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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

This, was taken yesterday.

And this, was taken today.

Notice any difference ?? No prizes for guessing it right though :D

Class chalet last night was really short, cause most of us are already working and our available timings were seriously limited. Met up with Eliza and Huier and we reached at bout 8ish. Ate tonnes of food, and we girls went up to the room for some good ol' catching up. Zee whole catching up session was awfully short, but i sure had a great time.

last but not least, a group photo

Then i cabbed down to Farrer Park to stayover cause i'll be accompanying B for his Napfa the next morning. And and, WHERE TO FIND A BOYFRIEND LIKE MINE !?!?!

A boyfriend who would make me..

eat chocolate ice cream,

and freezed crabs



Jasmine: Wow! Congrats! I think botanical gardens also have restaurants or something haha.
* Haha thanks thanks. I'm so excited bout the whole thing ! Oh i didn't know that B.Garden's got restaurants or makan places there ! But i think it's more sweet to whip up something instead, more memorable (:

winnie: huh cry uh? ._. wa change hp agn uh? =)
* I also don't want to change de. Is the Samsung U700 too cui already. It's giving me way too many problems !

Eileen: picnic good. Botanic garden got lotsa trees. choose to sit under the trees then u wun get burnt. My parents always bring me to botanic garden when i was young.
* Oh good good. Now i fan nao what to prepare for the picnic. Anyway, your project show certificate is with me ! Collect from me soon yea !

|ce: oh yea,about the cap,have u made 1 yet,cause im intending to sell mine.
* Hi there Shaun. Nope i haven't started. My boyfriend once mentioned that his head don't suit mesh caps, so i'm gonna give that idea a pass. Pretty wasted. Haha.

marilyn: i want her sales link ! :X
* PM me on msn ! I thought she's got only 2 site running but apparently, she's got more than 1 !! Though i've received my item already (like finally!) but seriously, such sellers how to trust !!

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