Yam Paste FTW !

Friday, December 25, 2009


My weight has been going down, down and down since the day i had my surgery. Was 112lbs on Wednesday before the surgery. Then it went down to 108lbs on Thursday, and today (tadah!), the scale reads 105lbs !! Seriously, this has got to be the one and only thing i love about having my wisdom tooth operated on. Apart from the aftermath pain and swell that is.

And because of the swell and open wound (yada yada) the only thing i could consume is,

No regrets cause after all, its my favourite dessert (:

ps, havent been wearing my retainers for the past 2 days, and there's like a visible hole between my two front teeth already ):

FML !!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FML !!

Surgery, in 12 hours time


Oh well, i know it's just a normal wisdom tooth surgery (read, not extraction) and everyone has to go through it sooner or later but hey, the other time when i was trying to extract my lower left wisdom, i had muscle (gums) spasms due to anesthetic allergy okay !! And so, Dr Tan recommended Sedatives this time round - for both my lower left and right wisdom.

Googled abit bout Sedation and guess what i found ? Please realize that sedatives are used to control anxiety, not pain. So what ? Will i like wake up in pain in the middle of the surgery ? Haha !

Intravenous sedatives are medications used to control anxiety which are administered by way of injecting them into one of your veins ("I.V."). In general, a deeper and more controlled level of sedation can be achieved when using intravenous sedatives as opposed to nitrous oxide or oral sedatives. Typically intravenous sedatives are administered by oral surgeons (as opposed to "general dentists") because they have the specialized training and monitoring equipment need when using these medications. Some intravenous sedatives have an "amnesic effect." This means that when they are used the patient will have no recall or memory of the dental procedure.

Your dentist will need to provide you with specific instructions regarding their use of the intravenous sedative chosen for use with you. It is very important that you follow these instructions. Usually included in these instructions are rules about not eating or drinking for some hours prior to the administration of the sedative.

Alright. Gotta hit the sack already. Waking up at 8am tomorrow morning to have a heavy breakfast so that i can fast 4 hours prior to the mini op.

Advance Exam Schedule = Starts Mugging Now !

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yan showed me the link to our advance exam schedule and damn, i sure have a fxcked up schedule.
Principles of Sociology 6th May 2010
Macro Economics 6th May 2010
Management Science Methods 11th May 2010
Micro Economics 13th May 2010

And this morning, she showed me another more fxcked up schedule and i think, i'm still not the worst. 4 units (2 foundations, 2 furthers) in just 2 days, go figure. Haha :D

I hit the big 5

Friday, December 18, 2009

My recent weight gain is horrendous. It's seriously getting to me. Momsie keeps calling me fat. I feel like crying when i got onto the scales. I feel like killing myself when i look into the mirror. And everytime after i eat, the guilt totally consumes me.

I need and i want to lose those fats but i really don’t wanna go back to that starve-myself-and-run-like-mad days. It's fxcking miserable to run on an empty stomach.

Are you excite ?

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Been hearing much raves from them on the samples i've drafted up. And now, i seriously can't wait for the last sample to reach us so that i can look at them (like finally phew), do the necessary alterations and chopchop bulk produce it for all of you !! Can't wait to see my pretty samples, can't wait to wear my pretty designs. Hoho (:


Because i'm bored

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey everyone ! Logging into Wordpress for a wee bit while waiting for my touch to get fully-charged before i offiicially hit the sack. Yes yes i'm blogging because i got bored while waiting and i'm really really sorry for the lack of updates but i've really got nothing new going on recently other than lectures, mug, tests, lectures, mug, tests, and the cycle goes on and on. Oh, i met up with my FYP mates last Saturday over dinner at Simpang Bedok after my Christmas shopping though.

And surprisingly this week has got something new and i can forsee a mad busy me. I've got :

(1) more mugging and catching up of lectures to do (yes, books again)

(2) getting MissFayne's designs finalised (hopefully)

(3) butter on Friday night (tbc)

(4) a Sunday 830AM MSM lecture (which i'm intending to skip anyway)

(5) test shoot for Icon's upcoming service
(6) meetup with club21 colleagues to pass them the items they got from me.
(7) run with the Baby (he said i'm getting to fleshy)

Time check. It's officially Wednesday now. Midweek already, and i'm nowhere near to getting the above mentioned accomplished. And to add on to my misery, everything's scheduled for the weekend ! So many things to do, in merely 48 hours. Well dona la Huishan !!

Oh by the way, my clip-ons had arrived and i'm lovin them much. It totally gave me the volume (ok, maybe i don't need the volume) and length that i needed. The only downside is that the clip-ons are really long and my natural hair is too thick. So if you squint close enough, there's actually a mini bump at where my real hair ends.

Okie dokes, the touch is charged. Now it's my turn to go get charged ! :D

Apple apple pop

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My new baby, from Baby (:

His new baby (i hope), from his Baby (i hope too, lol)

(but in black, with black matt and sheen buckle)

Joy to the world

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas is nearing.

And i still haven't started my Christmas shopping.

Mega Feast

Sunday, December 6, 2009


That's what keeping me mega full till now (:

Yes. We ordered 2 sets of Set For Two. 2 x 2 =4 (rubs tums) Sorry no photos from yours truly cause  i was busy binge-ing and watching the old-yet-cute chef whipping up my lunch. So here's some pictures that i've ripped off the net.

The picture below showed exactly what we had for our Boston Lobster Set (minus the ice cream)

close up pictures of some the dishes we had,

photos credited to j2k3blogs

If you ask me what was my favourite dish, i would say its the lobster tail. Tender and succulent meat with rich mentai and butter flavour, nom nom nom (:

Where am i ?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

at a point in life where things are neither good nor bad

they could be better, and so can they be worse

Ps, i fucking love you