Mad aching calves

Monday, November 29, 2010

As the title says, my calves ache so much that i had difficulty climbing the school's overhead bridge this morning ! LOL. Today is by far the worst day i ever had while dieting. Hunger pangs, giddy spells, jelly legs, you name it, i had it. I even blew up at my friends *slaps self* But i'm pretty sure it's not cause i under-consume or over-exercised cause (1) i didn't do any running today (2) 682kcal is more than any other days' intake.

So final verdict ? I have a new found nemesis - otia aka Organisation Theory : an Interdisciplinary Approach, lol. Spent my usual 3hrs of the morning in school, followed by a long 7 hrs in my room, trying to work on my otia essay. And it sucks cause i couldn't get a line out at all till like 7ish and i'm "done" when i still have 1.5pages more to go.

Anyway here's the long awaited Meal For The Day

Monday (breakfast, 239kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Slim milk, 1 cup SIM level 4 pushcart macaroni and cheese with 1/4 egg white and 1/2 crabstick (lunch 125kcal) 1 cup Marigold non-fat strawberry yoghurt (noon snack 100kcal) 1/2 Subway Turkey Breast salad with honey mustard and pepper (dinner 100kcal) remaining 1/2 Subway Turkey Breast salad with honey mustard and pepper (supper 118kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Hi-Lo milk

Total calories intake for the day : 682kcal ♥

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

Milk diet failed again LOL

Sunday (breakfast, 212kcal) 1/2 cup Master Pura Slim milk, 1 Sunshine soft white bread, 1 tbspn Skippy No Cholesterol Creamy peanut butter (lunch 60kcal) 1/2 dragonfruit (dinner 340kcal) 1/2 cup steamed rice, 1 5" waterboiled broccoli , 90g waterboiled chicken thigh, 1/3 Campbell Creamy Chicken soup to act as sauce (cardio morning -152kcal) 3.01km in 18:11 (night snack 123kcal) 1 cup Marigold non fat peach & mango yoghurt (cardio night -156kcal) 3.03km in 15:59.

1/2 cup steamed rice : 106 Calories / 1 stalk of 5" water-boiled broccoli : 49 Calories / 90g water-boiled chicken thigh : 107 Calories / 1/4 can Campbells cream of chicken : 78 Calories

Total calories intake for the day : 735 - 151 - 156 = 428kcal ♥

Mom said it looked like someone puked over his/her rice dinner, haha !! Anyway, almost everything in this dish is waterboiled or steamed with zero condiments so it's mega healthy ! But i was kinda afraid it would be a tad too dry and tasteless, so i used campbell's soup as a sauce over the whole dish.

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

Run baby run

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I seriously think i've been eating so much that i've sorta lost the motivation to curb those hunger pangs and stick to my planned diet. Let's just take yesterday for instance - i was supposed to do a full milk diet, ie. milk for breakfast, milk for lunch, milk for noon snack (if any), milk for dinner, milk for supper (if any) BUT i dropped the idea after having 1 cup of milk for breakfast. And my lame excuse ? I feel the need to chew on something. Thank God i woke up feeling really full and guilty from the dinner the night before and decided to go for a run before i consume anything for the day.

And so, i did a 6.01km run in about 37:09, which is approximately 6'10"/km. And according to my Nike+ GPS app, the run had burnt 304kcal ! Oh and prior to my run, i dug out my old and almost expiring (haha!) Bio-Essence Inch Loss Body Cream and slapped a thick layer on my bulging tummy.

I also personally felt that to produce better results, the heat has to be retained "within" so i wrapped my tummy up with kitchen plastic wrap and ran with the cream and wrap. Just some sidenotes - as you run, you tend to perspire and the burning sensation that the cream initates when be enhanced when your sweat gets into contact with the cream so don't apply too much else you would prolly feel that your body is on fire. And also, remove any naval piercing for easy wrapping (cause my stud kept tearing the wrap) and, the kitchen wrap will tend to slip up/down wards once you perspire so it's good to find something to secure it. I used my regular headband as a waistband, like below haha !

And now it's time for Meals For The Day

Friday (breakfast, 97kcal) 1 cup Master Pura Slim milk (lunch 125kcal) 1 cup Marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner 311kcal) 1/2 cup Ayam Brand tuna chunks in water, 1 tbspn Fairprice mayo lite, 1 tbspn water-boiled frozen peas, 50g Maicar spaghetti (cardio -304kcal) 6.01km in 37:09.

Total calories intake for the day : 533 - 304 = 229kcal ♥ This has got to be the lowest i ever had "eaten" in a day (apart from those days when i would just starve myself and not eat for the whole day) Even my tuna diet has more calories that this luh.

Saturday (breakfast, 97kcal) 350ml Master Pura Slim milk (lunch 0kcal) skipped (dinner 788kcal) 1 plate Ikea roasted peppercorn salmon in gravlaxsas sauce with potatoes and longbeans, 7 balls Ikea meatballs, 1 Ikea fried chicken wing (cardio -356kcal) 7.05km in 37:15.

Total calories intake for the day : 921 - 356 = 565kcal ♥

Timecheck, it's 15 past 1am now and i've been typing for the past 1 hour haha. Shall go slap on a mask and have some sleep cause i read somewhere that having 7 hours of sleep everyday actually help to lose those extra calories ! So i'll see you guy again at 9ish10 tomorrow ! (:

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

Weight Plateau

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is so so so annoying ! Been really careful with my calories for the past 2 weeks or so, and did tonnes of running BUT, absolutely no weight loss at all ! And the worst thing ? My body didn’t look any different - flabby arms, elephant thighs, and boing boing tumtum ):

I admit i've secretly indulged in some really sinful food/ drinks etc but i made sure i burn those calories off with workout and such. SO WHY LIKE THAT !?! I read off some fitness blog that such situations are kinda called a weight plateau. It means that the body was becoming so accustomed to running long distances and it is now finding new ways to cope with the running more efficiently. Hence, less energy was being used and therefore the amount of calories burnt each time is decreasing. Diminishing marginal returns much ?

And so, i'm going for another round of diet tomorrow - Milk Diet ! I'll be doing it for only 1 day, and prolly 2 days if my body can take it. Let's see how luh. Will keep you guys updated soon !!

Thursday (breakfast) Nutri Soy 1/2 carton fresh soy milk (lunch) Subway turkey breast salad with honey mustard and pepper as dressing, Nutri Soy 1/2 carton fresh soy milk (dinner) 1 cup natural yoghurt with apprx 40g fruity mini marshmallows (afternoon snack) apprx 75g fruity mini marshmallows.

A Café La

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s been a mad week – flea market on Sat, 830am lessons on Sun, school from Mon-Sat, work on Weds ect etc, and i can already forsee a few crazy weeks ahead cause its now the non stop assignments/ tests period so i’ll stop making collages of what i’ve been eating for the time being. Will still keep the blog updated with my daily food diary though (:

Sunday (breakfast) 1 stick strawberry pocky, mamee noodle snack (lunch) 5 tbpsn natural yoghurt with 1 cup marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner) 4 pcs amoy hargow, 1 serving korean rice cake in spicy sauce.

Monday (breakfast) SIM level 4 pushcart macaroni and cheese (lunch) crabmeat mayo gunkan sushi, 5 tbspn natural yoghurt mixed with 1 cup marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner) boiled broccoli, bean vermicelli aka dong fen.

Tuesday (breakfast) Uncle Tobys strawberry flavoured yoghurt topps muesli bar (lunch) tomyam magee in ban mian style, gong cha honey milk tea (dinner) ichiban black pepper dory wazen, orange dew drink, 2 slices salmon sashimi.

Wednesday (breakfast) Mcgriddles with egg, hashbrown, small iced milo (lunch) Mos 5 pcs butterfly prawns, small iced tea (dinner) Little India magee goreng with egg, random steamboat soup and ingredients.

Weight wise, its been ranging between 50-50.5kg for the past week and i am definitely not very pleased bout it. I started dieting when i was 51.5 and after 3 days of tuna diet, i managed to push the weight down to 49.5kg, losing 2 kgs. From then on, my weight had been stuck no matter how little i eat (I even exercised more than usual la !) I’m not a greedy kid though, i just wanna weigh between 45-47kg haha. Perhaps i should start another round of tuna diet (but that’s gonna make me and my pee smell like tuna LOL !) Shall try out the milk diet Bao introduced and lets just cross our fingers that i have the determination to finish up the 3 day course without any cheating.

Anyway, work today with the girls was pretty tiring but fun. If you had walked past Chevron House today, you would have spotted 6 girls clad in bright orange, giving out coffee samples for tasting. Yea that’s us haha - Jiamin, Suk, Ade, Charlene, Viviene, and yours truly. I wouldn’t say the coffee tasted great but if i were to choose one of the 4 flavours – caramel macchiato/vanilla latte/tea & cafe/cafe latte, i would say cafe latte cause it’s the least sweet flavour. Have been a major fan of Starbucks caramel frapp so my vote should go to caramel maachiato but nah-uh, it’s too full and sweet for my liking. A Café La coffee are sold exclusively at 7-11 so if you want a cheaper alternative to Starbucks or the more atas coffee, you can go try it out. $2 for a bottle, $3.50 for 2 bottles. Ps, i am NOT paid for this mention at all so don’t come screaming at me if you don’t like the coffee. I didn’t like it either haha.

Flea Escape 3 !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday was nothing but lotsa fun and sweat at Flea Escape 3. Yes, i had a stall there and this time round, i shared the booth with Jiamin and Yanling ! Booked another stall each for Ade and Wenzi too. It's a pity Suk couldnt make it cause she's got 2 classes on Saturdays (can't afford to skip so many lessons haha) else i swear it's gonna be sooooooo fun !!

For more photos, please check out my facebook LOL.

And oh, for Saturday, all i had was Koi oolong milk tea (large) for lunch, some cookie sticks, and Chicken cutlet rice for dinner. The place was sooooooo hot that we all didn't have much appetite for food.

Big TwoTwo, III

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anyways, way shopping at Ion when i saw this really gorgeous dress from River Island.
Really really love the huge-ass rosage.

Big TwoTwo, II

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dress : MissFayne
Footwear : Random shop in Toa Payoh
Clutch : Forever 21
Accessories : Chanel / T&C / AX

Big TwoTwo, I

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Before i go on and on with what i did my favourite girls from TP, let me just fill in those who are concern with my weight and diet program. Meals for the day would be yogurt and muesli for breakfast, followed by seafood avocado fettucini for lunch, hazelnut white coffee for tea, and yogurt again for night snack.

Anyway, i've been having requests to post outfits for the day so do check out the bottom of each post for OFTD ♥

Top : MissFayne / Cotton On
Bottom : Cotton On
Accessories : Chanel / T&C / AX / LV

Nom nom nom

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's been 4 days since my last day of diet. Weight is now going up and down between 49.5kg - 50.5kg, which is pretty decent i guess, given the fact that i had been having some awfully sinful and heavy meals since the 3 day diet (especially Sunday night's birthday dinner and today's birthday lunch ! lol !) And i'm still gonna have another round of birthday lunch with Leen & Wenzi tomorrow !