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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's my off day today and i met up with the boyfriend AGAIN ! Met the boyfriend yesterday too to accompany him, Gary and Xing Xian for dinner. Xing Xian and i ate already though, so we watched the other 2 have their dinner. Nice fellas aren't we ??

Anyways, baby and i caught 江山美人 (An Empress and the Warriors) at Plaza Sing and thumbs up for the director man ! Warrior shows were never my kinda thing but seriously, i was captivated by the show throughout. Defo' worth the $5.50 which we paid for. And i'm totally hooked onto its OST. It's the song you're listening to now anyway :D

Okay, i'm getting lazy, so it's photo time

Feeling so hungry !! We want food !!

And we settled for Fish soup, lala and fruit juices.

All satisfied, and filled to the brim.


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