Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I just got back to Singapore from my pre-wedding trip and I thought why not do a sneak peek for all of you out there ? I am sure you guys have seen some of my photos on my Instagram. It was definitely a tiring, but fun process doing stupid poses and glaming up. I guess that is what wedding shoots are all about. I swear I have never looked so neat before and I felt like I am a fallen angel or what not. If only I can look like that every other day.

And so, I will be sharing some behind the scenes of our wedding shoot. We chose to take it in Taiwan because Taiwan was the first country JS and I went to together as a couple and we thought it would be meaningful to have our wedding shoot there. We initially wanted to have our shoot in Korea cause we are totally loving the entire korean clean and neat kinda feel but we do have a budget and the bridal house we signed up with had similar korean feel to their works so we thought, why not Taiwan ?

We chose to have our wedding shoot during the CNY period so that we do not need to apply for that many days of leaves but it slipped my mind that Taiwan would be pretty chilly during that period and gowns do not usually come in that much fabric. But then again, it didn't really matter cause like what my photographer said Ai Sui Mai Mia (Translation : Would be willing to give up my life for beauty)

We reached the studio at 8am for makeup and we only finished everything at 8pm. That's like a freakin' 12 hour shoot ! It was kinda drizzling in the morning when we left our hotel for the bridal boutique but by the time we were about to set off, the sky was clear and blue already. So we were really lucky ! The entire process is tiring no doubt, but looking at the raw images, I kinda felt that it was all worth it. Thank God I wore my trusty Melissa flats for the shoot so I was able to move around easily.


My package came with a total of 5 outfits, hairdo and makeup. We chose to shoot in a photography manor so we kinda had the luxury of changing out of my outfits in a proper changing room rather than changing in a tentage in the public. I know everyone who chose to shoot outdoor does that and there is nothing with it, but don't forget about the cold and chilly weather. The morning I had my shoot, the temperature was like 14 degrees ?

I also get to have my lunch and makeup/touchup done comfortably at the makeup area and I personally feel that comfort is very important cause I would probably have an ultimate resting bitch face if I were to feel irritated at any point of time. Nonetheless, we were treated like King and Queen by my photography crew. Seriously. They literally helped us with EVERYTHING. But anyways, we took a hell load of photos through the 12 hours. I think my photographer snapped at least say 400 frames ? Or maybe more than that cause when my photos were developed for choosing, I had to like choose from 300 over photos.

Finalising on the photos was the most painful part in my personal opinion. As determined as we were to stick to our original package's entitlement, we couldn't and still topped up cause all the frames are so freaking beautiful ! We started off with 380 images and after several rounds of cut-downs, we finally settled to top up 25 more photos. I guess that is considered decent already ? Cause I heard of people who bought 100+ additional photos or even bought all the photos ! But seriously, how often will we flip through our wedding albums after the first few months ?

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry as much as I did reminiscing about it ! I am considering posting some of the actual photos but given the feedback on my ask.fm, I am still contemplating. I don't mean to show off in any way though. I just thought of sharing the images cause I personally think that no way I will look so pretty ever again. But in any way, stay tuned!

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  1. Hi which is your bridal studio in tw?

    1. Hi, my prewedding bridal studio is Bluebay!! (: