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Friday, April 25, 2008

Work was a-okay today. Not alot of customers but tonnes of things to do, heh. At least i do not need to stand at Vilbrequin's and rot. And and, Ser and Yunting dropped by too !

I'm currently in the midst of some really good fat/ oil shedding. I'm swear to live with nothing except water in the morning, 1/2 a serving of normal lunch in the day, and maybe 1 or 2 laxatives in the night. I know it's gonna make me poo like a water tap, but who cares when i can get to lose weight ? HAHA !!

Anyway, was blog hopping and guess what i found ? LOVE CALCULATOR !! Pretty fun and accurate ! Click on the image/ link below to see how much "chemistry" you have with your crushes or boyfriend and girlfriends. B and i's chemis was pretty high, YAYNESS !


yunting: can't you change your shift on that day to go to the interview?
* Unfortunately can't. Cause boutique's timing is standard, 1030 to 730 de. Haha.

terence: hmm.. SIA job not easy lor. got friends there. heard from them quite shortage of manpower. that why lots of flights scheduled. +_+
* I heard alot of their current batches are either retiring or ending their contract. Thus the non stop recruitments. Hopefully they will still be recruiting in June, but still, pray hard that i'll get into a local Uni. Haha. Anyway, how did you come across my blog ??

Aldis: they will come.
* I hope.

zel: go lah.. try loh.. at least can gt more options for urself mah..
* I will. After i receive the rejection letters and everything. Haha. Maybe i'll go for the June ones if they do have another recruitment drive then.

marilyn: uniSIM got subsidise for singaporean ! 40% off for the degree!!!! oya, i typed my application form for SIA alr. but then.. stil carn decide when to go for it. lols
* But i thought UniSim is for 21 years and above. SIM then is any age can go. I got my application form filled in during the March recruitment. And i'm always so sway to have work on those days. Maybe i'll go for the June ones if they do have another recruitment drive then.

angelawu: eh if i go waxing u wan to pei me mahz!!! LOL.
* I go also no use. They will bring you to a private personal room de. Haha.

MY: is that shampoo supposed to make your hair grow faster? heh.
* Yes yes. But i seriously have no idea where in Singapore can i buy it. It seems like it's totally not available in Singapore. Even at our drugstores ):

nicole: omg are u serious. -.- sia non stop leh. so tempting.
* No joke Nic. Tempting to the max. Anyway, where have you been man !! How's life and everything ?! Can we have a 4e3 gathering pleassseee ?

alyssia: NUS n NTU..both computing courses.....wish u luck for the uni news tell me
* So good. It's always good to be on the director's list. Can get Dip with merit, and get into a local uni. Too bad i'm too dumb to get into the D-list. Haha.

isha: nah,i'll be leaving my country for maybe more than 6months but my dentist still cant remove them :c
* Where are you travelling to ? For attachment ? Oh wells, you can only wait. Haha.

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