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Friday, April 18, 2008

Im digging my 2 staff purchases !! Anyway, picnic on the 22nd is more or less confirmed. Just the place, and food's that still being left undecided. More suggestions please !!


passerger: i think i saw you on bus 124 today, no wonder you looked so familiar.. i popped by your blog're my neighbour! haha.
* Yes i take 124 everyday cause i need to go town to work. You saw me in the morning or ? Next time do say hi yea ! So i can know who are you :D

isha: good for you..mine has been for 1 year and 3 months already and i want them out like NOW! hahaha.
* Haha. You'll miss the braces after you removed them. I seriously don't wish to get them removed but my dentist insisted so i had no choice. Haha.

Eileen: orh ok, we'll go together
* Hokay set !

terence: congra-! but i tend to miss my braces too after removal last yr lor +_+
* I'm already missing them. And i do not wish to remove actually. But my dentist insisted that it's stable already.

angelawu: miss wahaha!!! u change blogs skin le!!! i love ur background manz!!! is sweet de lohz!!! hehe and congrat u will be living without ur braces anymore!!! that will be braces no more!!!! i love ya!!!
* Yup yup. But i miss my braces la ! But i don't love you lae, how arh.

steph8706: yup.. cos i wan go shoot....
* Iyo. You two. But since both together also not happy, break up also may not be a bad idea.

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