Saturday, March 7, 2015

I want to blog as frequently as possible but with a full-time eight to five and the upcoming wedding, there isn't seem to have enough time for me to blog anymore ! Like there is a whole bunch of stuffs I wanted to do / visit this week so I could blog about them but I didn't even do them and the week is like gone already.

But anyways, now that I have finally gotten hold of all the raw images from my wedding shoot, I am working on my save-the-date and some other DIY stuffs for my reception. Let me know how you find the above design aye ? I thought the monogram pretty much suits our theme since we are going for a military wedding.

I know I should be worrying about the more important stuffs like the JP, Cinematographer, my Bridesmaids etc but all these are far more tedious than mere photoshop and I am really lazy to do researches and all so any fellow bride-to-be(s) out there can share with me your wedding preparations, wedding shoot experience and all so I know what I had missed out.

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