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Thursday, April 17, 2008

YES YES ! I've officially bidded goodbye to my 2years and 5months metal companion today !! My mouth feels awfully weird without the metals, seriously. And my upper retainers are leaving my jaw feeling VERY numb, and giving me a huge ulcer on my upper left gum. To add on to my misery, my upper left wisdom had to start growing at this time, tearing my gums apart. Sheesh.

Time check : 1042pm, and baby is still in bed. Guess i'll go Wahjong myself then ):


winnie: pretty girl without braces! lyk finally u taken it off. =)
* Lol. Not pretty la. But yay to removing them. 2 years and 5 months is seriously long.

Eileen: sandwiches, potato salad?? ok we'll meet up 1 day together with wenzi then i will get my cert frm u. thanks.
* Yup. My next off is my anniversary. So cannot meet you all. But i'll be having off on 29th to go back to TP to collect my gown though. Want to go together ? :D

Eileen: braces gone! hurray
* Yes yes :DD

isha: omg! lucky you!! no more braces dear..yiii mine will take much longer..:(
* Haha. But i've got braces for 2 years and 5 months already !

crybIbI: hey, nIce skin
* Haha thankyou. I just edited the previous one a little. Changed the colours and background. That's all :D

Lijuan: babe, recieve your item?
* Yea. Got it 3 days. And guess what ? My parcel was stamped 11th April. Which meant she mailed on FRIDAY and not Wed which she insisted she did. Sheesh. I swear i'll never ever buy from her again man.

steph8706: taggie taggie.... broke up with my bf liao =(
* Iyo. What happened ? Because of the shoot or ?

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