A quick update

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates (yes I know I havent been updating again, like what's new right). Anyways, diet plan have been chucked aside for the festive season and hopefully I can get back on track asap for the new year. Who wants to look fat on New Year right ? Already had trouble fitting into my usual dresses for my friend's wedding. Don't wanna screw up my New Year haha.

So as the title suggests, this shall be a quick update. Not gonna type too much. Gotta sum up my December with some photos. Will talk about November when I have the time aye :/

Amos & Xueling's wedding, 15th Dec

Christmas gift exchange at GFS, 23rd Dec

H&M Family and Friends, 23rd Dec

BBQ for Xingxian's 23rd birthday, 24th Dec

XX's 23rd. b4L the original, 24th Dec

B's grams place for Melvin, Yihao & Weiwei's birthday, 25th Dec

Summing up my month of December, it was a month of ups and downs, with hiccups along the way, but I'm glad that after all the dramas, things still pretty much turned out the way I wanted it to. So yea, be back before the New Year I hope (:

En route to fortyfive

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And so, because I've been gaining way too much weight since I started working full time, I'm now trying to get my weight back in check with yet another routine that I've came up with. And this new diet plan I've came up with is called the One Meal Per Day Plan.

As the name suggests, I eat only ONE meal a day. I initially wanted to have my meal really small (like baby portion, haha) and low caloric but kinda difficult to do so at the office cause I have zero control over how my meal is cooked, I therefore allowed myself to have whatever I want/can for lunch. And that meal, be it boiled or grilled or steamed or fried, shall be my only meal for the whole day.

So what happens in the evening when I reach home ? I get hungry and looking at my parents have their dinner/ snack later in the night does not help my growling tummy at all. Like every other human, I crave for food. Especially crisps, cookies, bread. All those sugary savories and carbs.

So from today onwards, everytime I get hungry and crave to snack, I will log into Wordpress, post a curb-the-snacking-pangs tip, and stick to it.

And here's tip #1, when you get hungry and wanted to start eating or snacking,

grab a polish bottle and paint away !!


Painting layers and layers over your nails takes times and hopefully by the time you're done with your nails, the urge to eat is gone. If it isn't, fret not. The bad polish stench on your nails will probably make you not wanna eat. if you still crave for food, then tell yourself that sticking your freshly painted fingers into that bag of crisps is gonna spoil your nails and effort.

Have a go at painting your nails when you feel like eating ! It should help (:

My boyfriend loves me

Monday, December 12, 2011


about an hour later .. .. ..


jiang jiang ~ bbt !! with ♥ , from my ♥