):

angelawu: eh!!! wahaha!!! KTV LoL!!! my voice sucks okie idiot!!!! ur pic my blog !!! LOL i should post it big big big!!! wonder why i put small small de!!!
* You can post my moustache pic big big also what ! Haha. More meetups soon yea !!

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