Some people, seriously

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Check this out, how irresponsible some people can get. Oh sheesh. Before payment was made, she reply the mails almost instantly..

But ever since payment has been made, she went MIA and haven't been replying to my mails. After much bugging, she finally replied 2 days later (on wed) that she's mailing on wed, and will send me the RA# after her sis passes them to her. But i guess sis got kidnapped sorta cause she went MIA again.

I bugged her again, and finally on Fri (her kidnapped sis was being found i guess) she gave me my reg. article number but the record does not exist. If she really did mailed on Wed, the website should have the record already cause Singpost's site is only delayed by ONE day.

I checked the next morning, and tadah ! I confronted her again and of course, she denied and insisted that she mailed on Wed.

So is it my calender that's playing tricks, or is that that this girl only mailed my item on FRIDAY when she told me she'll made on WED ? C'mon la, if you're mailing it at a later date, just let me know and not go mia like that !!

It ponders me much why haven't i received my item 2 days after she had 'mailed' it out. If i haven't been bugging her for my reg. article number, i bet she wouldn't even mail out my item after receiving payment.

Seriously, even now that i've got my reg. article number, i too will suspect if it's really my item's number, or did she just mail me a random reg. article number which exists in Singpost's database. I swear i swear i swear, i'll never ever buy from her again.

People who wants her sales link, do PM me.

And so, i bidded goodbye to my less-than-five-months-old U700 today, and bought myself a SE Z770I. It's "g-masked" with the ugly M1 11th Anniversary now (EWWW). Shall peel it off when i have the time :D


girl: hello! i saw ya walkin outa hilton hotel yesterdae. u r holdin about 5 pastry boxes in ur hand!
* Haha yea. Bought cheesecakes from Hilton so yeap.

MY: msn me her sales link please! why dont you post her sales link here though. lol.
*Yup i will ! Cause i was thinking i don't want to give them free publicity. Haha. Some people will still buy from them despite them being very very slow in response.

Lijuan: Hi fayne! I've gotten my item. you?
* Unfortunately, not yet. I swear i'm not purchasing from her ever again. She better pray that i get my item by coming wed (since she insisted that she mailed on wed). Else i'm gonna ask for a refund or lodge a report against her. Her actions are seriously pissing me off.

steph8706: taggie taggie.... tag my blog.... so many problem recently.... bored to death liao
* Iyo. Bored then play Viwawa ? Haha.

xiaoxue: hi there, back to visit ya!
* Hello there !

angelawu: miss 江山美人 nice mehz!!! i watch till i going to zzz... well maybe i'm getting morbid that why the show isn't tat good for me!!!! =) i miss u babe!!!
* Not bad la the movie. Cause normally i'm not a war war movie kinda girl. But this is the first warrior show that made me really watch and cry with it. Haha.

winnie: hellos(: nice meh the movie? and omg, u sure ate alot. =X
* Not bad la the movie. Cause normally i'm not a war war movie kinda girl. But this is the first warrior show that made me really watch and cry with it. Haha.

steph8706: gal.... i wan open my own blog shop also le... how to set up??
* Urm just set up ? Haha. Contact supplier and then create a livejournal or blogspot to sell.

Calamari: hey shan.. is it the problem wif the photo or ur bf reali slim down alot?
* Haha, he did slim down since he came back from China. He kept eating there. In addition, he had braces on, and he likes to sleep till evening which allowed him to skip breakfast and lunch, and sometimes even dinner.

zel: well.. some ppl are just ignorant bt pretend that they do knw the entire situation. these ppl are super minute to the core... hehe
* Indeed.

jernel: Yup i'm from tp and i think i see u around in school before. Haha
* Really ? I always go to Engine school to eat their dumplings. You're from Engine school right ? Maybe you've seen me at the canteens before.

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