TAIWAN FEB'15 : 台灣我來了

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello everybody ! I am finally over and done (okay maybe not) hyping over my wedding photos so I will be blogging about my Taiwan trip actual. I will not be blogging it on a what-we-did-the-entire-day basis, but rather like daily/trip highlights. Cause this time round, we did not plan any itinerary prior to the trip. We just decided to play by the weather and ear since we have been there before and covered most of the tourist attractions back then.

Our flight was scheduled at 00:55hrs on the third day of CNY and the day of departure was quite a rush for me. I had CNY visiting and dinner all the way till 10pm and JS came to fetch me from AMK back home for a short shower and we headed for the airport thereafter.

Desserts before taking off. Oppa cardigan sb sexy ah.
Checked in and ready to go ! I had some trouble packing my luggage cause I don't know what clothes to bring. The temperature in Taiwan fluctuates like crazy though. Ended up throwing a couple of thick clothings as well as sleeveless dresses.

Touched down at the ungodly 5am and we took an airport transfer bus to our hotel. There was no direct bus to our hotel but the bus stop is just across the road so we still made it to our hotel in one piece. Taiwanese are extremely helpful so when in doubt, just ask around !

We booked our accommodation in Shuang Lian 雙連 (which was only 5 minutes walk away from our bridal house) this time round instead of Xi Men 西门, where we stayed during our previous trip. Choosing to stay with Yomi Hotel has got to be our best choice ever cause not only is their room larger than average, their breakfast spread and toilet amenities are awesome too. They also provide FOC instant noodles, snacks, fruits and drinks on a daily basis. WIFI dongle is also provided for us to use when we are out of the hotel but I would not suggest using it cause its battery life is short beyond hope haha.

It was still early when we reached Yomi Hotel and we could not check in yet so we deposited our luggages with the reception and headed off for some breakfast taiwanese style. There was a YongHe 永和豆浆 few shops down our hotel but I don't know if it is authentic since 永和 is like everywhere.

After breakfast, we found the National Palace Museum 国立故宫博物院 where we continued our exploration.

There was quite a bit of crowd at the museum cause everyone wanted to see the naturally formed jade that looked very much like braised pork. The museum was huge to begin with, with three levels of exhibition halls, each filled with tonnes of historical studies and all. No photography within museum, so sorry no photos guys !

It was about 2pm when were done with the museum and we finally got to check in ! We lazed around for abit in our awesome room before heading out to Shilin Night Market to meet JS parents as they were in Taiwan too !!

That pretty much marks our first night in Taipei !

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