TAIWAN FEB'15 : 洪師傅, 士林夜市, 中正紀念堂, 马辣鸳鸯火锅

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Back to ShiLin for round two shopping and more street food

Having shaved ice when the temperature is 15 degrees out there. We just had to reminisce our previous visit back in 2010.

That kinda sums up my last few days in Taiwan. We did not do much though, just strolling around the streets of Taiwan, eating street food, people watching. I guess we took this chance to really rest our body and souls from the hectic schedules in Singapore. I am glad we did not plan an itinerary and made ourselves follow through cause that would be really tiring. I am thinking of doing the same for our Korea trip this year end but I guess it will be kinda risky cause neither of us have visited Korea before so we might end up spending most of the time getting lost and finding our way haha.

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Till then, xoxo

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