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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby's big TWENTY in 5 days time ! And i'm totally clueless on what's for plan. Furthermore, 2 fulltimers are on annual leave on the 5th, so howdy hell can i get a day off on the 5th ??


angelawu: waileng !!! i'm recovered!!! next week choc buffet anyone??? wah meiting passed le den when ur turn??? omg!!!! i'm craving for chocs... chocs buffet for next gathering okie??
* Haha, you treat ah ? Okay no prob !!

L: ur nose is so fulgy it is so flat. may be u nid plastic surgey so u can get in2 sia. no offence though peace out.
* Are you the one who commented on MissFayne that my past collections are ugly ? But anyway, i've never mentioned that i've got nice nose in the first place !

meiting: Wah ! Thanks for congratulating me ! But my final interview will be on end of may ! So long right . Cos I going china lah . Then miss all the dates . So must drag . You go SIA interview also leh !
* Lol you're welcome luh. Yea so long. But i'm sure you'll get in. I'll go for one once i receives my rejection letters from the unis. Haha.

feli: I saw you at orchard rd today! You're wif your bf. I so love the ninja turtle shirt you are wearin. Where did you buy it from?
* Hello there. I got it online. It was from Delias*

manda: lol.. i saw ur shop's pics.. u dun look pear-shaped.. u look proportionate.. =) at least better than me i have no butt =(
* This is when photoshop comes into use. Haha. You should see me in person. Haha, totally different. Anyway, no butt is always better than big butt ! My butt is so fat and fleshy ! ):

waileng: miss, help mi scold tat "princess" when u c her online ok? she Sick still wan to eat chocolate! hrmph!!! anyway u shld really go try b model la.. u got tat model face! im jealous~
* Simi model face ! More of lj face la ! Haha!!

winnie: waa your photo sui siah. lol. =) fa yu also whr got so fat one, must jian fei uh me. u this kind dont need alr =)
* Haha, thank you :D Credits to the photog seriously.

yvonne: nice photos u have there! =)
* Haha, thank you :D Credits to the photog seriously.

zel: aiyoooooo... dun over do it l
* Hao la hao la. Haha.

terence: wah. the photo got pro standard leh. :D
* Lol. Ejun's a good photog imo.

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