Weight Plateau

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is so so so annoying ! Been really careful with my calories for the past 2 weeks or so, and did tonnes of running BUT, absolutely no weight loss at all ! And the worst thing ? My body didn’t look any different - flabby arms, elephant thighs, and boing boing tumtum ):

I admit i've secretly indulged in some really sinful food/ drinks etc but i made sure i burn those calories off with workout and such. SO WHY LIKE THAT !?! I read off some fitness blog that such situations are kinda called a weight plateau. It means that the body was becoming so accustomed to running long distances and it is now finding new ways to cope with the running more efficiently. Hence, less energy was being used and therefore the amount of calories burnt each time is decreasing. Diminishing marginal returns much ?

And so, i'm going for another round of diet tomorrow - Milk Diet ! I'll be doing it for only 1 day, and prolly 2 days if my body can take it. Let's see how luh. Will keep you guys updated soon !!

Thursday (breakfast) Nutri Soy 1/2 carton fresh soy milk (lunch) Subway turkey breast salad with honey mustard and pepper as dressing, Nutri Soy 1/2 carton fresh soy milk (dinner) 1 cup natural yoghurt with apprx 40g fruity mini marshmallows (afternoon snack) apprx 75g fruity mini marshmallows.

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