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Monday, April 28, 2008


Day off was really well-spent today. Stop 1, Mission Hair Salon. Met up with Yunting to get our hair trimmed. No drastic changes like my previous trip down to Mission though, but i switched my very thick kawaii bangs to really short and thin side swept fringe, trimmed the back of my hair and thin the side a little. And i'm lovin lovin my new lion's mane :D

Stop 2, BlackArts Studio - for Ejun's 100 headshots project. Kudos to this photog seriously. Cause he's by far the only photog who believes in building a good rapport with whichever model he is working with. He even showed me magic tricks and taught me one of the tricks !!

Anyway, here's the shots from the shoot

Are you ready to see the prettypretty me ??










Here's SADAKO-SHAN for you !!

Okay, jokes aside.

Here's a non-crazy one. And i swear i was thinking of B when i was doing that shoot. That explains my very sneakycheeky smile, no ?

Stop 3, Temasek Polytechnic - for my graduation gown fitting and collection. And i swear M gives me very broad and fat shoulders la ! But i bet S is too short for me. It sucks being an in-between size, no ? Anyway, it's been long since i last saw YeeWoen. My muackmuack Eileen was suppose to come along too, but she's celebrating her anni with Harry so yeapp. Happy anni to you and Harry yea !!

K i'm getting lazy so here's a chopchop one. Stop 4, Farrer Park Gloucester Road - for some good old tender lovin' care. And guess what ? B cooked for me again ! He cooked me yummy magee mee (but with tonnes of fresh scallops!). And when he realised that his fridge's got no more coke, he went downstairs to dong coke for us. Feel like a total princess queen man !

Anyway, check out my very cute boyfriend.

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:
headache sia wan reformat also so many dai ji

-# FAYNE huishan plays pretty for baby [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
chill la

-# FAYNE huishan plays pretty for baby [ @ j'aime mon bébé °] says:
come, give u love de muackmuack

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:

b4L. Jš ← fReEzE_sTyLeR - Lala says:
i wish i can give the lappie some love de muack muack and make it work.

oh wells !!


winnie: hahas, (: i understand lahh, lol. my dear uh you are really skinny liao lahh, i this kind then need to jian fei lor. =)
* You still fa yu-ing, jian what fei. Don't jian. Later never fa yu hao hao.

aLbong: link like cannot work lei .. or issit juz mi?
* I gave a wrong link, paiseh paiseh. I've edited it already. Go sign the petition now !! :D

aLbong: tt is fuking sick. killing human's best friend as art. gosh ..
* Exactly ! Even if there's alot of stray dogs in their country, also no need to cruel one what.

angelawu: that art he called is totally a piece of ****!! why not i tied him there!!! then we called art better still strip the artist naked!!! this is wat he called art!!! see le dL lohz!!!!
* Lol. Idea ah. Tie him under the hot sun, strip him naked, and let him starve to death too.

marilyn: alamak, both u and chin alr so damn skinny alr! still dont eat aiyoyo..
* Haha. I got pear-shaped figure you know !! Where got skinny ?

smilE: tks for de visit.. oh my! why de artist treats tat as art? wth..
* Yea. So cruel aye ?

manda: everything's fine.. hahas.. hmm actualli i dun think u need2worry much abt ur weight.. u look slimmer than me and ppl are saying i'm skinny.. =X
* I only have a very skinny face. You should have seen my pear-shaped figure. Haha.

Name: from what i read ages ago regarding your "ARTISTIC" post, the walls were filled with food but the poor dog cannot reach it. so it starve to death though food is there.
* Oh wells, isn't that worst than just leaving the dog to starve ?

chin: lols! yup yup.. and i look super fat! ): how i wish i am as slim as u): *jealous jealous*
* You where got fat ! I'm just glad you like that top :D

zel: girl ah.. dun over do it leh.. france's already banning aneroxia propagandar.. i m trying to change my eating habits too..
* France ma. Singapore not yet. Haha. I just want to lose some weight ):

Aldis: you wanna see your ribs den you happy is it? I bet you could see some already.
* Haven't see anything yet la. Anyways, i still didn't receive any letters. Be prepared for the treat man ! Haha.

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