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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It’s been a mad week – flea market on Sat, 830am lessons on Sun, school from Mon-Sat, work on Weds ect etc, and i can already forsee a few crazy weeks ahead cause its now the non stop assignments/ tests period so i’ll stop making collages of what i’ve been eating for the time being. Will still keep the blog updated with my daily food diary though (:

Sunday (breakfast) 1 stick strawberry pocky, mamee noodle snack (lunch) 5 tbpsn natural yoghurt with 1 cup marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner) 4 pcs amoy hargow, 1 serving korean rice cake in spicy sauce.

Monday (breakfast) SIM level 4 pushcart macaroni and cheese (lunch) crabmeat mayo gunkan sushi, 5 tbspn natural yoghurt mixed with 1 cup marigold non fat strawberry yoghurt (dinner) boiled broccoli, bean vermicelli aka dong fen.

Tuesday (breakfast) Uncle Tobys strawberry flavoured yoghurt topps muesli bar (lunch) tomyam magee in ban mian style, gong cha honey milk tea (dinner) ichiban black pepper dory wazen, orange dew drink, 2 slices salmon sashimi.

Wednesday (breakfast) Mcgriddles with egg, hashbrown, small iced milo (lunch) Mos 5 pcs butterfly prawns, small iced tea (dinner) Little India magee goreng with egg, random steamboat soup and ingredients.

Weight wise, its been ranging between 50-50.5kg for the past week and i am definitely not very pleased bout it. I started dieting when i was 51.5 and after 3 days of tuna diet, i managed to push the weight down to 49.5kg, losing 2 kgs. From then on, my weight had been stuck no matter how little i eat (I even exercised more than usual la !) I’m not a greedy kid though, i just wanna weigh between 45-47kg haha. Perhaps i should start another round of tuna diet (but that’s gonna make me and my pee smell like tuna LOL !) Shall try out the milk diet Bao introduced and lets just cross our fingers that i have the determination to finish up the 3 day course without any cheating.

Anyway, work today with the girls was pretty tiring but fun. If you had walked past Chevron House today, you would have spotted 6 girls clad in bright orange, giving out coffee samples for tasting. Yea that’s us haha - Jiamin, Suk, Ade, Charlene, Viviene, and yours truly. I wouldn’t say the coffee tasted great but if i were to choose one of the 4 flavours – caramel macchiato/vanilla latte/tea & cafe/cafe latte, i would say cafe latte cause it’s the least sweet flavour. Have been a major fan of Starbucks caramel frapp so my vote should go to caramel maachiato but nah-uh, it’s too full and sweet for my liking. A Café La coffee are sold exclusively at 7-11 so if you want a cheaper alternative to Starbucks or the more atas coffee, you can go try it out. $2 for a bottle, $3.50 for 2 bottles. Ps, i am NOT paid for this mention at all so don’t come screaming at me if you don’t like the coffee. I didn’t like it either haha.

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