TAIWAN FEB'15 : 西门町, 五分埔, 饒河夜市

Sunday, March 15, 2015

When one is in Taiwan, you must never miss their night markets. Taiwanese never fails with their food. Or maybe I am one of the lucky ones who never encountered bad food in Taiwan before. Anyways, today I will documenting mainly on 西门町, 五分埔 and 饒河夜市. When we travel in the past, we tend to wake up early in the morning so we could fully utilise the entire day but this time round, as we were really burnt from work prior to the trip, we only wake up for breakfast and then goes back to our room and sleep in till the afternoon before heading out. Shops in Taiwan do not open so earlier either so there isn't much time wastage hah.

Check out the breakfast spread. The best thing is it changes everyday. They have like 7 different breakfast spreads !! Beverages alone is enough to impress me. Apart from the standard hot drinks like coffee and tea, they also provided warm milk, warm condensed milk, chilled milk, apple juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, calpis and the list goes on. They even have bottled yakult ! Tell me how not to love Yomi Hotel ?!

Anyway, first stop for day two is Xi Men Ding 西门町, which is pretty popular for its shopping and street food. Xi Men Ding is something like Bugis in Singapore. Some thinks it is like Orchard but I beg to differ cause the crowd they cater to is very much similar to street style so Bugis is probably more appropriate.

Roaming around a little since we were earlier than the parents. Pardon the nude face cause I didn't want to apply any makeup prior to the wedding shoot in case of any allergy / break outs. Although nowadays got photoshop la, but still, hiao la no choice.

Definitely on the must-try list is the famous Ah Zhong Meesua 阿宗面线. We love the texture of the meesua. Coupled with pigs intestines and parsley, it has got to be the best thing to savour in such windy weather. The parents reached at around 12ish and we continued our food hunt together with them.

After filling our tummies with street food, we headed down to their Apparels Wholesale Market 五分埔 to check out some autumn winter wear for our year end trip. There wasn't much spring summer items to buy cause the weather is still yet to transit and their cooler apparels are probably not thick enough for snow. We were just trying our luck anyway since we had some time to spare.

The last stop for the day is Rao He Night Market 饒河夜市. Rao He Night Market is also an alternative place to find street food other than Shilin Night Market but of cause, one must visit both night markets if you travel to Taiwan.

Everything above for only NTD 150.00 per plate !!

Food, food, and more food.

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